Where is the ghost filmed in the middle of winter?

Winter: huge avalanche filmed

There is little evidence of a lack of snow on the entire south side of the Alps; In some cases, the white piles up meter high: the many low pressure areas that have stormed through the Mediterranean Sea in recent weeks have dumped their wet cargo in the high altitudes of the mountains in the form of snow. In many regions, the danger of avalanches has therefore risen extremely and roads have been closed.

The video recording by two observers in the South Tyrolean mountain farming village of Pill shows what energy can be released by outgoing snowboards. At first you only hear a rustling and see how a white powder cloud rushes towards the valley. Then the snow masses reach a depth line, possibly a stream bed. It channels the avalanche and mixes it with water and mud. Now the current is rolling slowly but powerfully and, on its way, kinks even seasoned spruce trees like matches. Only in the middle of the village does it come to a standstill and miraculously spare the houses of the settlement. Only one barn is completely encased, people were not harmed.

However, anyone who thinks that avalanches can only form on steep slopes is wrong. Because even in flat areas they occur if the conditions are right. What is more important is the structure of the snow and what type of cracks form. Even hikers on slightly sloping valley flanks can produce cracks in snow fields that propagate up the slope and then trigger a slab of snow there.