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Nerve measurement on the hand - interesting facts about carpal tunnel syndrome

If you have certain symptoms on your hand or arm, your GP will likely send you to a neurologist. They should then take a nerve measurement with you to check whether the condition of your nerves is related to your symptoms. This method can usually be carried out quickly and helps the doctor with further therapy.

Carpal tunnel syndrome on the hand

  • Your doctor will want you to have a nerve test done on your hand if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. The method is also often used if a stroke is suspected.
  • In carpal tunnel syndrome, the median nerve that runs from your shoulder to your hand is depressed.
  • This disease often affects women over 50 years of age. Of course, you can also be male and younger.
  • It is often impossible to say what the cause of the nerve disorder is. However, injuries to the wrist or water retention are possible during pregnancy.
  • By pinching the median nerve in the wrist, you may initially notice a tingling sensation in the index and middle fingers of the affected hand. As the impairment of the nerve progresses, the fingers become numb and painful. The tingling sensation may persist. The pain can appear all along the nerve, up to the shoulder. For many of those affected, the symptoms mainly occur at night.
  • Since there can also be difficulties in grasping and slow dwindling of the ball of the thumb muscles, a nerve measurement is carried out in order to be able to start an adequate therapy if necessary.

Have nerve measurements carried out

  1. The nerve measurement on the hand is carried out by the doctor's assistants and then evaluated by the neurologist.
  2. The conduction velocity of the median nerve is measured here to check whether it can work properly. With carpal tunnel syndrome, speed is often limited.
  3. The nurse will stick electrodes in various places on your arm, with which the nerve impulses can later be measured.
  4. The nerve is then stimulated with electricity in two or more places and the computer then evaluates how quickly the nerve has transmitted the stimulation.
  5. Don't be afraid of receiving a strong electric shock while measuring nerves on the hand. Perhaps you find the current uncomfortable; but in general there is nothing more to be felt.

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