How did Sookie's grandmother die

Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie is 25 and works as a waitress at Merlotte's. Her parents were killed in a vampire attack disguised as a flood (a tidal wave supposedly tore them off a bridge). Since then she has lived with her grandmother Adele in the house. She has a relatively good relationship with her only brother Jason. She and Jason get some money from a fund their parents put in after an oil well was discovered on their property, but it didn't bubble for long.

Since Sookie can hear other people's thoughts, the Bon Temps people think she's a little crazy. So when she was a child, she went to a psychologist who thought Sookie only had a good eye for observation. Her great-uncle sexually assaulted her in her childhood, whereupon Adele (her grandmother) no longer wants to have anything to do with him, and asks that he stay away from her. Sookie has never had a relationship because her telepathic skills make it difficult to find a friend because she hears her thoughts and it repels her. Her gift doesn't work with vampires.

Before season 1 Edit source]

When Sookie Stackhouse's parents found out that their daughter could hear other people's thoughts, they sent her to see psychologists and doctors who diagnosed her with ADD. However, her mother, who was scared of Sookie, saved her from being pumped full of medication. Sookie eventually lost her parents in a flash flood when she was just seven years old. She was then raised by her grandmother Adele.
She often clashes with her brother Jason because of her unwanted ability and her sympathy for vampires. Her best friend has been Tara since she was a child. Sookie works as a waitress at "Merlotte's". People close to her, like Tara, Lafayette Reynolds, and her boss Sam Merlotte, know of her mind-reading ability. She has learned to stay out of the minds of others, which demands a lot of concentration. Sookie finds it unethical to hear the thoughts of her family and friends, so nobody talks about telepathy either. Most Bon Temps residents think Sookie is psychic or suspect that she has a secret. Most, however, think she's just plain crazy.

1st season [edit | Edit source]

Sookie's life changes suddenly when she meets the vampire Bill Compten and protects him from the Rattray couple who want his blood to sell as a drug. When the Rattrays ambush Sookie to get revenge, she is so badly injured that Bill has to heal her with his blood. She gets to know the vampire world through Bill. She immediately feels at home around him because she cannot hear his thoughts. However, the relationship is clouded when she meets the vampires Malcom, Dian and Liam at Bill, who harass them massively. Only Bill's intervention prevents worse.
Sookie wants to find the murderer of Maudette and Dawn in order to exonerate her brother, who is considered to be the main suspect. Both murder victims had contact with vampires, so she asks Bill to go with her to the Fangtasia vampire club. There she meets the bar owner Eric Northman, a Scandinavian vampire, who is immediately fascinated by Sookie. Sookie warns him of a planned raid, so Eric will know about her telepathic skills from then on.
Sookie realizes how dangerous vampires can be when Bill mentally manipulates a cop. She decides to stay away from Bill and accepts her boss Sam's invitation to go to a meeting of the "descendants of the glorious dead" with him. When Sookie comes home after the date, she finds Adele dead, who was also murdered by the serial killer. Sookie longs for Bill, with whom she feels protected. She sleeps with him the night after Adele's funeral.
Sookie is judged by almost everyone for her relationship with Bill, and even her friends don't believe in it. But Sookie cannot be influenced. The bad opinion about vampires is compounded when Liam, Malcolm and Diane show up at Merlotte's. They put Sookie and the residents of Bon Temps so hard that Bill can feel their fear and comes to it. As a result of this event, some residents decide to set fire to the house of the three vampires.
Shortly afterwards, Eric asks Sookie to eavesdrop on the thoughts of his employees because his money has been stolen. She finds out that it was the vampire Logshadow who then tries to kill her. Bill can save her, but has to leave Bon Temps shortly afterwards to answer for the fact that he killed a vampire to protect a human. Bill assigns Sam to take care of Sookie. During this time she finds out that Sam is a shapeshifter and preferably transforms into a collie. Sookie is very worried about him in Bill's absence, but he doesn't call her. When he finally returns, she explains to him that under these circumstances she cannot have a relationship.
The serial killer who murders women with vampire contacts in Bon Temps also targets Sookie. She realizes it's Rene Liener. When he attacks her, she can flee from him. Sam helps her to defend herself against the murderer, and Bill also runs to her in spite of the daylight. In self-defense, Sookie kills Rene and buries Bill in the ground to heal him from his burns. She still loves Bill, so she gives him another chance.

A little later, Sookie learns that her uncle Bartlett has died. She immediately remembers a conversation she had with Bill in which she told him that Bartlett was a pedophile. She is furious that Bill killed him immediately and seems to be thinking about leaving him. The vampire can change her mind by explaining how important she is to him.

Season 2 [edit | Edit source]

While visiting Bill, Sookie meets Jessika, who Bill had to transform out of punishment for saving Sookie. Sookie likes the young woman immediately and is ready to visit her family with her. The situation escalates on site when Jessica freaks out, and only Bill can save the family from Jessica. He's angry that Sookie wasn't careful enough and the two argue. She then leaves the car and is attacked by a maenad in the forest. Bill, hearing her scream, takes her to Fangtasia for treatment. From the thoughts of a Fangtasia employee, Sookie learns that Eric kidnapped Lafayette. She negotiates with the vampire who releases her boyfriend if she travels to Dallas for him and searches for his creator Godric. Sookie agrees.
Before leaving, Sookie asks her friend Tara to move in with her because the house is too big for her alone. Upon arriving in Dallas, the Fellowship of the Sun, an anti-vampire sect, tries to kidnap Sookie, but this is thwarted by Bill. Apparently, the Fellowship of the Sun also kidnapped Godric. To find out more, Sookie poses as a potential cult member together with Hugo, the human lover of a vampire. Hugo is a traitor, however, so the leaders of the sect, Sarah and Steve Newlin, lock Sookie up. In her prison she meets Godric, who also protects her from Gabe. The two are eventually freed by Jason and Eric. A suicide bomber then blows himself up at a party for Godric. Eric is hit by some splinters and he makes Sookie suck them out because otherwise they would kill him. So she absorbs Eric's blood and the two are connected from that point on. Shortly afterwards, Godric announces that he will face the sun to die. Sookie is the only person with him and he is happy that she is crying for him.
On her return to Bon Temps, Sookie discovers that her town has been haunted by the maenad or Maryann Forrester. This is especially targeting Tara and Sam. Sookie tries to rid Tara of Maryann's influence, but fails. When Sookie defends himself in a fistfight against Maryann, electricity appears to be coming from her hand. So obviously Sookie isn't human either. Together with Bill and Sam, she succeeds in killing Maryann, so that the city becomes "normal" again. Nobody can remember the experiences. So Eggs asks Sookie to bring the memory back to him. When he remembers, he goes nuts and is shot.

3rd season [edit | Edit source]

After all that has happened, Bill takes her out to dinner and asks for her hand. Sookie takes a moment to decide. When she comes back, Bill has disappeared. She knows he was kidnapped. The police are not interested in looking for him and believe that it is none of their business. Sookie then turns to Eric, who seems to be indifferent to Bill's fate. Together with Jessica she goes in search of her boyfriend and discovers a werewolf rune. She speaks to Eric, who now appears to be seriously concerned. She thinks Bill is in Mississippi. Eric cannot accompany her there, but sends her the werewolf Alcide Herveaux to help her.
Tara blames Sookie for Eggs' death, as she gave Eggs an insight into his past deeds shortly before his death. Before her trip to Mississippi, Sookie organizes a funeral for Eggs, at which only she and Tara are guests. She asks her friend to move back in with her. Tara accepts the offer.
In Mississippi, Sookie goes to a bar for creatures with Alcide and actually finds one of Bill's kidnappers. The next day she receives a call from Bill, who breaks up with her. He claims that he slept with Lorena and that he no longer had to hold back his vampire nature. Sookie thinks he's lying and still wants to find him. But if he meant his words seriously, then she wants to hear them from him while he looks her in the eye. She persuades Alcide to go to the bar again.
On their second visit to the bar, they learn that the Mississippi vampire king, Russel Edgington, is behind the kidnapping. But before Sookie can visit him, Bill manages to escape his prison to warn them about Russell. But by then Russell has already tracked her down. Even her strange abilities, which she uses for the second time, cannot prevent Russell from taking her into custody. He wants to know what she is from her, but Sookie has no answer. She also learns from Russell that Bill has collected information about her and her family. Eric, who is in the house at the same time, does nothing to free Sokie. Surprisingly, Tara is also in the house and frees Sookie.
Together they save Bill, who was extradited to Lorena for treason against Russell. Sookie kills Lorena. Although Sookie knows that Bill has not consumed blood for a long time, she stays with him alone. Bill attacks her and drinks almost all of her blood. Tara steps in at the last moment. At the hospital, Sookie doesn't respond to any blood type and only Bill's blood can heal her.
During the healing process, Sookie ends up in a strange world where she meets the mysterious Claudine. This warns Sookie about the vampires who supposedly want to steal her light. When Sookie wakes up from the coma, she separates from Bill, because she can no longer trust him after his freaking out. A little later, Sookie learns through her cousin Hadley that Eric has warned her about Russell. Russell then actually comes to Bon Temps and has brought his werewolves with him. While Bill and Jessica protect Sookie from the werewolves, Sookie successfully defends himself against Alcide's ex-fiancée Debbie Pelt. When everyone has finally managed to avert the danger, Bill and Sookie sleep together again and talk about their relationship the next day. Sookie admits that she would like to have a "normal" relationship without any supernatural incidents. Bill then brings her to Jason, with whom she should be the safest at first, and explains to him that he should keep an eye on his sister.
Bill, who drank too much of Sookie's blood, ends up in the same in-between world as she recently did. He learns that Sookie is an elf. In her past, one of her ancestors must have slept with an elf and thus brought the genes into the family. At the same time, Sookie dreams of Eric warning her about Bill. When she visits Eric personally, he does not explain the warning to her. Instead, he wrests a kiss from her and locks her in his basement in order to lure Russell through her. She is freed by the dancer Yvetta and she manages to escape, with which Bill helps her. However, the two are provided by Eric and Russell. Eric told the King that Sookie's blood enables vampires to walk into daylight. In truth, however, the effects only last a short time and Eric and Russell are in danger of being burned, just as Eric planned. After Bill has made up for her blood loss, Sookie first saves Eric from the sunlight and then also Russell, who is set in concrete by Bill and Eric.
Bill, who helped Eric with his plot against Russell, asks Sookie's forgiveness. He also tells her that he will never allow vampires to harm her and use her abilities. Sookie is inclined to forgive him, but Eric appears and tells her that Bill found her at the request of Sophie-Anne Leclerq. Bill also allowed the rattrays to be attacked in order to bind them to him with his blood. Sookie then withdraws his invitation to her house and never wants to see him again. Eric apologizes for telling her the truth, but he thought it was right. He also admits that he would never have turned her over to Russell, but Sookie never wants to see him again. Sookie is so hurt by everyone that she flees to her grandmother's grave. There Claudine appears to her and invites her into her world, whereupon Sookie extends his hand and suddenly disappears.

4th season [edit | Edit source]

Sookie arrives in the elven world and everything seems to be perfect. She learns that Claudine is her godmother and meets Barry, who was brought here by his godfather. Then she discovers her grandfather, Earl. He doesn't understand why Sookie is no longer a little girl, like when he disappeared. While she tells him what has happened in the meantime, she notices that this ideal world is apparently an optical illusion. She wants to warn the other people, but she is stopped by the elf queen Mab, who explains that she is now bringing half-elves like Sookie to her home. Sookie wants to flee and unexpectedly gets help from the elf Claude, who lets her and her grandfather escape through a portal. Since her grandfather ate some fruit from the Elven Empire, he dies in the real world and Sookie spends the last few minutes with him.
Back in the real world, Sookie is horrified to discover that a whole year has passed here. A lot has changed during this time and she is surprised and also shocked that her friends have already given up hope of finding her. Many simply believed that she fell victim to the vampires. Even her brother Jason no longer expected to see her alive and is so happy that he has lovingly cared for her in the time that followed. The only one who trusted her return was Eric. However, he also bought her house and set up a crypt there. Annoyed, Sookie finds out that she can't ban him from the house. Bill, the new king of Louisiana, also has no idea how he can help her out of this situation. Despite the one year he still loves her, but for Sookie their argument was only a few hours ago and she cannot forgive him yet. Bill also provides the police with an explanation for her absence by claiming she performed a secret vampire mission for him.
While almost everyone is happy to have Sookie back, Sam is furious that she didn't answer. He doesn't take the excuse from her and is only satisfied when Sookie promises to tell him the truth one day.

A few evenings after their return, Sookie gives up on the roadside Eric, who has lost his memory because of Marnie Stonebrook's magic. Since he is completely helpless, Sookie picks him up. The next evening she calls Pam, who comes immediately and asks Sookie to continue to hide Eric, because in this state he is an easy target for his enemies. Although Sookie isn't thrilled with the idea of ​​having Eric with her, she agrees. She has to learn quickly that the memoryless Eric is a completely different person. He looks a bit like a little kid. When Sookie gets a visit from Claudine, he cannot resist the scent of elves and drinks so much blood from Claudine that she dies.The result is that he can walk around in daylight and disappear into the forest. Sookie turns to Alcide, who is supposed to help her with the search, and the two rescue Eric shortly before Claudine's blood stops working.
In the evening she talks to Eric about what it's like to have lost memory. When he wants to kiss her, she pulls away from him. The two are interrupted in their conversation by Bill, who wants to search the house for Eric. However, Sookie doesn't let him in and lies to him that Eric isn't hiding with her.
In order to save Eric from his situation, Sookie independently visits Marnie Stonebrook's shop. There she has a séance to get more information about the witch. Marnie manages to get in touch with Adele, who warns her granddaughter about the witch and also explains to her that her love for Eric has no chance. Because of her grandmother's warning, Sookie hastily leaves the store.
When she is visited by Tara, she tries to help her friend in relationship issues. At the same time she tries to get rid of her friend before Eric wakes up. But she doesn't succeed and so Tara discovers that her best friend is harboring her greatest enemy. She is so angry that she shares many of his past actions and then leaves the apartment. Later, Eric wants to know which is true, and Sookie admits it's all true. Eric thinks it would be better if he leave her alone and wants to leave, but Sookie stops him. The two kiss. But before they can sleep together, Bill interrupts them, who found out from Pam that Sookie is accommodating Eric. He has the memoryless vampire arrested and ignores Sookie's protests that Eric is not the same as before. So she has no choice but to accept it for the time being.

From this incident she is distracted by her brother Jason, who believes that he will turn into a werpanther on this full moon night. She wants to help him, but suddenly he disappears into the forest. Sookie is looking for him and meets Alcide and Debbie, who are now a couple again. She asks the two werewolves what the chances are that Jason will transform. The two consider this to be absurd. As a result, Sookie is looking for her brother, much calmer, and meets Eric, who has been released by Bill. The two sleep together and spend the night together, also talking about what happens when Eric regains his memory. Sookie admits she'll probably still love him then.
Towards the end of the night, the two get a visit from Bill, who wants Sookie to chain Eric to his bed in silver, because Marnie is able to get the vampires to go into the sunlight through the ghost Antonia Gavilan. Sookie does the job and stays with Eric for the day to help him better endure the pain of the silver. When they managed to get through the day together, the two swap their blood the next evening and sleep together again. Sookie experiences one of the typical V-dreams. After their intoxication, the two talk about the current situation. Eric is initially not interested in helping Bill, but Sookie makes him understand that his former self would not have let a fight against the witch be taken under any circumstances. The vampire can be convinced and together they go to Bill to offer him their help. They back up Bill as he meets with Marnie to negotiate a peaceful solution, but Marnie has no interest in such a solution and a fight ensues in which Sookie is badly wounded. Alcide takes Sookie off the scene and Bill gives her his blood to heal her.
Meanwhile, Marnie has captured Eric to use at a festival for tolerance between vampires and humans. Sookie learns of her plans and wants to warn Bill about them, but she's too late. Eric, who is under the spell of Marnie, attacks Bill and other vampires attack the people at the festival. With the help of her elven powers, Sookie finally succeeds in releasing Eric from the spell and restoring his memory to him. After the disaster at the festival, Bill decides to take action against Marnie and wants to destroy her shop. Sookie is concerned that Marnie is holding Tara and other people there, but Bill doesn't show any consideration for the hostages.

Together with Jason, Lafayette and Jesus Velasquez, Sookie sets out the next day to free Tara and the other people. Lafayette, Jesus and herself are captured. When Bill wants to destroy the store with Eric, Pam and Jessica that evening, Marnie makes the vampires an offer to let Sookie go if Bill and Eric kill themselves. The two vampires agree. Before they can kill themselves, Pam steps in. Sookie is then forced to participate in an incantation that is supposed to kill the vampires. When she uses her abilities to disrupt the incantation, Marnie wants to burn her alive. Thanks to Jesus, however, it is possible to separate Antonia's soul from Marnie's body and thus to stop the burning magic. Immediately Bill and Eric rush to Sookie to make sure that nothing has happened to her. Bill then kills Marnie.
Everyday life seems to have gradually settled on Halloween, but Sookie has a bad feeling. It turns out that Marnie's ghost has occupied Lafayette, who now wants to burn the vampires. Together with holly Cleary and Tara, Sookie conjures up the ghosts of Adele and Antonia, who bring Marnie out of Lafayette's body and save the two vampires. Sookie has one more chance to speak to her grandmother and say goodbye to her.
Later, Sookie speaks to the two vampires and admits that she loves them both. Therefore, she cannot decide on one and with a heavy heart separates from both. When Sookie comes home, she is met by an armed Debbie who blames her for Alcide leaving her. Debbie fires a shot, but Tara throws herself in between. Out of anger and sadness, Sookie shoots Debbie and then holds Tara's lifeless body in his arms.