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We are pleased that you are interested in the work of the SPD Wedel.

In addition to some important information about our local association, you will also find useful information about the work of our group in the city council and in the committees.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we cordially invite you to contact us or to visit our public general meeting.

Claudia Wittburg and Lothar Barop


Martin Habersaat: New contact rules in the outdoor areas, more opportunities for leisure and cultural activities, youth work and sport, accommodation and indoor catering: The state government passed a new Corona Control Ordinance on May 11th, which is to apply from May 17th.

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Birte Pauls: We have been saying since the beginning of the pandemic that clapping alone is not enough. Now at the latest, the rosy words about the caring deeds must follow. That is why I strongly criticize the fact that Health Minister Spahn, with the law on the further development of health care, once again failed to finally get the binding staff assessment off the ground. A technically justified staff assessment is the key to more job satisfaction.

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Thomas Hölck: It is more than astonishing that the wind turbine industry has to complain about long approval procedures and approval applications that have been postponed due to a lack of staff. Was it really a surprise to the energy transition minister that after the almost three-year extension of regional planning caused by Jamaica, there is now a great need for permits?

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Ralf Stegner and Beate Raudies: The corona pandemic is a fundamental turning point for our society. As the SPD, we have been in a very special opposition role for almost a year, in a double function: We control the government and, at the same time, take on very direct responsibility. Our responsibility was shown particularly clearly in the supplementary budget.

Ralf Stegner: With the death of Marianne Tidick, the Schleswig-Holstein SPD loses a prominent education politician who has shaped our education and science policy for many years.