How to change wifi password huawei hg521

WLAN: Rename the network

You should rename your WLAN so that the network is not confused if there are several networks in the house with similar or even the same name. In this guide we will show you how to rename your WLAN.

Rename WLAN: router settings

To rename your WLAN, you have to go to the router settings in any browser.

  • Call up the router settings by entering the IP address of the device in the address line of your browser and pressing Enter. You can find the IP on the back or underside of the router. With some routers, abbreviations such as "" or "" also work. How to find out the IP address can be found in a separate practical tip.
  • You may now have to log in with a password. You can find it in your contract documents.
  • The settings for your WLAN can be found under the menu item "WLAN" or "Settings". Look for the sub-item "WLAN name" or "SSID". Here you can now enter a new name and save the settings.

Video tip: Measure WiFi speed

In the next article we will show you how to hide your WiFi network to make it difficult for unauthorized persons to gain access.