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Callie Torres

Callie Torres



  • Callie O'Malley
  • Calliope Plantain
  • Doctor T
  • Bone Susi
  • Calliope


Relationship status:

divorced since season 11



  • short-term ward doctor
  • Senior Physician,
  • Head of Orthopedics

Series information

Callie Torres

Calliope "Callie" Iphigenia Torres (divorced O'Malley) is a strong, independent orthopedic surgeon at Seattle Grace who first appeared in season two, later marrying George O'Malley (in Vegas) but divorcing him shortly afterwards. She lives with him in a hotel after the chief doctor asked her to move out in the basement of the hospital when he discovered her there. Later she lives with Cristina in their apartment. After being single for a short time, she befriends Mark Sloan and later begins a relationship with Erica Hahn. After Erica leaves Seattle Grace, she meets Arizona Robbins. In the series, she is noticeable at first because she lives in the basement of the hospital, as this allows her to be faster in possible emergencies.

Previous life Edit source]

Callie grew up in South Florida. She has a sister named Aria and comes from a rich and strictly Catholic family. Additionally, she has described herself as "the girl who sits in the back of the class and eats her own hair" to show that she was a social outcast at school. She also admitted to Arizona that she was in the Peace Corps, which led her to become a doctor.

Personal life Edit source]

At the SGH, Callie was something of a loner until she met George. She started dating him but became unpopular with his friends, especially Izzie Stevens, George's best friend. Izzie thinks Callie is too crazy for George. Your point of view is further underpinned by the fact that Callie is sleeping in the bathroom while a stunned Izzie and Meredith are still sitting in it. Izzie later insists that Callie didn't wash her hands afterwards. Although Callie later washes her hands in the kitchen, she was disappointed that George was initially on Izzie's side.

She is often disappointed in him during the time she is married to George, as he never defends her. When George confesses to her that he slept with Izzie, she initially forgives him, but both later realize that it was not good to get married.

Callie is a very good surgeon with a very determined demeanor. She treats her patients well and very carefully. During a surgical procedure in which she has to saw / drill bones, she usually hears loud rock music.

Callie is promoted to ward doctor, for which Dr. Bailey was available. Ultimately, Callie is given the job again and given to Dr. Bailey because Callie is very overwhelmed with the new tasks.

Relationships [edit | Edit source]

George O'Malley [edit | Edit source]

Callie first met George as a patient when he dislocated his shoulder in a fall. Callie is impressed by George from the beginning and always finds him very attractive and alluring. In the middle of season three, George and Callie come back from vacation and announce the good news of their wedding in Las Vegas. George's friends are initially not very fond of it (especially Izzie) and so there are often arguments between him and Callie.

Callie is particularly troubled by the relationship between Izzie and George. Izzie railed the hardest against the relationship between her and George.

The drama is perfect when George and Izzie realize that they feel more than friendship for each other and they spend the night together.

Callie is having some difficulties as a ward doctor at this point and that fact gives her the rest.

Callie takes George's death very much. She is asked by his mother to decide on his organs. Then she seeks out the cancerous Izzie in order to use her to dispose of the various organs.

Mark Sloan [edit | Edit source]

The relationship between Mark and Callie is initially limited to sex. That changes, however, when she realized she had feelings for cardiac surgeon Dr. Erica Hahn has. Mark becomes a kind of good friend for Callie to talk to about the difficulties of her new sexual being. Mark and Callie later lived in the same house and became best friends. After her split with Arizona, Callie sleeps with Mark again and becomes pregnant from him.

Cristina Yang [edit | Edit source]

The relationship with Cristina is very simple. Cristina receives an apartment offer from Izzie, who wanted to move in with her. Cristina sees this gesture as Izzie's help to move out of Preston's apartment. Cristina persuaded Callie to move into the apartment with her. In addition, Cristina and Burke's mothers decided to appoint Callie as the bridesmaid for Cristina's broken wedding, and Cristina is Sophia's godmother (Callie's daughter).

Erica Hahn [edit | Edit source]

Dr. Erica Hahn, a heart surgeon, was with Callie. Erica is Callie's first lesbian experience, just as Callie was Erica's first lesbian experience. Unfortunately, there never was a serious relationship between the two until Erica left Seattle Grace Hospital. Because Callie stood by Izzie when the story of Izzie and Denny Duquette came up.

Arizona Robbins Edit source]

Dr. Arizona Robbins is a pediatric surgeon. She is her second relationship with a woman like Callie and is also seriously interested in a committed relationship with her. At first Arizona refuses a date with Callie because she doesn't feel like "experimenting". When Callie told her father about her love for women, her father was not very enthusiastic. He had come to Seattle to have a priest "cure" her of her homosexuality. He expects to break up with Arizona and an apology. However, Callie discovered her growing affection for Arizona and stayed with her. Her father then takes the money from her and Callie stands there with empty pockets. After Callie's father speaks with Arizona, the father and daughter reconcile. At first, Callie and Arizona have a happy relationship. In the middle of the sixth season they split up because, unlike Callie, Arizona doesn't want children. One day in the season finale they agree to have children and become a couple again.

In season 7, Arizona gets the offer to go to Malawi to treat sick children there. Callie was planning to go with her, but Arizona breaks up with Callie when the pediatrician realizes that she's only going to Africa because of her. Callie moves in with her best friend Mark and they sleep together. Suddenly Arizona is at Callie's door and apologizes. She noticed that she couldn't live without Callie. Callie was hurt too badly by her and rejects her. Arizona is working at Seattle Grace Hospital again and, against Callie's wishes, moves back into their shared apartment. Callie reveals to Arizona that she is pregnant with Mark. The two get along again and decide to raise the baby together with Mark.

Mark and Arizona argue over who is the better parent. Callie tries to settle the argument as best she can. Callie invites Arizona on a weekend getaway. In the car, Arizona asks her to marry, then forgets to drive and they crash head-on into a truck. Callie, who was not wearing a seat belt, suffers severe head and thorax injuries. Callie is operated on immediately, but her condition is critical. Arizona and Mark must decide the lives of Callie and her child. But if they get the kid first, they could kill Callie. Addison is flown in especially for an emergency caesarean section. Callie can be saved and her child, Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres, lives on thanks to Arizona. When Callie wakes up, she accepts Arizona's marriage proposal. After 12 weeks of recovery, Callie and her baby Sofia are released. Callie's parents are also invited to the wedding. Her father comes, but her relationship with her mother suffers as she does not approve of Callie's relationship. The two get married in a garden and Bailey opens the ceremony. Many of the hospital's doctors are guests at the wedding.

Arizona cheats on Callie at the end of Season 9. Callie forgives Arizona. After April's unsuccessful wedding, the two buy their own house and live in it together. But Callie can't really forgive Arizona and they go to couples therapy where Callie realizes how nice it is not to be tied. At the beginning of the 11th season they split up for good. Callie met Penny Blake in the middle of season 12.

Penelope Blake [edit | Edit source]

Callie probably meets Penny early in Season 12. In the 5th episode of season 12, Callie introduces Penny to her friends. It turns out that Penny was Derek's doctor. She then starts working at the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Penny wins a scholarship trip to New York City, and Callie decides to move there with her and Sofia. But Arizona doesn't want that and a custody battle breaks out, which Arizona wins. However, she decides to share custody with Callie, so she can move to New York with Sofia and Penny.

Other relationships Edit source]

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Callie is on good terms with most of the main characters in the series. She even gets along reasonably well with Izzie.

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Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Callie's full name is Calliope Iphigenia Torres. She is particularly ashamed of her second name.
  • Callie had a tame ferret for nine years.
  • She doesn't like sandwiches or salads, but she likes pizza.
  • She did sunrise yoga with Erica.
  • Your apartment number is 502.
  • She suffers from glosophobia, the fear of speaking in public.
  • Your flash cards for the resident exam are legendary.
  • She likes to listen to rock music during operations.
  • Her parents are very wealthy and very religious.
  • After the wedding with George, she moves from the basement of the hospital to a hotel and later with Cristina to a nice apartment in the city center.
  • Her biggest dream was to become a mother. Sofia made the dream come true.
  • Your blood type is A +.
  • She's afraid of bugs.
  • She can sing very well (season 7).
  • She likes to dance.
  • Her mother is absent from her wedding to Arizona because she cannot cope with the fact that Callie is bisexual.
  • She loved climbing in college.
  • She is married to Arizona but has one child with her best friend Mark (the three of them raise them until his death).
  • Callie speaks fluent Spanish when her father speaks out against her relationship with Arizona (season 5, episode 20).
  • Everyone calls her Callie, except for her father and wife. They call them Calliope.
  • Can no longer carry children because of the car accident.
  • She always wears shiny blue nail polish.
  • She hasn't been with Arizona Robbins since season 11.
  • she has not been able to bear children since her accident.