Kitana mkx brutality how to

Mortal Kombat X: Brutalities

Brutalities can in Mortal Kombat X can be triggered at any time as long as one of the three bars (there are exceptions) at the bottom of the screen is filled. What makes them special is that they can also replace fatalities. If your opponent has little life left and you hit him with a brutality, you also get to see an adapted killing spectacle, albeit not with the dynamic tracking shots of a fatality.

Everyone has different brutality requirementsthat must be fulfilled before a Brutality can be used as a replacement for a Fatality. You can see which requirements are right under the keyboard shortcuts for the brutalities. The key combination itself must always be the last attack!

Important! The brutalities are shown in such a way that the corresponding character must be on the left! If your character is on the right, "" and ""be exchanged accordingly.

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