Fallout 3 how to activate mothership Zeta

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In a week and a half, on August 3rd, it will be fifth and last for the time being (?) DLC for Fallout 3 appear. And like the title Mothership Zeta reveals this time it will be about the aliens who are up to mischief in the wasteland. In addition to hopefully plenty of history about their background and motifs, it will also be new weapons and perks Jeff Gardiner, who is responsible for the DLC, revealed on the MTV Multiyplayer Blog.

The new weapons are different than before, as you can well imagine, particularly exotic and should like the well-known Alien Blaster do a lot of damage. In addition to pistols, rifles and cryo grenades Unique weapons and a new heavy weapon give. There will also be a perk for the new weapons with the Alien weapons do 25% more damage. Since there will be no new upper level limit, this should probably be unlocked as part of a mission.

In addition to the new weapons, there will also be a new raw material, Alien Epoxy, with which Items are automatically repaired by 25% - Without needing a duplicate. So it's always worth going back to the mother ship.

The 5th add-on will be available on August 3rd for the well-known 800 MS points. It is currently unknown whether more new episodes will come.

July 21, 2009 | Author: schmusheep