Vagina pregnancy what not to eat

Prohibited list: what can NOT be done during pregnancy?

Few of the “rules” for pregnant women are absolute, much of it is a matter of opinion. Many of them also differ depending on the culture. In Germany, for example, raw fish is considered dangerous for pregnant women - in Japan it is even recommended.

Aside from alcohol and drugs, this list of things you shouldn't do during pregnancy is also a little bit of a point of view.

1. Pregnant women prefer not to eat these foods

The longest prohibition list in pregnancy is probably in the area of ​​food. Among other things, according to the theory, you should avoid these foods:

  • raw meat, raw fish and shellfish: Meat, fish and seafood (including mussels) should always be fully cooked during pregnancy, otherwise you can become infected with toxoplasmosis or salmonella. Original sushi is just as taboo as steak “raw” or “medium”.
  • Raw eggs: Egg dishes or dishes with raw eggs such as tiramisu or homemade mayonnaise that are not completely cooked could get you infected with salmonella.
  • Smoked fish, smoked meat: When smoking, the food is not necessarily fully cooked and can still contain bacteria.
  • Fish that are high in mercury: Shark, king mackerel, swordfish and florfish, and sometimes tuna, are considered to be heavily loaded with mercury. This can accumulate in the brain and lead to developmental disorders and behavioral problems.
  • Raw milk products: Raw milk, i.e. unpasteurized milk and products made from it, can contain Listeria.
  • Soft cheese: You should also avoid soft and mold cheeses such as Roquefort, Feta, Gorgonzola, Camembert and Brie.

To explain: There are bacteria, including listeria, toxoplasmosis pathogens and salmonella, which can cross the placenta barrier and thus infect your unborn baby. While you may not notice the infection, it can be life-threatening for your baby.

Overall, it seems, you have to be careful, especially with uncooked or not fully cooked foods. This means that as soon as you heat the products in question high enough, the bacteria also die and you can eat them without any problems. So don't panic, you can still eat meat, fish, milk and eggs and benefit from their nutrients.

Recommended: In addition, you should definitely incorporate enough of them into your diet:

  • Proteins
  • healthy fats
  • fresh east and vegetables
  • much water

2. Please do not paint a children's room

When painting with wall paint, the solvents, preservatives or other components contained in it produce fumes that you should not inhale as a pregnant woman.

It is not possible to precisely measure how high the exposure to solvents and chemicals is when painting the children's room. It depends not only on the product used, but also on the size of the room, the ventilation and the length of time you would be exposed to the solvents. Even adults who are not pregnant may be allergic to the fumes or cause respiratory irritation.

So you'd better not take any chances and refrain from painting the children's room. Even if the nest building instinct is probably strong during pregnancy, I can tell you from experience that the nursery is hardly needed in the first months of life (or even years?).

So it's better to wait until after your pregnancy or find someone to do the painting for you when you're not in the apartment.

Of course, the same applies to all other rooms and the handling of paints. So someone else should paint the cot too.

3. Pregnant women should not clean a litter box

If you had a lot to do with cats as a child, you may already be immune - otherwise an infection during pregnancy can be dangerous for your baby. We're talking about Toxoplasmosis, a bacterial infection. Cat feces are considered to be a possible carrier of toxoplasmosis, as is raw meat.

So, to be on the safe side, maybe someone else should clean the litter box.

If no one is there, wear gloves and breathing protection (surgical mask).

Oh yes, your gynecologist can test your blood to see whether you already have toxoplasmosis antibodies. You should definitely find out.

But be careful: even if you do, there are still mutated strains that you might still be infected with.

4. Diving is dangerous for pregnant women

There are of course no studies with pregnant participants, but experts agree that diving during pregnancy poses a risk.

The pressure causes gas bubbles to form in the umbilical cord vessels and the oxygen supply to your baby could be interrupted.

5. Drinking alcohol is taboo during pregnancy

As I said, there is no gray area and no need for discussion. Alcohol in any amount is taboo during pregnancy because it harms your baby.

Among other things, you run the following risks and dangers for your baby when consuming alcohol:

  • Damage to the child's brain
  • Behavioral disorders in your child
  • Premature birth / miscarriage / stillbirth

6. Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke during pregnancy

Secondhand smoke is almost as harmful as smoking yourself. You are exposing your baby to numerous toxic substances and chemicals that you either only get from secondhand smoke or from secondhand smoke and inhale directly from the cigarette.

This also means you are taking unnecessary risks:

  • low birth weight
  • Premature birth / miscarriage
  • Learning and behavior disorders
  • sudden infant death syndrome

Even after the birth, your child should not be exposed to any form of cigarette smoke.

It would be best if you would give up smoking completely, because even the children of parents who only smoke outside have health disadvantages.

7. Don't take the wrong medication

Some medications can negatively affect your baby's development and growth. Please ask before taking any medicationalways Your doctor, pharmacist or midwife.

8. Don't drink too much caffeine

Caffeine not only has a stimulating effect on you, but also on your baby. Because it can cross the placental barrier unhindered. And while you may feel great, your baby may not be, because his body is not used to the caffeine and cannot use it in the same way as you.

This does not mean that you have to go without your cup of coffee in the morning, but you should keep the amount of caffeine per day as low as possible (max. 300 mg / day).

9. Stop wearing high heels

This is really an optional rule or a pure precautionary measure. Stilettos or overknees cannot harm your baby. However, they increase the risk of falling, because in the course of pregnancy the center of gravity of your body shifts and the higher the high heels, the higher the risk of losing your balance. In addition, the pregnancy hormones also widen your ligaments, which means that you can buckle away more quickly and overstretch / tear the outer ligament.

10. Don't even think about skiing

Skiing is also not inherently dangerous for your baby. A fall, however. Because on skis or snowboards you can reach very high speeds and could fall straight onto the baby bump. This can have dire consequences.

Of course, this also applies to many other sports in which you can fall or take strong blows to the stomach.

11. You shouldn't dye your hair during pregnancy

Whether dyeing hair is taboo during pregnancy depends, among other things, on the agent used and on whether the color comes into contact with your scalp. If it really has to be, inform yourself thoroughly beforehand. Understandably, there are no clinical studies on the effects of certain substances in hair colors on unborn babies - no one would put their child at risk.

12. Bathing or saunas that are too hot is unhealthy for pregnant women

Very hot full baths are not recommended, especially in the first trimester. Your body temperature hardly increases in the sauna, but the hot surroundings can affect your circulation. Not a nice experience.

13. Pregnant women should not stand or sit for long periods of time

Anyone who has a purely standing job is no longer allowed to carry out this activity during pregnancy. There is a good reason for this: Both standing too long and sitting too long ensure that your body is less supplied with blood and that fluid collects in your legs and feet.

So if you work in the office, get up every now and then and walk up and down a little. Your colleagues will certainly understand.

14. Don't let that drive you crazy

After all these bans, you feel insecure and would like to lock yourself up at home and feed on potatoes?

Don't worry, it's not as serious as it sounds. The chances that you will get a bad infection or your child will suffer brain damage from mercury are relatively small. Overall, your baby is well protected in the baby bump, nature has already arranged it that way.

But most women feel better if they follow these rules of thumb, because they don't have to worry about something that could go wrong that they could have prevented.

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