How to enable Darksiders 2 Nightmare Mode

How to Level Up in Darksiders 3

How to Level Up in Darksiders 3. If you're as much a fan of Darksiders 3 as we are, you'll know that rising protagonist Fury requires souls who, like in Souls, are the bargaining chip. Every time you defeat an opponent, you get a soul. A counter will appear on the screen to keep you informed of the amount accumulated. You can also get them by breaking things like Lurcher Crystals. We tell you about it here.

How to Level Up in Darksiders 3

Lurcher crystals are made up of many souls that are created when crystals break. Since this item is not for sale, collect it whenever you can.

After that, all you have to do is do it Access your inventoryGo to the Crystals section and press the appropriate button to break them all. Try to destroy them before visiting the soul trader Vulgrim, because if you die in battle you will lose all the loot. The crystals are of different types and each contains a different number of souls.

The Luminous visas They are also important because they allow you to gain experience points. Light visas are spread throughout the game, but can also be obtained by defeating bosses.

Vulgrim is the merchant and eater of the soul. The more you bring him, the more points you get for it. The latter are very important in increasing the properties of anger: health, strength, and arcane.

When you have decided on an attribute to improve, select it in your inventory and confirm the update process. When you do this, the bar will show you the number of souls you will need to advance to the next level. Every time you ascend, the number of souls required is greater.