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Arya Stark

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Arya Stark



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{Eddard Stark} - father

{Catelyn Stark} - mother
{Robb Stark} - brother
Sansa Stark - sister
Bran Stark - brother
{Rickon Stark} - brother
Jon Snow - cousin
{Rickard Stark} - grandfather, paternal side
{Brandon Stark} - paternal uncle
{Lyanna Stark} - Paternal aunt
{Rhaegar Targaryen} - uncle, married
{Benjen Stark} - uncle, paternal side
{Hoster Tully} - grandfather, maternal
{Minisa Tully} - grandmother, maternal
{Brynden Tully} - great-uncle, maternal
Edmure Tully - maternal uncle
Roslin Frey - aunt, married
{Lysa Arryn} - aunt, maternal
{Jon Arryn} - Uncle, married
{Petyr Baelish} - Uncle, married
Robin Arryn - cousin
{Talisa Maegyr} - sister-in-law
Tyrion Lannister - brother-in-law (formerly)

{Ramsay Bolton} - brother-in-law (formerly)


Arya Stark is one of the main characters from the first season of game of Thrones. She is portrayed by Maisie Williams and appears for the first time in the first episode of the series.

Arya Stark is the youngest daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and his wife Catelyn Stark. After her flight from King's Landing and her experiences in the river lands, she travels to Braavos to be trained as a Faceless Man. Now she uses her new skills to punish those who betrayed her family.

In the series


Arya is the youngest daughter of Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn Stark. She has two older siblings, her sister Sansa and her brother Robb. She also has two younger brothers, Bran and Rickon. She is Jon Snow's cousin.

Arya was born and raised in Winterfell. She owns a sword called Nadel, which she received as a parting present from her cousin Jon Schnee. When her brothers find little direwolf pups, she gets one and names him Nymeria.

Arya refuses to become a fine lady and later to marry for alliances, influence and power. She wants to choose her own destiny. Arya is fascinated by fights and bored with typical girls' activities. She comes after her father and often argues with her sister Sansa as the two are quite different in their interests and views. She is very close to her "half-brother" Jon.

season 1

Arya takes embroidery lessons from Septa Mordane, but she finds it pretty boring and exhausting. She looks outside and is jealous of Bran who is outside practicing archery with Robb and Jon. She takes a bow and immediately shoots in the middle, which annoys Bran.[2]

As King Robert arrives at Winterfell, Arya storms outside to see him arrive. She is asked by Catelyn to stand up correctly and take off her helmet. In the evening the Starks have a gala dinner. Arya throws food at her sister Sansa, whereupon Robb, on her mother's orders, puts her to bed. Robert appoints Eddard Stark to be the king's hand. In addition, Prince Joffrey is to be engaged to Sansa to unite the two houses of Baratheon and Stark. Eddard wants to take his two daughters with him to King's Landing.[2] Before Arya leaves Winterfell, she has a direwolf pup that her brothers find in the forest. She calls her wolf Nymeria, named after a warrior queen from Essos. While Arya is packing her things, Jon visits her in her room. As a parting he gives her a sword, which he had Mikken made especially for her. She calls it a needle, as a play on words for the hated "needlework" in embroidery.[3]

On the royal road south, Arya practices sword fighting together with Mycah, a butcher's son. Sansa and Joffrey take a walk and notice them. Joffrey accuses Mycah of pretending to be a knight. He punishes him for allegedly attacking Arya. When Joffrey stabs Mycah's cheek with his sword and it starts to bleed, Arya defends Mycah and attacks Joffrey. When Joffrey tries to strike back, Nymeria steps in and bites Joffrey's hand. This allows Mycah to escape and Arya to throw Joffrey's sword into the water. She escapes with Nymeria. Since Nymeria would be killed for attacking Prince Joffrey, Arya sends the direwolf away. Later, Arya is brought before King Robert. She is accused of attacking Joffrey for no reason. She tells the true story of the story, but Sansa defends Joffrey and lies about the incident, which is why Arya angrily accuses her of being a liar. Queen Cersei demands the death of Nymeria; but since she cannot be found, Lady, Sansa's direwolf, is to die for it. Arya and Sansa plead that nothing should happen to Lady because she is innocent. When Eddard goes outside to carry out the king's orders, Arya comforts Sansa when she begins to cry. Meanwhile, Mycah is killed by Joffrey's bodyguard, the bloodhound.[3]

Arriving in King's Landing, Arya is still angry with Sansa for lying. Eddard tries to settle the dispute and says that Sansa should not betray her future husband. Arya asks him why he would betroth Sansa to someone like Joffrey. Eddard then finds a needle in Arya's room. When he realizes that Arya is serious about training, he hires Syrio Forel, a great swordsman and the former "First Sword of Braavos", as a sword fighting teacher.[4] Eddard finds the training methods questionable, however, as Arya has to stand on her tiptoe for hours during training or is supposed to chase cats. Arya and her father talk about Bran as he can never become a knight due to his paralysis. Eddard tells her that he can be a lord or have a place on the king's minor council. When Arya asks if she can do this one day, Eddard laughs about it and says that one day she will marry an influential lord and give him children. Arya replies that this is not her fate.[5]

Arya watches the hand tournament with Septa Mordane and Sansa. She asks Littlefinger how he got his name. When Arya later hunts cats again as part of her training, she finds the dragon skulls in the dungeons of the Red Keep. She listens to Varys and Illyrio Mopatis talking about the future of the war between the Starks and the Lannisters and a possible time when Khal Drogo and his army, together with the Targaryen, will cross the strait to Westeros bring. Arya finds a way back into the castle, but she has to pass two guards who do not let her through at first. Her father was worried about her as he sent a lot of people to find her. She tells him about the conversation, but she cannot identify the two men. Eddard introduces her to Yoren, a Night Watch recruiter. Disheveled and dirty as she is, he first thinks she is a boy.[6]

Arya is distracted during training as she ponders Jory's death and her father's injury after fighting Jaime Lannister. Syrio tries to teach her to ignore her problems during the fight. Eddard later informs his daughters that he will return to Winterfell with them. Sansa and Arya are not very happy about this. Arya doesn't want to leave town as she wants to keep training with Syrio. Sansa, however, says that the loss of a "dance teacher" is not as important as losing it, as it would break the engagement between her and Joffrey. Eddard tries to calm her down and says he would find another man for her. Sansa, however, only wants Joffrey because she would love him; she thinks he is a "golden lion". Arya replies that he must be a stag like his father. Sansa is upset and says that he is nothing like his father. Eddard then realizes that Joffrey cannot be Robert's son.[7]

After Robert's death, Eddard is captured.[8] Queen Cersei sends guards to get Arya. This is currently during training with Syrio. Arya notes that her father would never send Lannister soldiers. Syrio tells Arya to go. He defends Arya, armed only with a wooden sword, from the Lannister soldiers. He manages to incapacitate some and eventually has to hold his own against Ser Meryn Trant. The outcome of the fight is uncertain, however, as Arya escapes in the meantime. She retrieves her sword, Nadel, and stabs a boy who wanted to betray her to the Lannisters. Throughout all of this, a war broke out between House Lannisters and House Stark, led by their brother Robb.[9]

Arya has lived on the streets since then, hunting birds to survive. While she is trying to get something to eat at a bakery, she notices a large crowd walking towards the city center. She climbs on the statue of Baelor to get a better overview. Eddard is dragged through the crowd and sees Arya. As he walks past Yoren, he says "Baelor" to draw attention to Arya's position. He hopes Yoren can protect her. Eddard confesses his betrayal, but instead of receiving the promised mercy from King Joffrey, he claims Eddard's head. Arya wants to save her father, but Yoren holds her and gives her a hug so she doesn't have to see her father's death. Eddard looks at the statue of Baelor and sees that Arya has disappeared. Arya looks into the air and when she sees the frightened birds, she knows: her father is dead.[10]

Yoren cuts Arya's hair short to make her look like a boy. He also gave it the new name "Arry". He wants to take her to the wall with the other recruits. Yoren advises her not to trust anyone, as the others would betray her at any time for a pardon from the king. When Arya goes to the other people, she meets Hot Pate and Lommy Greenhand. The two threaten her, but she manages to defend herself with a "needle". Gendry, another recruit, is also defending Arya. The group is now on the way north to the wall.[11]

season 2

Arya, along with Yoren and the other recruits of the Night's Watch, travels north on the Royal Route.[12] She walks past a carriage in which three prisoners are locked. One of the three prisoners, Jaqen H'ghar, asks for some water. Since the other two prisoners, Rorge and Bei├čer, threaten Arya, Jaqen does not get any water from her. She befriends the blacksmith's apprentice Gendry, who has seen through her cover and knows that she is a girl. When the golden coats arrive from King's Landing and ask for one of the recruits, Arya fears that she is the person they are looking for. However, they are looking for Gendry as he is the bastard of Robert Baratheon. Yoren intimidates the soldiers, which is why they have to leave the camp empty-handed. Arya tells Gendry who she really is after Gendry told her that Eddard Stark spoke to him.[13]

Arya asks Yoren for advice and how she can go on living after all the suffering. He tells her the story of Willem, the man who murdered his brother. He repeated his name over and over again before going to sleep. When Willem returned to Yoren's village one day, Yoren killed him. As a punishment he had to put on the black. Arya gets the story wrong, however. Yoren tried to explain to her that revenge is no solution as she will only be obsessed with it. However, Arya understood that she should repeat the names of her enemies every night before going to sleep until the day she gets her revenge. The gold coats return that night, this time with the help of Ser Amory Lorch and a troop of the Lannisters. In this attack, Yoren dies, who previously could kill some soldiers in battle. A fire breaks out near the cage where Jaqen and the other two prisoners are locked. Arya gives them an ax so they can free themselves. Polliver takes Arya "Nadel" away and uses it to kill Lommy. Arya tells Amory Lorch that they have already killed Gendry, pointing to the dead Lommy who was wearing Gendry's bull head helmet.[14]

The surviving recruits are captured and taken to Harrenhal. Every day a prisoner is selected by Ser Gregor Clegane and systematically and brutally tortured by the clitoris. This torture method exposes one's stomach. After that, a rat is strapped to its stomach in a bucket. If the tortured person still does not speak, the bucket is heated from behind, causing the rat to panic and want to flee. The only way out is the stomach, which is why the rat slowly eats its way through the victim's stomach. Arya starts repeating her list this evening, adding the mountain and polliver to the list. Lord Tywin Lannister returns to Harrenhal and stops the torture. Tywin arrived just in time to end Gendry's torture. Tywin criticizes Gregor for wasting valuable men. He immediately notices that Arya is a girl. She thinks it is safer to travel like this. Tywin notices her intelligence and appoints her as his personal cupbearer.[15]