How to make pva glue thicker full

Details aboutElmer PVA glue, liquid, white, 946ml, for SLIME craft glue GP: 18 € / L

  • Make slime that you can dye any color of the rainbow
  • Child-friendly and washable (not suitable for children under 3 n)
  • Does not leak - for clean results and perfect handicrafts
  • Liquid, so that the slime base material is particularly beautiful
  • The PVA glue is great for paper, fabric and all craft projects

  • White washable PVA adhesive from Elmer's

    With the school glue from Elmer's you can make exciting sticky slime and implement ingenious craft ideas. With the child-friendly *, washable and non-leaking adhesive, joining materials is a lot of fun. It is also ideal for making homemade sticky slime. All you need to do is add color and a few things that can be found in every household. * Not suitable for children under 3 years.