Whatsapp after profile picture out of focus

WhatsApp profile picture blurred and pixelated

Why is a WhatsApp profile picture only blurred and blurred? What is the cause if a profile picture in WhatsApp is pixelated and displayed very blurred? One or the other WhatsApp user may have noticed it himself, you want to display a profile picture of one of your friends or contacts and the profile photo is then only displayed very blurred. In addition to us, one or the other question will certainly arise, why is that and how can I have the profile picture displayed in a sharp and good quality?

WhatsApp profile picture appears blurry and blurry

At the beginning, some users might ask themselves, was I blocked in WhatsApp and is that why my profile picture is blurred? The good news is, no, you have not been blocked and even if you did, the profile picture would not be blurred, you simply would not get any more updates. If the profile picture is blurry, 99 percent of the time it is because you have a bad internet connection.

WhatsApp only loads a "bad version" of the profile picture with a low resolution as soon as you tap it. The app then tries to download and display the profile picture in full resolution and size. If you have a bad internet connection, be it a slow mobile internet connection or a bad WiFi connection, it usually takes a long time for the blurry profile picture to be transformed into a sharp profile picture.

So the solution to the problem is pretty simple.

  • If the internet connection is poor, wait a little and be patient.
  • Or provide a better and faster internet connection.