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clockable eurorack lfo

Bernie wrote:

I naively assumed that you can sync the Doepfer, because that should actually be a standard, but the LFO is useless for me.

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default? hardly, at most maybe with digital lfos.
maybe we're just talking past each other here?

the doepfer is a classic analog lfo and, like many but not all analog lfos, has a 'reset' input. with this you can do what vco calls "hard sync": the clock signal simply resets the oscillation to zero and starts oscillating again from there. that is of course a form of synchronization, but it drastically changes the waveform, the phase of which is aborted and restarted with every clock pulse.

what i'm looking for are lfos, which, like the ones listed above, synchronize their own frequency to an incoming clock signal, so they don't just abort the phase, but adapt their length to that of the clock. I assume that these will usually be digital oscillators, although it might also be possible to do it with some analog pll circuit, I don't know my way around ...