How to make verday patina

How to make a patina

Prepare from the base first. When the piece is out Wood is sand the surface towards the grain, remove the dust and cover with 2 layers white latex so that you can dry very well between coats. When working on Fibrifacil, the only thing you should do is remove the powder with a cloth and seal it with 2 layers of white latex

Then white latex with a prize ultramarine blue acrylic mix and even with Apply pinceleta . Let it dry Add a little to the ultramarine acrylics and the blue night Glaze added. Use one Bristle brush for each color and apply them by sectors in irregular stripes, alternating one tone and another so that the colors are well defined and do not mix with each other.

Without letting it dry, peel off the paint with that Steel sponge always in the same direction. The sponge on its way will remove paint and create a scratched effect. As soon as the work is dry, apply 3 coats Water-based varnish protect .

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