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Matthias Klages

Voice actor, audio book speaker Matthias Klages

The voice actor Matthias Klages, also known as a speaker of audio books / radio plays, lent his German voice to countless actors. This has a very high recognition value due to its depth and warmth.

Well-known voice, voice actor, audio book / radio play, computer game
multifaceted, medium-strong, ripe, deep, warm

Matthias Klages - Speech Samples

Matthias Klages - Postbus advertising
Matthias Klages - Audiobook The Foundation of Rome
Matthias Klages - audio book The human body
Matthias Klages - Documentation The Fox
Matthias Klages - Documentation Antibiotics
Matthias Klages - News
Matthias Klages - report satirical

Matthias Klages - video samples

Matthias Klages - contribution Magritte The betrayal of images

Matthias Klages - is or was the dubbing voice of:


Acting studio Edith Hildebrandt

Audio book / radio play:

"Sigmund Freud", "Perry Rhodan - The Paragon Cross", "Perry Rhodan - Focal Point Talan", "Edgar Allan Poe - William Wilson", "Edgar Allan Poe - The Figure of Evil", "Bibi Blocksberg - The Witch's Treasure"

Computer game:

"Back to the Future", "Octonauts"


"A village awakens - Transylvania and the prince", "Joseph Calleja - homage to Mario Lanza", "We did experience it ... the Riga ghetto


Robert Glenister (as Ash Morgan) in "Hustle - Dishonest Lasts Longest" (2004-2012), (as Jimmy Valentine) in "Law & Order: UK" (2009-) in Ep. "Schmiert",

David Thewlis (as John Pearce) in "Restoration - Time of Sensuality" (1995), (as Edward Douglas) in "D.N.A. - Experiment des Wahnsinns" (1996), (as Jonathan) in "All children of this world" (2005),

Crispin Glover (as Dell) in "Wild at Heart - The Story of Sailor and Lula" (1990), (as Bobby Mc Burney) in "Gilbert Grape - Somewhere in Iowa" (1993),

Billy Murray (as Larry Malone) in "Hell To Pay - The Battle Of The Footsoldiers" (2005) [2. Synchro], (as editor) in "Airborne (2012), (as Ferris) in" Strippers vs Werewolves "(2012),

Daisuke Gouri (as a turtle) in "Dragon Ball - The Legend of Shenlong" (1986), (as a turtle) in "Dragon Ball - The Castle of Demons" (1987), (as a turtle) in "Dragon Ball - Son-Goku's first tournament "(1988),

Steve Coulter (as Dr. James T. Bissell) in "Warm Springs - Heilende Quellen" (2005), (as Marty) in "The Miraculous Life of Timothy Green" (2012),

Richard Edson (as Deputy Tom) in "Posse - Die Rache des Jesse Lee" (1993), (as Gage) in "Destiny - High Mission in Las Vegas" (1995),

Jack Gilpin (as Peter MacIntosh) in "The Affair of Sunny von B." (1990), (as a juror) in "Not Guilty" (1996),

Charles Homet (as Sgt. Mackey) in "Kidnapping - The Kidnappers Live Next Door" (1996), (as Eugene Carr) in "Days of Blood - The Beast of Dallas" (1999),

Lawrence Kopp
(as Human Cop # 1) in "Spacecop L.A. 1991" (1988), (as Dales Man # 2) in "Dumm und Dumber" (1994),

Aaron Lustig
(as Dr. Greene) in "Stichtag" (2010), (as Michigan Rabbi) in "Almost Married" (2012),

Paul Miller (as Tom Tinsdale) in "The Good Witchs Gift" (2010), (as Tom Tinsdale) in "The Good Witchs Family" (2011),

David Pasquesi (as Prime Minister) in "Year One" (2009), (as Tim) in "To Rome with Love" (2012),

Robert Portal (as Richard (young)) in "Mrs. Dalloway" (1997), (as Equerry) in "The Kings Speech" (2010),

Miles Richardson (as a man) in "Messias - Mein ist die Rache" (2003), (as Steirereck Maitre) in "The Best Offer" (2013),

Thomas Gibson
(as a stage actor) in "Time of Innocence" (1993)

Krit Suwannapaph (as Commander Suki) in "Bang Rajan" (2000), (as Commander Suki) in "Blood Fight: Bang Rajan II" (2009),

Robert Wisden (as Dr. Sanderson) in "Harvey" (1996), (as Major Bert Samuels) in "Stargate SG-1: The Gateway to the Universe - Final Cut" (2009),

David Abiker (as a seller) in "Le Déclin de lempire masculin" (2012),

Michael Abitebou
l (as Collègue Martin 1) in "Superstar" (2012),

Phil Abrams (as Director Finman) in "Nancy Drew - Girl Detective" (2007),

Michael Adler (as Bascom the Curator) in "Hitch, the ghost from the bottle" (1992),

Philip Akin (as Judge Gleason) in "Anna and the Spirit" (1998),

Najib Amhali (as Samir Sam Bentarek) in "Shouf Shouf Habibi! - Look into life" (2004),

Jason Andrews (as Operator Carter) in "Punch-Drunk Love" (2002),

David Andriole
(as Charles Mather) in "Minis First Time" (2006),

Alexis Arguello (as Pepe Mendoza) in "Hexenkessel Miami" (1989),

Alexander Armstrong
(as a policeman) in "Scoop - Der Knüller" (2006),

Will Arnett (as Scott Greens Assistant) in "Undefeated" (2003),

Richard Arum (as French) in "The Heavyweight" (2012),

Pat Asanti
(as George Liberace) in "Liberace" (2013),

Dean Ashton
(as RSM Officer) in "Dirty War" (2004),

Mackenzie Astin (as Mark Daniels) in "Blackout" (2012),

Yvan Attal
(as Halpern) in "A World Without Pity" (1989),

Pascal Aubert (as Le Recruteur) in "The Fall into Life" (2009),

Peter Aykroyd (as Mike, the bouncer) in "Valkenvania - The Wonderful World of Madness" (1991),

Kirk Baily
(as ref) in "Soccer Dog - A dog stays on the ball" (1999),

Richard Barlow (as Paul) in "The Answer Man" (2009),

Julian Barratt (as Thomas Redruth) in "Die Schatzinsel" (2012),

Joseph Barrett (as a doctor) in "Series 7: Are You Ready?" (2001),

Alan Baxter (as Whitey Barrow) in "The Shadow of the Thin Man" (1941),

Nicholas Bearde (as Detective Woods) in "All About Evil" (2010),

Ian Beattie (as Ewan von Appin) in "David Balfour - Between Freedom and Death" (1995),

Brendan Beiser (as Ellis) in "Head Overhead" (2001),

Pedro Beitia
(as Raulito) in "Zwei beinharte Profis" (2003),

Laurence Belgrave (as Virgil's assistant) in "The Best Offer" (2013),

Reverend Dustin Bergene (as pastor) in "The Lucky One" (2012),

Mikael Birkkjaer (as Carsten) in "Oh Happy Day!" (2004),

James Bitonti (as Ottway's father) in "The Gray - Unter Wölfen" (2011),

Benjamin Blankenship (as Agent Torres) in "Snitch - A Risky Deal" (2013),

Jeremy Booth (as a doctor) in "John Carter - Between Two Worlds" (2012),

Joe Bostick (as a businessman) in "Sacrifice - Day of Reckoning" (2011),

Anthony Bregman (as Jeff) in "Darling Companion" (2012),

Justin Brett (as Motorbike Rider) in "Companions" (2011),

Nick Brooks (as paratrooper Joe) in "Saving Private Ryan" (1998),

Dana Bunch (as Ferrin) in "The Purge" (2013),

Hunter Burke (as Army Tech Officer) in "Olympus Has Fallen - The World in Danger" (2013),

Gerry Robert Byrne (as John Richmond) in "You are not walking alone" (2010),

Bruce Campbell (as gatekeeper) in "The Fantastic World of Oz" (2013),

Geoffrey Cantor (as Henry Suydam) in "Public Enemies" (2009),

Vincent Cappello (as Jeff) in "Sky Fighters" (2005),

Dan Castellaneta (as NSA worker (NSA surveillance agent)) in "The Simpsons - The Movie" (2007),

Eliot Cates (as Reverend) in "Dirty Movie" (2005),

Robert Cea (as FBI agent Ricci) in "Reine Nervensache" (1999),

Garry Chalk (as announcer) in "Marley & Me 2 - The cheekiest puppy in the world" (2011),

Dean Chekvala (as Jerry) in "Time to Live" (2012),

Michael Chieffo (as CIA Archives Officer) in "Argo" (2012),

Ari Cohen (as Peter) in "Hush Little Baby - Demon in the Cradle" (2007),

Gary Cole (as Commissioner Gordon) in "Batman: Under the Red Hood" (2010),

Rufus Collins (as Henry Abernathy) in "Joshua - The Firstborn" (2007),

Teddy Coluca (as Dominic) in "Not Fade Away" (2012),

Jack Conley (as INS agent) in "Dick and Jane - Ready for anything, no use" (2005),

Julius Cotter (as Dr. Conrad Jennings) in "Red Lights" (2012),

Sam Cox (as Kapitonytsch) in "Anna Karenina" (2012),

Johnny Lee Davenport (as husband) in "Ted" (2012),

Dave Davies (as Halverson) in "Last Man Standing" (2011),

Curzon Dobell (as London Tailor) in "Wall Street: Money Doesn't Sleep" (2010),

Jason Douglas (as Wayne) in "Snitch" (2013),

Carl Ellsworth (as Airline Passenger) in "Red Eye - Nachtflug in den Tod" (2005),

Cary Elwes (as Maj. Cabot Forbes) in "Glory" (1989),

Jeremy Fitzgerald (as Iowa Cop) in "Star Trek" (2009),

Ron flag (as Mayor) in "Déjà Vu - Race against Time" (2006),

Rick foster (as a dance competition announcer) in "Silver Linings" (2012),

Hadley Fraser (as Army Officer) in "Les Misérables" (2012),

John Galateo (as Evan Morrissey) in "Wall Street" (1987),

Jimmy Gardner (as a farmer) in "Robin Hood - King of Thieves" (1991) [2. Synchro (DVD long version) [2003]],

Stewart Howson (as a guard at the airport gate) in "Actually ... Love" (2003),

Jerry Hyman (as a cartoonist) in "Friends with Certain Merits" (2011),

Javivi (as executioner) in "Asterix & Obelix - On Her Majesty's Order" (2012),

Eddie Jemison (as a psychiatrist) in "Crazy About Steve" (2009),

David Jensen (as John Calder) in "The Last Exorcism: The Next Chapter" (2013),

Peter Jessop (as Salaak) in "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights" (2011),

Bill Kalmenson (as Hal Saunders) in "Argo" (2012),

Boris Lee Krutonog (as Victor Slavin) in "Hunt for Red October" (1990),

Simon Kunz (as Martin) in "A twin seldom comes alone" (1998),

Scott Anthony Leet
(as Henchman # 1) in "Hangover 3" (2013),

Asier Macazaga (as Theron) in "Wrath of the Titans" (2012),

Matthew Macfadyen (as Nigel) in "Maybe Baby - Sex nach Plan" (2000),

Emil Markov (as Misha) in "The Mechanik" (2005),

Sean McGinley (as Smith) in "Michael Collins" (1996),

Chris McKinney (as a forensic scientist) in "Die Dolmetscherin" (2005),

Ed McMahon (as Ed McMahon) in "Ted" (2012),

James Pistol McNeal (as DJ) in "End of Watch" (2012),

Mike Meyer (as Manny) in "Insatiable" (2000),

Eken Mine (as the archbishop's chauffeur) in "The Castle of Cagliostro" (1979) [2. Synchro (DVD & Blu-Ray) [2006]],

Ken Mitsuishi (as Hideyo) in "2009: Lost Memories" (2002),

Manuel Morón (as Ernesto Almansa) in "Cell 211" (2009),

Rohan Nicol (as Stefan) in "A treasure to fall in love with" (2008),

Charles Noland (as Deputy Hazelwood) in "In cold blood sacrificed" (1993),

Conan OBrien (as Conan OBrien) in "Storytelling" (2001),

Ivan Panev (as Emil) in "The Deep" (2002),

Michael Paré (as Detective Michael Turner) in "Furnace - Flammen der Hölle" (2007),

Steve Park (as Kris Lee) in "Red Ribbon Blues" (1996),

Bill Paxton (as Ray OMalley) in "Boxing Helena" (1993),

Tony Payne (as Pete Muntz) in "Jail Force" (1992),

Joshua Peace (as Lance) in "The Big Hit" (1998),

Frank Pellegrino (as a chance) in "Höllenhunde des Highways" (1981),

Larry Poindexter (as Simon Mitchell) in "Body Chemistry - Tödlicher Engel" (1995),

Thomas Potter (as CIA employee Jenkins) in "That gives trouble" (2012),

Bill Power (as Air Traffic Controller) in "Schöne Bescherung 2 - Eddie goes bathing" (2003),

Ted Raimi (as Skeptic in Audience) in "The Fantastic World of Oz" (2013),

Larry Rew (as a crematorium technician) in "Avatar - Departure to Pandora" (2009),

Juan Reyes (as Prison Warden) in "Wrath of the Titans" (2012),

Mickey rooney jr. (as Cotton Roberts) in "Honeysuckle Rose" (1980),

Edmundo Raul Sanchez
(as Gas Station Attendant) in "Man of Steel" (2013),

René Schneider (as black knight) in "Robin Hood - Ghosts of Sherwood" (2012),

Joseph Schuster (as Desmond) in "The Voyeur" (1997),

Michael Showers (as Mr. Brown) in "The Tree of Life" (2011),

Will Smith (as Cpt. Steven Hiller [new scenes]) in "Independence Day" (1996),

Matthew Solon (as Captain Hales) in "The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: The Diamond in the Peacock's Eye" (1995),

Zinedine Soualem (as Momo) in "Willkommen bei den Schtis" (2008),

Eric Soubelet (as head of the secret service) in "Special Forces" (2011),

Will Souders (as a carer) in "Silver Linings" (2012),

Scott Sowers (as Mr. Brown) in "Money Train" (1995),

Brent Spiner (as a shoe seller) in "Ich bin Sam" (2001),

Arnaud Straebler (as Avocat d Alexis) in "Gambling Addiction" (2009),

Christian Strasser (as Max Pfister) in "Jump! - Sprung in die Ewigkeit" (2008),

Paul Sun - Hyung Lee (as Tiffany's Coach) in "Die Eisprinzessin" (2005),

Scott Thompson (as FBI Agent Lewis) in "Mickey Blue Eyes" (1999),

Troels Thorsen (as Bent) in "The Hunt" (2012),

Dick Ward (as butler) in "The Kings Speech" (2010),

Patrick Warren (as Todd Geronimo) in "Magnolia" (1999),

Larry Wilmore (as Professor Quincy) in "Vamps - Dating with Bite" (2012),


John Allen Nelson (as Walt Cummings) in "24" (2001-2010), (as Todd Peterson) in "CSI: Miami" (2002-2012) in Ep. "Finsternis (9x03)",

Thomas Gibson (as Dr. Daniel Nyland) in "Chicago Hope" (1994-2000)

Isshin Chiba (as aquarium employee A) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in ep. "180 The Kiss of Venus", (as baseball commentator) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in ep. "Yuzo and his brothers", (as Fireman) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in ep. "106-107 You never forget your first love", (as a hotel employee) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in ep. "120 The bite of the sea serpent (1 ) ", (as hotel guest B) in" Detective Conan "(1996-) in ep." Visit from the parents ", (as a detective) in" Detective Conan "(1996-) in ep." 152 Murder in a locked room (2) ", (as moderator of the award ceremony) in" Detective Conan "(1996-) in ep." 112 Murder with flashlight ", (as policeman) in" Detective Conan "(1996-) in ep." 153 night shots " , (as policeman A) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in ep. "Der Mondscheinspringer", (as reporter A) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in ep. "109 Jealousy (2)", (as Forensics) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in Ep. "128 The sealed bathroom (1), (as a theater worker) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in ep. "133 Mord im Theater (1)", (as publisher B) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in ep. "123 Where is Nintaro Shinmei? (2) ",

Paul Keeley (as reporter) in "JAG - On behalf of honor" (1995-2005) in Ep. "Bloody Decision", (as Jim Shearers) in "Eine Himmlische Familie" (1996-2007) in Ep. "4", ( as Dr. Ethan Reeger) in "CSI: Miami" (2002-2012) in Ep. "Beauty Has Its Price (7x21)", (as Robert Greggs) in "CSI: NY" (2004-) in Ep. "Prom (4x18) ", (as Dr. Ken Ralston) in" Bones "(2005-) in Ep." Cancer in Bones (1x20) ",

Wataru Takagi (as employee 2) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in ep. "103 First, it is different ...", (as a chauffeur) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in ep. "Money doesn't stink (1 ) ", (as a hotel guest) in" Detective Conan "(1996-) in ep." The Baron of the Night (1) ", (as an actor on TV) in" Detective Conan "(1996-) in ep." Mediziner unter himself ", (as a taxi driver) in" Detective Conan "(1996-) in Ep." Many crabs and a whale ",

Tim Guinee (as Mitchell OConnor) in "Hawk" (1989) in ep. "13", (as Chris Matthews) in "CSI: NY" (2004-) in ep. "Games without Frontiers (2x15)", (as Nathan Purdue ) in "CSI: NY" (2004-) in ep. "Drei Schwestern (8x03)", (as Gus Wilvern) in "Life" (2007-2009) in ep. "17",

Kevin Michael Richardson (as Telly - Teg) in "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" (2008-2011) in Ep. "48", (as Dren) in "Mission Scooby-Doo" (2010-2013) in Ep. "Die wilde Brut ", (as judge) in" Transformers: Prime "(2010-2013) in Ep." Meister und Schüler ", (as Vehicon Soldat) in" Transformers: Prime "(2010-2013) in Ep." Konvoi ",

Brian Cousins (as Parem) in "Spaceship Enterprise - The Next Century" (1987-1994) [TV synchro] in Ep. "So near and yet so far", (as Bobby Grayson) in "Crossing Jordan - Pathologist with Profile" ( 2001-2007) in ep. "4", (as Patrick Habis) in "CSI: NY" (2004-) in ep. "Girl trafficking (5x14)",

Chet Grissom (as a seller) in "Desperate Housewives" (2004-2012) in Ep. "The Secret Story (3x04)", (as Knolls) in "The Event" (2010-2011) in Ep. "21", (as Charles ) in "Scandal" (2012-) in Ep."3",

Wayne Pére (as Ray Dinino) in "Diagnose: Mord" (1993-2001) in ep. "2", (as Boat Guy) in "Dawsons Creek" (1998-2003) in ep. "Die Hexeninsel", (as Stanley Springer ) in "Navy CIS" (2003-) in Ep. "2",

Robert Stanton
(as coroner John Chapman) in "Detective Hanks" (1994-1995), (as Donald Simkins) in "Third Watch - Einsatz am Limit" (1999-2005) in Ep. "13", (as Hugh Saxon) in " The Good Wife "(2009-) in Ep." 15 ",

Greg Thirloway (as juror) in "Matlock" (1986-1995) in Ep. "Der Geschworen", (as Greg Nemhauser) in "The X-Files - The FBI's uncanny cases" (1993-2002), (as husband) in "Medium - Nothing remains hidden "(2005-2011) in Ep." 12 ",

Andrew Airlie (as a lawyer) in "The X-Files - The Uncanny Cases of the FBI" (1993-2002), (as Reed) in "Higher Ground" (2000) in Ep. "3",

Dylan Baker (as Sen. Keith Ellison) in "Practice - The Lawyers" (1997-2004) in Ep. "1 & 2", (as Bruce McCoy) in "From the Earth to the Moon" (1998) in Ep. "Golf on the moon?",

John Balma
(as Cartwright) in "The West Wing" (1999-2006) in ep. "22", (as Barney) in "Parks and Recreation" (2009-) in ep. "14, 22; 10; 7",

Bob Bledsoe (as a man) in "Grey's Anatomy - The Young Doctors" (2005-) in ep. "8", (as Dexter) in "Parks and Recreation" (2009-) in ep. "94 appointments",

Paul Calderon (as Lunza) in "Spenser" (1985-1988) in ep. "Täter oder Zeuge", (as Lieutenant Perez) in "Blue Bloods - Crime Scene New York" (2010-) in ep. "2",

Robert Cicchini (as Russell Bynes) in "Gilmore Girls" (2000-2007) in Ep. "2", (as Coach Brady) in "Everyone hate Chris" (2005-2008) in Ep. "3",

Christian Clemenson (as Barry Wall) in "Practice - The Lawyers" (1997-2004) in Ep. "The Secret of Father Ryan (2x27)", (as Evan Woodkirk) in "The West Wing" (1999-2006) in Ep. "The women of Qumar",

Neil Dickson (as Dr. Arthur Holbine) in "Diagnose: Mord" (1993-2001) in ep. "21", (as Harold Ford) in "Mad Men" (2007-) in ep. "Walk in & the color blue",

Robert Doyle
(as Sloan) in "Bonanza" (1959-1973) in ep. "Ein Bund fürs Leben", (as Jack Owens) in "FBI" (1965-1974) in ep. "3",

Billy Gallo
(as Lt. Díaz) in "JAG - On behalf of honor" (1995-2005) in Ep. "10", (as Tony) in "Cold Case - No victim is ever forgotten" (2003-2010) in Ep. "18",

Pete Gardner (as Russell Bennett) in "Cold Case" (2003-2010) in Ep. "7", (as Gary Flannery) in "Bones" (2005-) in Ep. "Unpopularity and death (4x06) ",

David Patrick Green (as Lex's doctor) in "Smallville" (2001-2011) in ep. "12", (as Leo, polygrapher) in "Covert Affairs" (2010-) in ep. "1, 4 & 9; 2",

Mark Harelik (as Pete) in "Six under one roof" (1999-2000) in ep. "7", (as Dr. Lester) in "Medical Investigation" (2004-2005) in ep. "11",

Roger Haskett (as Tyson) in "The X-Files - The Scary Cases of the FBI" (1993-2002), (as Dr. Harris) in "Fringe - Borderline Cases of the FBI" (2008-2013) in Ep. "21",

Robert Hogan (as Captain Darnell) in "Smoking Colts" (1955-1975) in Ep. "The Bullet in the Back - Part 1-3", (as Harry Bisk) in "FBI" (1965-1974) in Ep. "6" ,

Jim Jansen (as Construction Minister Bill Fisher) in "The West Wing" (1999-2006) in Ep. "Politics and Alcohol", (as Cameron Reardon) in "Law & Order: Los Angeles" (2010-) in Ep. "8" ,

Matt Kaminsky (as Josh Goldin) in "Without a Trace" (2002-2009) in Ep. "Two Lives", (as Henry Spivey) in "Navy CIS" (2003-) in Ep. "8",

Bruce Katzman (as Marv, the mediator) in "Californication" (2007-) in ep. "A memorable dinner", (as Dr. Clarence Walters) in "Scandal" (2012-) in ep. "7",

David Kaye (as narrator) in "Psych" (2006-) in Ep. "Shawn 2.0 (5x08)", (as Bill Buntman) in "Mission Scooby-Doo" (2010-2013) in Ep. "The frustrated author",

Masami Kikuchi (as Masami Izumi (Izzy's father)) in "Digimon" (1999-2000), (as Masami Izumi (Izzy's father)) in "Digimon 02" (2000-2001),

Todd Kimsey
(as Lieutenant Ted Donovan) in "JAG - On behalf of honor" (1995-2005) in the episode "Havarie auf high seas", (as Special Agent Beckman) in "Without a Trace" (2002-2009) in Ep. "The lonely hero (2x17)",

Nolan North (as reporter) in "Mission Scooby-Doo" (2010-2013) in Ep. "Das Schattenpfand", (as Kraang) in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (2012-) in Ep. "1, 2, 3, 6 , 9, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25 & 26 ",

Mayf Nutter
(as Bobby Bigelow) in "The Waltons" (1972-1981) in Ep. "Das Lied der Liebe", (as Zack Bernard) in "Mord ist ihr Hobby" (1984-1996) [2. Synchro (RTL 1990)] in ep. "10",

Dougald Park (as Mr. Fitzpatrick) in "Scrubs" (2001-2010) in Ep. "My best friend is getting married", (as a doctor) in "Desperate Housewives" (2004-2012) in Ep. "Alone in the world (2x22); The perfect couple (3x02) ",

John Rothman (as Stanley Michaels) in "Spenser" (1985-1988) in ep. "The murdered phantom", (as Warren Moburg) in "From the Earth to the Moon" (1998) in ep. "Death travels with",

Tim Ryan
(as Cpt. Natch Austen) in "China Beach" (1988-1991) in Ep. "1-9 & 22", (as Ben) in "Crossing Jordan - Pathologist with Profile" (2001-2007) in Ep. " 22 ",

Paul Schackman (as Dan Edelman) in "Diagnosis: Mord" (1993-2001) in Ep. "4", (as Quentin Mayhew) in "Bones - The Bone Hunter" (2005-) in Ep. "15",

Christopher Shea (as Saowin) in "Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager" (1995-2001) in Ep. "The Think Tank", (as Todd) in "Ehe ist ..." (2006-),

Jim Staahl (as Bigelow) in "Soap - Trautes Heim" (1977-1981) in Ep. "16", (as Restaurant Manager) in "Lass es, Larry!" (2000-2011) in Ep. "1, 3, 4, 7 & 10",

Guy Stevenson (as trucker) in "No Mercy for Dad" (2001-2005) in Ep. "5", (as fireman 2) in "Reno 911!" (2003-2009) in Ep. "2, 6, 11, 13; 4; 1, 4",

Yasuhiro Takato (as policeman Misawa) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in ep. "The Baron of the Night (2)", (as assistant director) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in ep. "Jinnai, the angel of death",

Tom Virtue (as investor) in "What About Brian" (2006-2007) in ep. "3", (as minister) in "Up All Night" (2011-) in ep. "11",

Titus Welliver (as Johnny Bauer) in "Matlock" (1986-1995) in Ep. "The Embezzlement", (as Sgt. Crispo) in "High Incident - The Cops of El Camino" (1996-1997),

Roy Werner (as Barry Randall) in "Veronica Mars" (2004-2007) in Ep. "A Wrong Dog", (as Charlie) in "Welcome, Mrs. President" (2005-2006) in Ep. "Disaster Alert",

Wayne Wilderson (as Dr. Claypool) in "Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme" (1994-2009) in Ep. "Alte Zeiten (15x19)", (as Prosecutor Paul Philip) in "Boston Legal" (2004-2008) in Ep. " 8th",

Doug Abrahams (as Sergeant Murphy) in "The Police Chief - Ice in the Blood" (1991-1995) in Ep. "5, 6 & 12",

Philip Akin (as Norton Drake) in "War of the Worlds" (1988-1990),

Tariq Alibai (as Ram Dass) in "The Little Princess Sara" (1985) [Synchro (1991)],

Daryl Anderson (as Ernie Delarosa) in "Hardcastle & McCormick" (1983-1986) in Ep. "Mutiny in Block A",

Cameron Arnett (as Ensign Mandel) in "Spaceship Enterprise - The Next Century" (1987-1994) [TV synchro] in Ep. "Catastrophe on the Enterprise",

Jake Arnette (as Mr. Friedrich) in "Veronica Mars" (2004-2007) in Ep. "Merry Christmas (1x10)",

Douglas Arthurs (as Baby Lyle) in "Viper" (1993-1999) in Ep. "7",

Rick Astor (as stage manager) in "Full House" (1987-1995) in Ep. "The great chance (3x06)",

Scott Atkinson (as Tim McDonald) in "Eine Himmlische Familie" (1996-2007) in Ep. "13",

David Attar (as Gordo) in "Legends of Chima" (2013-) in Ep. "3",

Jason M. Bailey (as auctioneer) in "Leverage" (2008-) in ep. "Nobility obliges",

Frazier Bain (as Tom) in "Shasta McNasty" (1999-2000) in Ep. "0",

Lance Bake
r (as Mark) in "Chicago Fire" (2012-) in Ep. "The Last Deployment (1x09)",

Naoki Bandou (as moderator) in "The Champions - kick-off for 11 friends" (1993-1994) in Ep. "56",

Linden Banks (as Joseph Patnik) in "The X-Files - The Scary Cases of the FBI" (1993-2002),

Jered Barclay (as Calvin Brennan) in "Bonanza" (1959-1973) in Ep. "Death at the Barber",

Eric Bauza
(as Gavin) in "The Looney Tunes Show" (2011-) in Ep. "6",

Oliver Becker (as Marshall Gage) in "King" (2011-) in Ep. "4",

Matthew Bennett (as Special Agent Casey) in "A Mountie in Chicago" (1994-1999) in Ep. "9",

Alan Berger
(as Danny) in "Die Schöne und das Biest" (1987-1990) in Ep. "An ferne Ufern (2x16)",

Gil Birmingham (as a shaman) in "Nip / Tuck - Beauty has its price" (2003-2010) in Ep. "20",

Ian Black
(as Parnell) in "MacGyver" (1985-1992) in Ep. "A visit from another star",

Steve Blalock (as Hood 1) in "MacGyver" (1985-1992) in Ep. "Das Assentat",

Sean Blodgett
(as Mr. Ingomar) in "Parenthood" (2010-) in Ep. "5",

Joe Bostick (as Todd) in "Degrassi" (2001-) in Ep. "11",

JR Bourne (as Kendrick) in "Der Sentinel - Im Auge des Jäger" (1996-1999) in Ep. "2",

Shane Bourne (as MacCadie) in "The Sullivans" (1976-1983) in Ep. "331, 332",

Kirk Bovill (as Brian Turner) in "Grey's Anatomy - The Young Doctors" (2005-) in Ep. "12",

Bruce Boxleitner (as Toby Hogue) in "Rauchende Colts" (1955-1975) in Ep. "The Lazy Farm",

John Bradley (I) (as Dr. Dean Campbell) in "University Hospital" (1995) in Ep. "4",

Craig Branham (as a skier) in "Mord ist ihr Hobby" (1984-1996) [2. Synchro (RTL 1990)] in ep. "5",

Jack Brewe
r (as Chief Petty Officer Mueller) in "JAG - On behalf of honor" (1995-2005) in Ep. "The Secret of Pearl Harbor",

Peter Briggs (as photographer) in "Kommissar Wallander" (2008-) in ep. "Midsummer murder",

Rod Britt (as George) in "Parks and Recreation" (2009-) in Ep. "New Men for Leslie",

Benjamin Brown (as Kagan) in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993-1999) in Ep. "Inquisition",

Jeff Burnett (as Paul Brickley) in "Viper" (1993-1999) in Ep. "21",

Christopher Burns (as host) in "Royal Pains" (2009-) in Ep. "15 & 16",

Don Burns (as Stage Manager) in "Leverage" (2008-) in Ep. "15",

Ty Burrell (as Big Jack) in "Doc McStuffins, Toy Doctor" (2011-) in Ep. "2",

Thomas Calabro (as Ada William Danner) in "Cold Case - No victim is ever forgotten" (2003-2010) in Ep. "20",

Bob Gentilly Jr. Campbell (as Bob Gentilly Jr. Campbell) in "Treme" (2010-2013) in Ep. "2",

Jeff Campbell
(as Roger Raitt - 1972) in "Cold Case - No victim is ever forgotten" (2003-2010) in Ep. "Guilt and Atonement (3x08)",

Matthew Campbell (as Doug Varley) in "Warehouse 13" (2009-) in Ep. "5",

Jim Cantafio (as Detective Lundberg) in "Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme" (1994-2009) in Ep. "Uncomfortable Truths (13x10)",

Geoffrey Cantor (as Sebastian Alta) in "Person of Interest" (2011-) in ep. "Lebensbedrohlich (2x07)",

John Cappon
(as paramedic) in "Grey's Anatomy - The Young Doctors" (2005-) in Ep. "18 & 19",

Timothy Carhart (as Georgie Harley) in "Spenser" (1985-1988) in Ep. "Homecoming forever",

Willie C. Carpenter (as Todd) in "Cosby" (1996-2000) in Ep. "19",

Paul Carr (as Davie) in "Lancer" (1968-1970) [2. Synchro] in ep. "3",

Mitch Carter
(as Richard Calder) in "L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozess" (1986-1994) in Ep. "Scolding for the Jury (4x01)",

Philip Casnoff (as Dr. Dan Litvak) in "Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme" (1994-2009) in Ep. "5",

Dan Castellaneta (as Stan) in "The Drew Carey Show" (1995-2004) in Ep. "20",

Paulo Castelli (as Felipe DÁvila) in "Playing with Fire" (1986-1987) [Synchro (1990/1991)],

John Cavell (as Sean) in "The Hitchhiker" (1983-1991),

Larry Cedar
(as Jal Tersa) in "Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager" (1995-2001) in Ep. "Alliances",

Mark Chaet (as Bank Manager) in "Prison Break" (2005-2009) in Ep. "19",

Clay Chamberlin (as The Cashier) in "Breakout Kings" (2011-) in Ep. "9",

John Davis Chandler
(as a prisoner) in "The Rookies" (1972–1976) [2. Synchro (2001)] in ep. "15",

Brian Patrick Clarke
(as Gene) in "One Tree Hill" (2003-2012) [Synchro (2007)] in Ep. "Some roads lead nowhere (7x12)",

Robert Clohessy (as Doug McEwen) in "Jake and McCabe - Through thick and thin" (1987-1992) in Ep. "94 & 95",

James Colby
(as Walter Ryder) in "Blue Bloods - Crime Scene New York" (2010-) in Ep. "3",

Neil Colin (as Dan Traxler) in "CSI - The perpetrators on the trail" (2000-) in Ep. "The apple does not rot far from the trunk",

Tony Colitti (as Dr. Hill) in "Dexter" (2006-2013) in Ep. "11",

Malcolm Collins (as Reverend Malcolm Collins) in "Treme" (2010-2013) in Ep. "5",

Mark Constable (as Adam Stephens) in "Pacific Drive" (1996-1997) in Ep. "10",

In it Cooper (as Sid Rutledge) in "Criminal Minds" (2005-) in Ep. "Meine Taube (4x02)",

Stephane Cornicard (as Fabian Eberhart) in "The Paradise - House of Dreams" (2012-) in Ep. "4",

Rodolfo Corsato (as Bastiano) in "Die Kreuzritter" (2001),

Ritchie Coster (as Flannagan) in "New York Undercover" (1994-1998) in Ep. "12",

Steve Coulter
(as Elijah Bowman) in Banshee: Small Town. Big Secrets. (2013-) in ep. "2, 5, 7 & 8",

Robert Craighead
(as Wally Wisniewski) in "Rizzoli & Isles" (2010-) in Ep. "Eiszeit (3x01)",

James Crittenden
(as Bobby Lee) in "Charlie's Angels" (1976-1981) in Ep. "The angels are loose on the highway",

Josh Cruze (as Roberto the Cook) in "Monk" (2002-2009) [2. Synchro] in Ep. "Mr. Monk in Las Vegas (3x14)",

Steve Cumyn
(as McAllister) in "Breakout Kings" (2011-) in Ep. "Like father, like son (1x06)",

Antonio Cupo (as Whitman Van Ness) in "Supernatural" (2005-) in Ep. "19",

Bryan Da Silva (as Felipe Ortega) in "Hawaii 5-0" (1968-1980) in Ep. "The Daughters of the Devil",

Michael Damian (as Danny Romalotti) in "Shadows of Passion" (1973-) in Ep. "160 episodes",

Lane Davies
(as Dr. Hendrie) in "Just Shoot Me - Redaktion durchgeknipst" (1997-2003) in Ep. "Frauenwitz",

Herbert Dean (as Robert Cornthwaite) in "Perry Mason" (1957-1966) in Ep. "The Case with the Uncomfortable Shareholder (1x03)",

John DiResta (as Steve) in "Up All Night" (2011-) in Ep. "9",

Jesse Dizon (as a medic) in "Gnadenlose Jagd" (1984-1991) in Ep. "Always one step ahead (1x09)",

Michael Dobson (as Dr. Thornhill) in "Max Steel" (2013-) in Ep. "7 & 21",

Roger Doche
(as First Officer) in "Warehouse 13" (2009-) in Ep. "2",

Mark Docherty
(as news anchor # 1) in "Supernatural" (2005-) in Ep. "6",

Ransford Doherty (as Eagle One) in "JAG - On behalf of honor" (1995-2005) in Ep. "The Bridge of Kang So Ri",

Geoff Dolan (as Koragg - The Knight) in "Power Rangers Mystic Force" (2006),

Sean Donnellan (as Hank) in "Parenthood" (2010-) in Ep. "5",

Robert Donner (as Ned Collins) in "The Rookies" (1972–1976) [2. Synchro (2001)] in ep. "5",

Robin Atkin Downes
(as Lachlan McDermott) in "Criminal Minds" (2005-) in Ep. "1",

Michael Eklund
(as Will) in "Smallville" (2001-2011) in Ep. "8",

Geoffrey Elliot (as Justin Dial) in "The Crazy Police Station" (1986),

Greg Ellis
(as Cavalier) in "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" (2008-2011),

Michael Emanuel (as Homer Grant) in "Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme" (1994-2009) in Ep. "Ganz unten (14x04)",

Roger Emrich
(as announcer) in "Dallas" (2012-) in Ep. "Southfork is mine!",

Martin Evans (as Major Domo) in "The X-Files - The Scary Cases of the FBI" (1993-2002),

Thomas F. Evans
(as Pretzel Vendor) in "Das Büro" (2005-2013) in Ep. "5",

Greg Evigan (as Bronski) in "The Finder" (2011-) in Ep. "Kugel (1x02)",

Patrick Fabian
(as Eric Cooke) in "Timecop" (1997) in Ep. "9",

Mel Fair (as White House Reporter) in "Scandal" (2012-) in Ep. "15",

Daniel Faraldo (as Jorge) in "The Beauty and the Beast" (1987-1990) in Ep. "Def Ruf des Herzens (3x06)",

Ken Farrell (as Ken Farrell) in "American Hot Rod" (2004-2008) in Ep. "10",

Kevin Farrell (as John Pax) in "Ally McBeal" (1997-2002) in Ep. "Young Vegetables",

Wayne Federman (as teacher of Ricki) in "L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozess" (1986-1994) in Ep. "Face Slap on the Phone (6x07)",

Alex Fernandez (as Roy Vickers) in "Dallas" (2012-) in Ep. "4",

David Ferry (as Lloyd Wishman) in "The Storm of the Century" (1999),

Glenn Fields (as Glenn Fields) in "Treme" (2010-2013) in Ep. "6",

Peter Finlay
(as Ron) in "The Sullivans" (1976-1983) in Ep. "281, 282",

Brian T. Finney (as John) in "Reno 911!" (2003-2009),

Don Fischer (as Matthew Stratford) in "CSI: NY" (2004-) in Ep. "Maskenball (7x16)",

Patrick Fischler (as Russell Marchant) in "Veronica Mars" (2004-2007) in Ep. "The cat does not let mice",

Marty Fortney (as Bobby Joe Falwell) in "Diagnose: Mord" (1993-2001) in Ep. "11",

Dan Foster (V) (as Ken) in "Two and a Half Men" (2003-) in ep. "Sturdy, compulsive and inflexible (1x01)",

Tracy Fraim
(as Andrew Mendel) in "Dark Skies - Tödliche Threathung" (1996-1997) in Ep. "9",

Carl Franklin (as Captain Crane) in "Das A-Team" (1983-1987),

Gregory Franklin
(as announcer) in "Samantha Who?" (2007-2009) in ep. "The dance competition (2x01)",

Tommy Franklin (as Mad Driver) in "Rizzoli & Isles" (2010-) in ep. "Blood ties (1x09)",

Rob Freeman
(as Coach Quigley) in "Smallville" (2001-2011) in Ep. "3, 4 & 7",

Bos Freerk
(as a detective) in "2012 - The Year Zero" (2009-2010) in Ep. "7 & 8",

Jamie Friday
(as prison guard) in "Prison Break" (2005-2009) in Ep. "Is Lincoln Lying?",

Andrew Friedman (as Charlie's uncle) in "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia" (2005-) in Ep. "7",

Yuuji Fujishiro (as Mr. Kubota) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in Ep. "The Punishment of Heaven",

Tommy Fujiwara (as Luis Kimura) in "Hawaii 5-0" (1968-1980) in Ep. "A splendid trio",

Robert Fulton (as landlord) in "Flashpoint - Das Spezialkommando" (2008-) in Ep. "1",

Dominic Fumusa
(as Peter St. James) in "Bones - The Bone Hunter" (2005-) in Ep. "The Woman in the Pond (1x01)",

Tôru Furusawa (as Kazuo Sakihara) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in Ep. "160 Unequal Sisters (1)",

Mo Gallini (as Tony Enzo) in "The District - Einsatz in Washington" (2000-2004) in Ep. "8",

Paul Ganus (as Assistant S.A.I.C. Tanner) in "Perception" (2012-) in Ep. "3 & 10",

Eduardo Antonio Garcia (as Mariano Molina) in "The X-Files - The Scary Cases of the FBI" (1993-2002),

Rick Garcia (as Augusto King) in "Tales from the Crypt" (1989-1996) in Ep. "The Cage of Death",

Spencer Garrett (as Mark Vector) in "Leverage" (2008-) in Ep. "Nachts im Museum & Böses Erwachen",

Willie Gault
(as agent Michael Madison) in "The West Wing" (1999-2006) in Ep. "Das Assentat Part 1",

Sam Gaylyn (as Valcon) in "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive" (2007),

Christopher Gehrman
(as Court Clerk) in "Vegas" (2012-) in Ep. "19",

Jerry Yellow (as Ken) in "Strong Medicine: Two Doctors Like Fire and Ice" (2000-2006) in Ep. "18; 16",

Marcus Giamatti (as Scotty Garrity) in "Vegas" (2012-) in Ep. "3",

Sean Goodearl
(as bartender) in "Leverage" (2008-) in Ep. "Vergeigt",

Jason Gosbee (as Mr. Howard) in "Alphas" (2011-) in Ep. "5",

Charles Taylor Gould
(as Harbor Cop) in "Grimm" (2011-) in Ep. "1",

Michael Gould (as a pathologist) in "Ashes to Ashes - Back to the 80s" (2008-2010) in Ep. "Death in the Strip Club",

David Graf
(as Burt Swanson) in "Hardcastle & McCormick" (1983-1986) in Ep. "Highway of Death - Part 1 & 2",

Chris Graham
(as Leanbow) in "Power Rangers Mystic Force" (2006),

Javier Grajeda (as Louis Vega) in "Crossing Jordan - Pathologist with Profile" (2001-2007) in Ep. "Out of Balance (1x12)",

Barry Grant (as Barry Grant) in "American Hot Rod" (2004-2008) in Ep. "7",

Marc Grapey (as Lawson) in "Turks" (1999) in Ep. "2",

Colin K. Gray (as Lieutenant Teese) in "JAG - On behalf of honor" (1995-2005) in Ep. "Code Red",

Philip Grayson
(as Lt. Marshall Bennett) in "Hawaii 5-0" (1968-1980) in Ep. "Who killed your brother",

Wayne Grayson (as Bobby) in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (2003-2010) in Ep. "The Golden Puck",

Dan Green
(as a doctor on TV) in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (2003-2010) in Ep. "The Secret Laboratory, Part 1",

David Grieco (as Thorn) in "Monk" (2002-2009) [2. Synchro] in Ep. "Mr. Monk shoots Santa Claus (6x10)",

Jon Gries
(as Hands Callahan) in "Cagney & Lacey" (1982-1988) in Ep. "Rassenprobleme",

Frank Griffin
(as Constable Dignum) in "Sergeant Preston" (1955-1957) in Ep. "2",

Nicholas Guest (as a question) in "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" (2008-2011),

Francis Guinan
(as Sam Berwick) in "Der Klient" (1995-1996) in Ep. "3",

Armando Guzman
(as Rafael Gaitan) in "The Lady with the Colt" (1985-1986) in Ep. "3",

Ron Hagerthy
(as Billy Johnson) in "Bonanza" (1959-1973) in Ep. "The day will come, Marks",

Michael Hagerty (as Tim Goodman) in "CSI: NY" (2004-) in Ep. "At the moment of death (1x01)",

Michael Hagiwara (as Steve Sakabu) in "Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme" (1994-2009) in Ep. "A shot in the dark (11x08)",

Peter Hall (as Regan) in "Danger Bay" (1984-1990) in Ep. "6",

Stacy Hall (as security guard) in "Prison Break" (2005-2009) in Ep. "20",

Jess Harnell
(as game show host) in "The Looney Tunes Show" (2011-) in Ep. "Best Friends",

Julian Harries
(as Duff Cooper) in "The Spies of Warsaw" (2013) in Ep. "1 & 2",

Basil Harris
(as Heathrow Security Guard) in "Leverage" (2008-) in Ep. "Nobility obliges",

Stephen Hornyak
(as Detective Laibson) in "Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme" (1994-2009) in Ep. "Teuflische Sucht (4x12)",

John Hudson
(as Tom Wyatt) in "Perry Mason" (1957-1966) in Ep. "14",

Brent Huff (as Officer Doug Vogel) in "Diagnosis: Murder" (1993-2001) in Ep. "1",

Hamish Hughes
(as Jim) in "The Sullivans" (1976-1983) in Ep. "163, 174-178",

Daniel Hyde
(as foreman) in "Doctor Who" (2005-) in Ep. "The Snowmen",

Gary Imhoff
(as referee) in "Monk" (2002-2009) [2. Synchro] in ep. "3",

Takayuki Inoue
(as Kriminalbeamter 2) in "Detektiv Conan" (1996-) in Ep. "157 When Calling Murder (2)",

Michael Irving
(as Jack Armetage) in "Drei Engel für Charlie" (1976-1981) in Ep. "Drei Engel auf See",

Tom Irwin (as Rob) in "Eine Himmlische Familie" (1996-2007) in Ep. "8",

Kazuyuki Ishikawa
(as a friend of Kogoro) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in Ep. "Kogoros Rendezvous",

Unshô Ishizuka (as Werner Locksmith) in "Planetes" (2003-2004),

Alex Ivanovici
(as Lorenzo de Medici) in "Assassin's Creed: Lineage" (2009),

Kevin Jackson (as homeless) in "Awake" (2012-) in Ep. "3",

Peter Marc Jacobson
(as Wayne Drummond) in "Matlock" (1986-1995) in Ep. "A Strange Observation",

Brion James
(as Parasite / Rudy Jones) in "Superman" (1996-2000) in Ep. "The Parasite, two is one too many & double energy",

Creighton James
(as Alexander Lavich) in "Scandal" (2012-) in Ep. "4",

Levi James (as Derek) in "Immortal - Der Unsterbliche" (2000) in Ep. "13",

Neville Jason
(as Rutherford) in "Der Aufpasser" (1997) in Ep. "56",

Dal Jenkins
(as Vester Benson) in "The Rookies" (1972–1976) [2. Synchro (2001)] in ep. "4",

Michael Jenn
(as Dr. Lewis) in "The White Queen" (2013-) in Ep. "8-10",

Carsten Jess
(as forensic technician) in "Irene Huss - Kripo Göteborg" (2007-) in Ep. "The tattooed torso",

Brontis Jodorowsky
(as Landis) in "Largo Winch - Dangerous Legacy" (2001-2003) in Ep. "19",

Suresh John
(as Gamal) in "Degrassi" (2001-) in Ep. "14, 20 & 23",

Geordie Johnson
(as Tristan Catchpole) in "Starhunter" (2003-2004) in Ep. "Die Gefangene, In Hyperspace 1 & 2",

Robert J. Johnson
(as sheriff) in "Dallas" (2012-) in Ep. "13",

Dion Johnston (as Warrick Trevor) in "Stargate Kommando SG-1" (1997-2007) in Ep. "18",

John Dennis Johnston
(as Peter Fargo) in "Mord ist ihr Hobby" (1984-1996) [2. Synchro (RTL 1990)] in ep. "15",

Asante Jones (as African American Detective) in "Monk" (2002-2009) [2. Synchro] in Ep. "Mr. Monk and the secret of a marriage (4x12)",

Doug Jones (as Cochise) in "Falling Skies" (2011-) in Ep. "1, 2, 4, 7-10",

Stephen Jordan (as James Dolan) in "Criminal Minds" (2005-) in Ep. "2",

Tom Jourden
(as lawyer Tom Cooperman) in "Practice - The Lawyers" (1997-2004) in Ep. "10",

John Kapelos
(as Angus Cook) in "Dead Like Me" (2003-2004) in Ep. "Recipes of a Dead",

Jay Karnes
(as Simon Prune) in "Ally McBeal" (1997-2002) in Ep. "Short and painful (3x16)",

Daniel Kash
(II) (as a fireman) in "Heroes" (2006-2010) in ep. "Ink",

Richard Keats (as doctor) in "Smallville" (2001-2011) in Ep. "19; 2",

Stephen Keep Mills (as Ted Watson) in "Spenser" (1985-1988) in Ep. "Many questions - few answers",

William Hubbard Knight
(as Lt. Perkins) in "Mord ist ihr Hobby" (1984-1996) [2. Synchro (RTL 1990)] in ep. "Friends in need",

Claude Knowlton (as a waiter) in "Scandal" (2012-) in Ep. "5",

Frank Kopyc
(as John Driscoll) in "Grey's Anatomy - The Young Doctors" (2005-) in Ep. "13",

Mitchell Kosterman (as Det. Horton) in "The X-Files - The Scary Cases of the FBI" (1993-2002),

Robert LaSardo
(as Luca) in "Criminal Minds: Team Red" (2011-) in Ep. "View into the Abyss (1x11)",

Jim Lau
(as Meredith's other Examiner) in "Grey's Anatomy - Die Junge Ärzte" (2005-) in Ep. "21 & 22",

Dennis LaValle
(as Anthony Rango) in "Criminal Minds" (2005-) in Ep. "18",

Loren Lazerine
(as security guard George) in "Navy CIS" (2003-) in Ep. "When the dead speak",

Cedric Leake
(as Dragon Face) in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (2003-2010) in Ep. "Permit - Casey Jones & Cake for Casey",

Damien Leake (as Det. Marlin) in "Prison Break" (2005-2009) in Ep. "23",

James Lee
(as Master Kim) in "Again with Feeling" (1999-2002) in Ep. "19",

Sam Lerner (as Patrick) in "Malcolm in the Middle" (2000-2006),

Loren Lester
(as a doctor) in "Heroes" (2006-2010) in Ep. "The Second Coming",

Barry W. Levy (as Secret Service Agent) in "Scandal" (2012-) in Ep. "8",

Lou Liberatore
(as Chuck) in "Stories from San Francisco" (1993) in Ep. "2",

Richard lineback (as Romas) in "Spaceship Enterprise - The Next Century" (1987-1994) [TV synchro] in Ep. "The Epidemic",

Ron Lombard
(as Belding) in "Drei Engel für Charlie" (1976-1981) in Ep. "Rosemary",

Mitch Longley (as Mitch Sassen) in "Las Vegas" (2003-2008),

Terry Loughlin
(as Doctor) in "One Tree Hill" (2003-2012) [Synchro (2007)] in Ep. "1",

Victor Love
(as Larry Edwards) in "L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Studien" (1986-1994) in Ep. "Rambowitz, the secret killer (5x09)",

Syrus Lowe (as an employee of the minister) in "Sherlock" (2010-) in Ep. "A case of Pink",

Randy Lowell (as Dr. Dan Shine) in "Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme" (1994-2009) in Ep. "A terrible mistake (10x01)",

Geoffrey Lower
(as Terry Landis) in "Matlock" (1986-1995) in Ep. "The mysterious emergency exit",

Tony Lucken
(as Constable Ryan Barlow) in "Silent Witness" (1996-2013) in Ep. "Verschollen",

Travers Mackel (as TV Reporter # 2) in "Treme" (2010-2013) in Ep. "7",

Dean Mackenzie (as a technician) in "The X-Files - The Scary Cases of the FBI" (1993-2002),

Neil Maffin (as Lonnie Johnson) in "The Lady with the Colt" (1985-1986) in Ep. "13",

Tony Maggio (as Tom Clayton) in "Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme" (1994-2009) in Ep. "Suspended (3x13)",

Michael Magnusen
(as ambulance driver # 1) in "Drei Engel für Charlie" (1976-1981) in Ep. "An angel is in mortal danger",

Albert Malafronte
(as Congressman) in "Monk" (2002-2009) [2. Synchro] in Ep. "Mr. Monk and the extraterrestrial alibi (4x14)",

Tommy Malone (as Tommy Malone) in "Treme" (2010-2013) in Ep. "1",

Morgan H. Margolis (as a Vaskan visitor) in "Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager" (1995-2001) in Ep. "Der Zeitzeug",

Michael Marich (as Nick Keefer) in "Diagnose: Mord" (1993-2001) in Ep. "8",

P.J. Marino
(as Nick Jones) in "Without a Trace" (2002-2009) in Ep. "In Schutt und Asche (2x08)",

Stefan Marks (as Chairperson) in "Workaholics" (2011-) in Ep. "5",

Neal Matarazzo (as detective) in "Medium - Nothing remains hidden" (2005-2011) in ep. "16",

Marcus M. Mauldin (as Wesley) in "Fackeln im Sturm" (1985/1986/1994) in Ep. "2",

Brad Maule
(as bartender) in "Drei Engel für Charlie" (1976-1981) in Ep. "After a call to murder",

James McBride
(as Corp. Pasternak) in "JAG - On behalf of honor" (1995-2005) in Ep. "20",

Michael McCafferty (as Adam Mossback) in "Six Feet Under" (2001-2005) in Ep. "Mr. Mossback's return",

Victor McCay
(as Billy) in "Monk" (2002-2009) [2. Synchro] in Ep. "Mr. Monk and Sharona's visit from the beyond (3x06)",

Leigh McCloskey (as Dr. Zack Kelton) in "California Clan" (1984-1993) in Ep. "960-1200",

Bill McCluskey
(as Pete) in "The Sullivans" (1976-1983) in Ep. "848, 849, 850",

Andy McCone
(as Mr. Conrad) in "Leverage" (2008-) in Ep. "The Experiment",

Paul McCrane
(as Crocker) in "Der Equalizer" (1985-1989) in Ep. "Stummer Schrei (4x12)",

Dylan McDermott
(as George Gatlin) in "Tales from the Crypt" (1989-1996) in Ep. "Tödlicher Denkbie",

James McDonnell
(as Packard Manning) in "Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme" (1994-2009) in Ep. "In den Todtrieb (3x11)",

Dwight McFee
(as sheriff) in "Warehouse 13" (2009-) in Ep. "8",

Boris McGiver (as Patrick) in "30 Rock" (2006-) in Ep. "The Battle of the Irish",

Michael McGrady
(as coach) in "Picket Fences - Tatort Gartenzaun" (1992-1996) in the episode "Witch Hunt (2x15)",

Christian McKenna (as a man with ALS) in "Suits" (2011-) in Ep. "Dirty Little Secrets (1x04)",

Russell B. McKenzie
(as Property Clerk) in "Monk" (2002-2009) [2. Synchro] in Ep. "Mr. Monk incriminates a misjudgment (6x08)",

Skye McKenzie
(as Tab Vaughn / Richard Frost) in "Diagnose: Mord" (1993-2001) in Ep. "10",

Don McManus (as Greg Summerhays) in "The West Wing" (1999-2006) in Ep. "Zwei Kathedralen",

Sam McMurray (as Moe Highler) in "The Model and the Sniffer" (1985-1989) in Ep. "Danger from Blond (3x11)",

Scott McNeil
(as Lane Cassidy) in "Der Sentinel - Im Auge des Jäger" (1996-1999) in Ep. "20",

Joseph Meissner
(as Bar Mitzvah Dad) in "Treme" (2010-2013) in Ep. "10",

Doug Merrill (as Robert Bull) in "The Phantom of Desires" (1997) in Ep. "1, 4 & 7",

Rolando Millet (as Officer McGlashan) in "Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme" (1994-2009) in Ep. "Between the Chairs (11x13)",

Steve Millichamp (as Little Ali) in "The Sullivans" (1976-1983) in Ep. "72, 75",

Chris Milne (as Billy Osborne) in "The Sullivans" (1976-1983) in Ep. "375-387",

Duncan Minett
(as Steven Shoemaker) in "Supernatural" (2005-) in Ep. "5",

Richard Molinare (as a taxi driver) in "Mord ist Ihr Hobby" (1984-1996) [2. Synchro (RTL 1990)] in ep. "19",

Lawrence Monoson (as Jerry Ashworth) in "Chicago Hope" (1994-2000) in Ep. "9",

Francois Montagut
(as Hugo) in "Adventure in the Caribbean" (1992-1993) in Ep. "Go under or swim!",

Danny Mora
(as Enrique Cruz) in "Police Story" (1973-1977) in Ep. "2",

Tom Morello
(as Crewman Mitchell) in "Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager" (1995-2001) in Ep. "The Good Shepherd",

Luis Moreno (as Detective Ginsberg) in "Person of Interest" (2011-) in Ep. "18",

Mark Morettini
(as C.O. Rizzo Green) in "Prison Break" (2005-2009),

Scott Michael Morgan
(as Albert Durr) in "Vegas" (2012-) in Ep. "4",

Jacques Morial
(as Jacques Morial) in "Treme" (2010-2013) in Ep. "3",

Grinnell Morris
(as Prof. Armstrong) in "What's up with Alex Mack?" (1994-1998) in ep. "Last Minute Victory",

Phil Morris (as Cpt. Max Engler) in "JAG - On behalf of honor" (1995-2005) in ep. "15",

Jeffrey Morrow
(as jury speaker) in "Boston Legal" (2004-2008) in Ep. "In the Heat of the Battle",

Glenn Morshower
(as Ensign Burke) in "Spaceship Enterprise - The Next Century" (1987-1994) [TV synchro] in ep. "2x21",

Scott Mosenson (as Thatcher) in "Without a Trace" (2002-2009),

Harry Moses (as Jeff) in "Beauty and the Beast" (1987-1990) in Ep. "The Night of the Masks (1x05)",

Mark Moses (as Robin Westlin) in "Diagnose: Mord" (1993-2001) in Ep. "Where is the corpse",

John Novak (as PR Officer) in "MacGyver" (1985-1992) in Ep. "Danger from Space",

Steven Novak (as Roy Temple) in "Murder is Her Hobby" (1984-1996) [2. Synchro (RTL 1990)] in ep. "19",

Miguel A. Nuñez Jr.
(as Rickey) in "Thea" (1993-1994) in Ep. "4, 8, 10, 12",

John OBrien
(as waiter) in "Ally McBeal" (1997-2002) in Ep. "Ring frei (4x22)",

Myles OBrien (as a police officer) in "Mord ist Ihr Hobby" (1984-1996) [2. Synchro (RTL 1990)] in ep. "17",

Tom OBrien
(as Kellogg) in "Dark Skies - Tödliche Threathung" (1996-1997) in Ep. "13",

John OConnell (as Arnold's lawyer) in "Quincy" (1976-1983) [2. Synchro (RTL) [1992]] in ep. "2",

Stuart OConnell (as man 2) in "Jeremiah - Krieger des Donners" (2002-2004) in Ep. "11",

P.J. OConnor
(as Foreman) in "Boston Legal" (2004-2008) in Ep. "Dicke Luft",

Patrick OConnor (as Dr. Rod Parker) in "Rizzoli & Isles" (2010-) in Ep. "Liebeswahn (3x07)",

George OHanlon Jr.
. (as Sgt. Rafferty) in "Jake and McCabe - Through thick and thin" (1987-1992) in Ep. "54, 56, 57, 58 & 65",

Evan OMeara
(as a policeman) in "Ally McBeal" (1997-2002) in Ep. "The Land of Smiles (1x14)",

Brian Oblak
(as FBI Agent Walsh) in "CSI: NY" (2004-) in Ep. "Radiated (5x10) & Tiefer Fall (5x21)",

John Oliver (as Rolston) in "The X-Files - The Scary Cases of the FBI" (1993-2002),

Timothy Omundson
(as Jeremy Saddler) in "Nip / Tuck - Beauty Has Its Price" (2003-2010) in Ep. "Mrs. Grubman (2x04)",

John Orcsik
(as Detective Stan) in "Stephen King's Nightmares" (2006) in Ep. "In the Wrong World",

Peter Outerbridge
(as Officer Jeff Hartley) in "The Police Chief - Ice in the Blood" (1991-1995) in Ep. "5, 10 & 14",

Frederich B. Owens
(as Foot Tech Ninja) in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (2003-2010) in Ep. "The Art of Invisibility",

David Palffy
(as Jules Vandeveer) in "Viper" (1993-1999) in Ep. "20",

Jonathan Palmer (as a surgeon) in "The Event" (2010-2011) in Ep. "We or She",

Jimmy Palumbo (as a detective) in "Person of Interest" (2011-) in Ep. "Time of the Moles (1x15)",

Stuart Pankin (as Morgan) in "Stingray" (1986-1987) in Ep. "8",

David Pasquesi
(as Dr. Ian Flanigan) in "The Mob Doctor" (2012-),

Neil Patil (as room service - waiter) in "Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme" (1994-2009) in Ep. "I am as I am (11x14)",

Michael Patten
(as Richard Berna) in "Grimm" (2011-) in Ep. "10",

Benjamin Patterson
(as Paul Adams) in "Shark" (2006-2008) in Ep. "City in Flames (2x09)",

Mark Pawson
(as Allen House Demon) in "Supernatural" (2005-) in Ep. "17",

Charles Payne
(as Ray) in "21 Jump Street - Tatort Classroom" (1987-1991) in Ep. "21 Jump Street",

David Pearson
(as Doc) in "Immortal - Der Unsterbliche" (2000) in Ep. "4",

Jesse Pearson
(as Ed Horne) in "Bonanza" (1959-1973) in Ep. "A stubborn woman",

Anthony Pena
(as Hector Lopez) in "MacGyver" (1985-1992) in Ep. "Truth lies in wine",

Pete Penuel
(as James Bailey) in "Burn Notice" (2007-) in Ep. "9",

Robert Pescovitz
(as sergeant) in "The Denver Clan" (1981-1989) in Ep. "The End of a Dynasty (9x22)",

Jim Piddock (as Matthew Taylor) in "Up All Night" (2011-) in Ep. "4",

Jack Pierce (as a police officer) in "Silent Witness" (1996-2013) in Ep. "Without Scruples",

Drew Pillsbury (as Dennis Lamont) in "Matlock" (1986-1995) in Ep. "A dangerous coup",

Robert Pine
(as a link) in "Smoking Colts" (1955-1975) in Ep. "Jesse the Cook",

John Pirruccello (as Security Agent) in "Up All Night" (2011-) in Ep. "16",

Tristan Poje
(as a teacher) in "Veronica Mars" (2004-2007) in ep. "Blindes trust (1x09)",

Matthew Pontell
(as a bone transplant patient) in "Bones - Die Kniejägerin" (2005-) in ep. "20",

Matthew Posey
(as a man at the concrete drill) in "Dallas" (2012-) in Ep. "The Sons of the Ewings",

Gerard Prendergast
(as Björn Benson) in "Spaceship Enterprise - The Next Century" (1987-1994) [TV-Synchro] in Ep. "A planet defends itself",

John Pyper-Ferguson
(as a husband) in "CSI - On the trail of the perpetrators" (2000-) in Ep. "A strong team",

David Quane
(as Chief Basilio) in "JAG - On behalf of honor" (1995-2005) in Ep. "16",

Daniel Quinn (as Lt. Jack Sheaffer) in "The X-Files - The Scary FBI Cases" (1993-2002),

Charles Rahi Chun (as Mitch Pellington) in "Law & Order: Los Angeles" (2010-) in Ep. "9",

Tim Ransomware (as Kent) in "Practice - The Lawyers" (1997-2004) in Ep. "2",

Rick Ravanello (as John Adamson) in "Bones" (2005-) in Ep. "The boy in the time capsule (3x07)",

Rob Riggle
(as Mitch) in "Gary Unmarried" (2008-2009),

Matt Servitto
(as Soren) in "Blue Bloods - Crime Scene New York" (2010-) in Ep. "13",

Philip Shahbaz (as doctor) in "Eleventh Hour - Last Second" (2008-2009) in Ep. "Titans (1x08)",

Ramon Shalit (as Peter Dante) in "The Pleasure Zone" (1999) in Ep. "13",

Sid Sham (as Sid Keyes) in "Lands End - A hot team for Mexico" (1995) in Ep. "20",

Paul Shearer
(as King Henry VIII.) in "Doctor Who" (2005-) in Ep. "Thrown together",

David Sherrill (as Lancer) in "21 Jump Street - Tatort Classroom" (1987-1991) in Ep. "Out of Control",

Todd Sherry
(as Maurice) in "Castle" (2009-) in Ep. "22",

Kent Shocknek
(as News Reporter) in "Criminal Minds" (2005-) in Ep. "21",

Craig Shoemaker (as TV interviewer) in "Matlock" (1986-1995) in Ep. "21",

Jon Sidney
(as secret service officer) in "The Sullivans" (1976-1983) in Ep. "490-494",

Michael B. Silver
(as lawyer Elliott Russell) in "Eli Stone" (2008-2009) in Ep. "Lonely Hearts",

Victor Simon
(as Bailiff) in "Dallas" (2012-) in Ep. "5 & 6",

Matt Skerritt
(as Mr. Seismo, lawyer) in "Of all Alaska" (1990-1995) in Ep. "10",

David Slingsby (as Jim Corrigan) in "Special Squad" (1984-1985) in Ep. "4",

Peter Spears
(as Harris) in "Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme" (1994-2009) in Ep. "Babyboom (2x15)",

Daniel Nathan Spector
(as Barry's lawyer) in "Ally McBeal" (1997-2002) in Ep. "Viva la Diva",

Jonathan Spencer
(as Bill) in "Gilmore Girls" (2000-2007) in Ep. "17",

Gregory Sporlede
r (as Jeffrey Gibbs) in "Memphis Beat" (2010-2011) in Ep. "2",

Timothy Stack
(as Oscar) in "Hello Sister!" (1991-1994) in Ep. "13",

Lewis J. Stadlen
(as Ralph Masius) in "Smash" (2012-2013) in Ep. "2, 6, 7",

William Stevens (as Ned Price) in "FBI" (1965-1974) in Ep. "1",

Bill Stevenson
(as Office Worker) in "Prison Break" (2005-2009) in Ep. "18",

Douglas Stevenson
(as a gas station attendant) in "Mord ist Ihr Hobby" (1984-1996) [2. Synchro (RTL 1990)] in ep. "7",

J. Douglas Stewart (as Jeffrey Duke) in "Psych" (2006-) in Ep. "6",

Mark Allan Stewart (as blackjack dealer) in "Vegas" (2012-) in Ep. "2",

Christopher Stollery
(as Johnno Johnson) in "The Flying Doctors" (1985-1994),

Mike Stone
(as Bill Starr) in "CSI: Miami" (2002-2012) in Ep. "Who has Natalia's sister? (5x08)",

Jo Stone-Fewings
(as Jeremy) in "Misfits" (2009-) in Ep. "The Thunderstorm & the Effects of Thunderstorms",

Howard Storey (as Sergeant Watson) in "Danger Bay" (1984-1990) in Ep. "4",

John Storey
(as Robert) in "Parks and Recreation" (2009-) in Ep. "4",

Adam Storke
(as Daniel Rammel) in "L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozess" (1986-1994) in Ep. "Sell me your kidney (5x07)",

Mark Strickson
(as Swan) in "Der Aufpasser" (1997) in Ep. "95",

Junichi Sugawara (as stadium supervisor) in "Detective Conan" (1996-) in Ep. "140 shots in the stadium (1)",

Glen Suitor
(as Glen Suitor) in "The Listener - Hellhörig" (2009-) in Ep. "The Stranger on the Train (3x09)",

Frank Tahoe
(as Quadra Org) in "Power Rangers Wild Force" (2002) in Ep. "16",

Mak Takano
(as Jonathan) in "Twin Peaks" (1990-1991) in Ep. "Laura's secret diary (2x04)",

Sanjay Talwar