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Check the starter - how does it work?

How can the starter be checked?

If the car does not start anymore, there could be various reasons. One of them is the starter. The starter in the car is used to bring the engine to a certain speed so that it can start. Once this speed has been reached, the motor continues to run independently. If the engine does not start when attempting to start, the first thing to do is to find the reason for this. It is possible to check the starter to see if it or the nearby magnetic switch is the problem. In most cases, the starting problems are due to a broken starter, worn spark plugs or a discharged battery. If the cause can be narrowed down when testing the starter, it must be replaced. At FairGarage you can find out about the most common sources of error and have the exact costs for changing the faulty starter calculated quickly and without obligation.

Various tests measure the usual sources of error

A starter can be checked carefully. However, the right tool is required for a professional test. The starter is systematically tested for the most common faults in a workshop. Since removing it takes time, the starter is first checked in the car itself. Checking the starter also includes checking the electrical connections. This can also be done when it is installed - for example, a rusted earth connection can paralyze the starter, which is the biggest power hog in the car. The continuity of current can also be measured in the installed state.

The car will not start without a starter

But there are also quite serious defects on the starter. It usually lasts for a very long time, but constant short journeys with many starts shorten the service life considerably. In the case of long-distance cars, it is sometimes dirty due to the few starting processes or simply got stuck. If you suspect a defect, have the starter checked in the workshop. Because you need this component to start the engine. If the starter is defective, even external starting from helpful neighbors is of no use! The workshop has the right tools for this, such as the multimeter. The internal contact check can be carried out with it.

Maybe it's also the battery

If the engine does not start, it could also be due to the car battery. If the battery is only half discharged, the starter turns too slowly to bring the engine up to speed. You probably know the typical noise on the first frosty winter morning, which shows which batteries are ready to be replaced. If the battery is almost completely discharged, the starter will no longer turn at all; the current is not even enough for the magnetic switch to engage the starter for the cranking process. You are probably familiar with the hectic "clack-clack" that goes with it when the switch tries to engage with the residual current. So before the whole starter is replaced, it is important to check whether it is really to blame for the starting problem. If that is the case, there is no way around installing a new starter.

Check the starter yourself

By the way, testing a hanging magnetic switch and getting it going again is also possible with simple means. You can do this with a broomstick or small hammer and a second person. This test checks the magnetic switch. The starter is connected to the car battery via terminals. One person starts, the other hits the magnetic switch with the wood. If the starter works, it can be started using the voltage of the battery. With a little luck the car will start. But be careful, this is only a temporary stopgap solution! A flawless starter is required to ensure a safe start! A short circuit can also be caused by unskillful work. Inexperienced hobbyists are therefore strongly advised against this method!

The new starter is available in the specialist workshop

Checking and changing the starter is otherwise a professional job. Extensive specialist training is part of testing the starter. Correct measurement alone is hardly possible for laypeople. If damage is found during the test, it is advisable to rectify it by circumventing it.
Then the starter is removed and replaced with a new part. You can find the right date and the right specialist workshop here.