How to Install a Shark Bite Tee Attachment

Assembling the toilet seat - step-by-step instructions

Set the Threaded rods into the designated receptacles in the toilet seat, where the hinges are also located. Then you put that Sealing rings on the threaded rods. Now push the threaded rods through the holes on the toilet and also put rubber seals around the threaded rods from below.

Tip: hints about Position of the seals can also be found in the manufacturer's instructions.

Finally, turn the wing screws onto the rods from below. Before you finally tighten the screws, check the position of your new toilet seat: if it is in the middle, you turn itWing screws firmly. Otherwise, carefully adjust the hinges.

Note: In order not to damage the hinges or the ceramic, the Wing screws when aligning still sit loosely. Only when you are satisfied with the position do you finally tighten the screws.