How to stimulate oxytocin in women

Oxytocin: Test & Recommendations (05/21)

As soon as oxytocin is released from your brain, it ensures an increase in your well-being. So oxytocin makes you feel good. As a hormone and neurotransmitter at the same time, it circulates both in your blood and in your brain, where it controls the activity of nerve cells.

In a study, both emotional empathy and cognitive empathy were tested separately. A positive effect of oxytocin on the emotional empathy was significantly demonstrable. An effect on cognitive empathy could not be determined. (1)

Oxytocin has a positive effect on the mother-child bond, on partnership-based attachment behavior, on trust in other people and can, among other things, cause an increase in pleasure. Hence the terms used synonymously for oxytocin such as "cuddle hormone" or "bonding hormone".

Oxytocin also strengthens the sense of belonging within a group. (2) Conversely, it can also increase rivalry or aggression with people outside the group. When you consider that oxytocin strengthens the bond between mother and child, such behavior would not be uncommon.

For example, you feel strongly connected to your group and want to defend and protect it from the outside. Another study also suggests that oxytocin may have an important role in Reduction of social fears plays. (3)

On the other hand, a study suggests that increasingly hostile behavior towards external groups, as can be caused by oxytocin, primarily serves to protect weak members of one's own group. The effect in this study is all the more interesting as the participants did not know each other at all and had no relationship whatsoever. (4)

In the case of couples who have a high oxytocin value, it is assumed that they behave much more harmoniously in an argument and are more attentive to one another.

During our research, we even came across women giving their cheating husbands oxytocin to keep them more attached. To what extent this is morally justifiable, however, is doubtful.

We have a short video for you on the subject of oxytocin and partnership. Oxytocin was administered to the couple and behavior in the event of a dispute was observed.