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A talking baby doll is the wish of every doll mom. These are available in the various variations. Whether with hair and even running models, but also those that answer questions, as joke articles or for Halloween - advertising presents the most diverse types every day. No wonder the girls are quite crazy about it are. But before you decide to buy a talking baby doll, you should first read a talking doll test and get a brief overview of the different types. You should also find out more about prices.

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What are talking child dolls?

For a long time, talking childrens dolls were operated with records. This was inserted into the doll and, thanks to battery operation, the doll cried or talked. Meanwhile the vinyl record replaced. Most models today are the talking doll with app, the talking doll Bluetooth or the talking doll WLAN.

This has the advantage that you, as parents, can even download new sentences or words and the doll can learn new words. However, the models are with WLAN or app also a bit tricky, as a little girl usually doesn't have her own cell phone yet. It is therefore essential to ensure that the doll also works when the mother or father is not present with the cell phone. After all, you want your child to be able to play with the doll when they are with their grandparents or friends.

Most of them are talking dolls Baby dolls, however, there are also those that resemble a toddler. Bigger girls prefer Mattel Monster High dolls that are barbie-sized. Although there are already speaking models at Barbie. So you see, the product range covers so many various possibilitiesthat it is almost difficult for parents to find the right doll child. This is why you should really do your research before you go shopping.

But of course that alone is not enough to get one talking dolls test winner to select. Surely you want to learn a little more about these dolls. Most of the time, the question arises from the outset of what all the technical gadgets are about.

Talking dolls Artdescription
Talking doll bluetoothThis variant establishes a connection to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. The talking doll with the app can communicate with the child and say certain sentences or words to him.
Doll with recordHere the recorder for the record can usually be found on the back. With battery operation and the right plate, the doll can talk or cry. For some models you can even buy extra records so that they don't always say the same thing.
Dolls with recording functionThere are also talking dolls that have a recording function. Here you can audition something that can be recorded and played back over and over again.

Tip: Make sure that the talking doll WiFi or talking dolls are funny for the age of your child. Some of them can be rather scary to young children.

Why are talking dolls so popular with children?

Regardless of whether you buy a talking doll with an app or a record, kids just love it. Make these dolls Sounds like a real baby and that's exactly what little doll moms love. Talking dolls can also be very interesting for children, as they might be say funny things or sing.

There are also models on the market that communicate with each other. This is also very interesting and fun for many children. These dolls react to her by means of a sensor suitable counterpart and then talk. However, this is only possible if there are two dolls from the same model series. It remains to be seen whether all of these dolls are educationally valuable. Children love them and many little girls today dream of a doll too Sounds power and can cry.

The most popular talking doll makers

Of course there are many other manufacturers who produce the little Heidi, Lisa, Charlene, Elsa, Alexa, Sofia, Cayla, Ernie or whatever. Before you buy talking dolls, you should always read a talking doll test on the Internet. This tells you whether the talking dolls funny or educational could be. However, choose a high-quality manufacturer, as unknown manufacturers often only deliver defective goods. In this case in particular, this can be a problem because the doll with her technology can also pose a security risk.

The accessories for talking dolls

As with many other dolls, you can also buy accessories from the talking dolls. This works from clothing to furniture for the doll. When comparing talking dolls, it is advisable to inquire immediately whether there are accessories for the doll you want. Often the clothes from other manufacturers are not suitable. If your child loves to change clothes, it is better to buy a model that can also be bought with clothes. A price comparison Can't do any harm here, as buying cheap dolls' clothes is not a matter of course. Some manufacturers charge almost as much money for the clothes as the doll costs.

Advantages and disadvantages of a talking doll

  • often remind of a real baby
  • nice pastime
  • can partly be discussed
  • sometimes children are afraid of it
  • technical errors can quickly spoil the fun

Buy talking dolls

You could find yourself in a talking dolls test after one Model of your choice inquire, it is time to get more information. You have the option of shopping in a talking doll shop or in the shop. In any case, it is worthwhile to make a talking doll comparison, as these in particular usually have a high price. Buying cheap is only possible with one price comparison possible. Of course, you could also make a talking doll yourself, but you will need some accessories for this. So if you decide to buy your talking doll test winner in the talking doll shop, take your time so that you can get a bargain.

Often asked by our readers

Is there a list of the best models for "talking doll"?

The following products are best or most popular ("Test winner according to popularity on Talking Puppets") for the "" category:

  • 1. in the test or comparison:Bayer Design baby doll First Words, very good
  • 2. in the test or comparison:Bayer Design 93816AA baby doll First Words, good
  • 3. in the test or comparison:Bayer Design 93800 - Baby doll First Words, good
  • 4. in the test or comparison:Bayer Design 93829 My Piccolina Interactive doll, good
  • 5. in the test or comparison:Bayer Design 9468200 - functional doll Hello Baby, good
  • 6. in the test or comparison:Zapf Creation 825327 "Baby Born First Love Nightfriends doll, good
  • 7. in the test or comparison: Dimian BD348D doll Bambolina, very good
  • 8. in the test or comparison:Simba 105140488 - My Love Laura baby talk, good
  • 9. in the test or comparison:Bayer Design baby doll First Words with sleeping eyes, very good
  • 10. in the test or comparison:Bayer Design 93800-purple - baby doll First Words, good

What manufacturer or brand do we recommend?

What prices are called for these products?

The cheapest product for "Talking Doll" on costs around 17 euros and the most expensive product around 70 euros. The average price of all models shown here is around 28 euros according to the offer. Further prices and offers can be found in the price comparison.

What other sources are there on the subject of "talking doll"?

Test or comparison 2021 in the talking doll category - the current top 12

Here you can find the current Top 12 from the Talking Dolls Test on for the year 2021 as a comparison table.

Talking dolls test or comparison
IllustrationModel namecategoryassessmentOnline priceTo the test
Bayer Design Baby Doll First WordsE.g. doll for girls, talking doll, doll with sleeping eyes4.5 stars (very good)
approx. 21 €" Experience
Bayer Design 93816AA baby doll First WordsE.g. soft body doll, baby doll, doll with sleeping eyes4 stars (good)
approx. € 27" Experience
Bayer Design 93800 - Baby doll First Wordse.g. soft body doll, talking doll, baby doll4 stars (good)
approx. 21 €" Experience
Bayer Design 93829 My Piccolina Interactive dollE.g. doll with sleeping eyes, doll for girls, talking doll4 stars (good)
approx. € 31" Experience
Bayer Design 9468200 - Functional doll Hello BabyE.g. soft body doll, talking doll, doll with function4 stars (good)
approx. 25 €" Experience
Zapf Creation 825327 "Baby Born First Love Nightfriends dollBaby doll, talking doll4 stars (good)
approx. 20 €" Experience
Dimian BD348D doll BambolinaE.g. baby doll, dolls from 3 years, doll for toddlers5 stars (very good)
approx. 22 €" Experience
Simba 105140488 - My Love Laura baby languageE.g. doll from 2 years, doll with sleeping eyes, talking doll4 stars (good)
approx. € 17" Experience
Bayer Design baby doll First Words with sleeping eyesE.g. doll with sleeping eyes, doll for girls, doll with function4.5 stars (very good)
approx. 23 €" Experience
Bayer Design 93800-purple - Baby doll First WordsE.g. dolls from 2 years, baby dolls, talking dolls4 stars (good)
approx. 30 €" Experience
Simba My Love Laura baby talke.g. talking doll, doll for toddlers, baby doll4 stars (good)
approx. 25 €" Experience
Bayer Design 9469400 - Piccolina Magic EyesE.g. doll for toddlers, dolls from 3 years, doll with sleeping eyes4 stars (good)
approx. 70 €" Experience
(Date of survey: May 17, 2021)

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