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In the modern world there are a multitude of ways that a woman can drastically change her image. Hair Coloring - Perhaps one of the most popular options that appeal to those looking for their own irresistible sex. Fortunately, now in the beauty industry, there is an opportunity to choose from different brands and colors of hair colors. Often, however, a wide range of choices requires serious thought.

First of all, hair dye should give a woman the desired shade so that it will hold on for as long as possible and please its owner. In addition, what is important, the color must choose one that will take care of the health of the hair, nourishing it from the inside and keeping its natural shine. According to most experts, the manufacturers of the Syoss brand make hair dyes that not only give the desired shade, but also take care of the health of the hair.

About the brand

More than a century ago, the German chemist Schwarzkopf created hair products over the course of several years, which amazed the whole world with their uniqueness, received the highest awards and received rave reviews from women. After all, the same women have since managed to drastically change their image, recolor their hair and create dizzying styling.

All of this prompted the scientist to start his own company for the manufacture of much-needed goods for girls. The number of fans of the Schwarzkopf brand grew daily and the production technologies were constantly improved. Then began a whole new era in the beauty industry, in which women could easily create completely new and elegant images by going back to the help of cosmetics.

A little later the line with the name Syoss was introduced. The inventors of these products were able to develop a formula that not only gave women's hair the desired shade, but also received a large amount of vitamins necessary for successful growth and a healthy appearance.

Every well-known advertisement for Syoss products on television says: “Hair, like after the salon!” And many experts say that it is After using the German brand several times, the hair looks the same as after the work of a professional hairdresser.

A large number of girls around the world test the effect of Syoss on themselves on a daily basis and in return receive admiring glances and perfect-looking hair.

The official website of the world famous brand illustrates the fact that The products are intended for professional grooming, that is, they are usually delivered straight to the salon, and there customers can already choose one of the hair care methods or a shade for coloring. However, these institutions often significantly overestimate the price, since the client pays not only for the funds spent, but also for the master's work.

Because of this, over time, the German brand decided to supply Syoss products to stores that sell household chemicals and hair products. As a result, a very large number of women around the world were given the opportunity to independently perform all kinds of procedures for grooming and coloring their hair at home. As for the company's pricing policy, the cost of paint and other products is in line with what is often referred to as the "average price bracket".

A modern woman can easily afford to buy Syoss paint every month to paint gray hair or change her image.

advantages and disadvantages

Each of the benefits of this company's color has long been studied and tested by leading beauty industry stylists in their own practice. Most of them unanimously claim that the Syoss branded products are really of high quality and easily rival other well-known brands.

First of all, the stylists explain that simultaneously with the coloring of the strands, their nutrition and hydration occur. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the composition of the varnish includes not only pigments of various shades, but also all kinds of oils and vitamins that have a positive effect on the health of hair. The innovative complex "Pro-Cellium Keratin" has the ability to penetrate the damaged areas of the hair and restore their former shine. In the end, after dyeing, a woman gets not only a beautiful hairstyle, but also excellent styling, because this complex makes the hair more prone to styling.

It is impossible not to focus on ultra-concentrated microparticles. Thanks to their action, the durability of the result is really fantastic - your threads will delight you with rich colors for a long time. In addition, Syoss provides the hair with UV-protective substances and prevents the pigments from quickly leaching out. The air conditioning supplied is also responsible for this function. This closes the hair scales and the pigment cannot be washed out. The texture of the paint is quite thick so you can apply it to your curls with little effort and paint each strand evenly.

Of course, the manufacturers of the Syoss brand think about the colors of the colors for colors. Although there are not so many different color options in the collections, each one is very popular because it has been selected by experts for a wide range of consumers and is designed to guess the tastes of every woman.

The Syoss palette offers light, brown, red and dark tones.

Series and color palette

Syoss owes its popularity not only to products of the highest quality, but also to a wide range of colors. The brand's color palette is quite large, but experts have managed to think it all through, so this is where the most popular and refined colors that are most preferred by the fair sex are collected.

The following series stood out among the most diverse:

  • the "Professional Performance" baseline and, as a complement, professional clarifiers commonly used in beauty salons;
  • the “ProNature” line, which contains natural tones;
  • the Mixing Colors series, which was developed on the basis of an innovative formula;
  • Hair dye «Oleo Intense», the composition of which differs in that it is without ammonia;
  • the "Gloss Sensation" line, which has become a real sensation in the beauty industry;
  • "SalonPlex" collection.

It should be clarified that in each of the lines the shades are arranged according to the similarity of the colors in order to make it easier for consumers to navigate when choosing a color. It's also important to understand that there are two numbers opposite each name. The first sets the tone and the second sets the hue.

The "Professional Performance" line has collected all the products thanks to which the hair in the salon is cared for. After the dyeing process that in the walls of the cosmetic services institution that at home, the hair looks healthy and has a natural shine.

Plus, not only do strands look healthy, they are filled with natural strength from the inside and are less prone to damage. The packaging with the dye is completed with pigment, oxidizer, conditioner and of course gloves and instructions. Therefore, it is not difficult to paint the house.

As for the composition of the color, it contains ammonia, don't panic as there is also keratin, which can strengthen hair from root to tip. With the help of keratin, the hair is given a healthy shine. Unfortunately, only those women who have already encountered gray hair are satisfied with the effect of the color from this line. And for girls with thin and fragile strands, Syoss products made the situation a little worse. After dyeing, some even had to cut off split ends to give their hair a healthier look.

Here you can find a wide range of colors for women who want to use bright colors. The most popular are pearly or caramel blonde (9-5 and 8-7) and cold ice cream (7-5). Each of them has lightening properties, so these colors are often used as brighteners in the cabin. The colors amber, light brown (8-4) or dark blonde (6-8) are no less attractive.

For brown-haired women, the choice is no less attractive. The standard color chestnut (4-1) allows you to safely remove gray hair and emphasize the beauty of brown eyes. Perhaps one of the most popular can be thought of as dark chocolate (3-8), which makes hair dark but at the same time gives a reflection of gold that is sure to attract others. The colors blue-black (1-4) and dark purple (3-3) are intended for those who are not committed to the standards of beauty and who want to stand out from the crowd.

Red tones are offered in a quantity of 4 pieces: amber copper (6-77), amber blonde (8-70), intense red (5-29) and mahogany (4-2).

The ProNature series differs in really natural shades that come as close as possible to natural hair colors. This range is one of the first manufacturers to use reduced ammonia and also use aloe vera and gingko biloba extract, which is beneficial for damaged hair.

Shades are perfect for coloring completely gray hair. The most popular are the following tones: light blonde (8-1) and dark blonde (6-1). With the red tones you can choose between warm red chestnut (3-82) and hazelnut chestnut (3-24).

The main difference between the Mixing Colors line and the rest is that there are two tubes of paint with different shades in the packaging. This gives a woman the opportunity to experiment with colors independently and combine different shades with each other.

For the light tones you should pay attention to the champagne cocktail (8-15), for dark colors the praline mix (4-86) and the mocha fusion (4-58) are trustworthy. If you turn to red hues, experts advise trying the cherry cocktail (5-25) or the terracotta blend (6-77).

The range called “Oleo Intense” was born in 2013 and immediately won recognition from millions of women. The peculiarity of these colors is that they do not contain ammonia, which of course only has a positive effect on the condition of the hair. Dyes work with the help of oils that maintain the natural strength of the hair. Despite this "non-chemical" method, the hair still gets a light shade and inspires people with its beauty. Syoss specialists advise against using this color if you need to remove gray hair. Since the composition does not contain ammonia, dyes will not be able to mask gray hair for a long time.

Platinum (10-55) and pearl blonde (10-05) - perhaps the most popular shades among the bright colors. Hot chocolate (5-28), chocolate chestnut (4-18), and deep chestnut (3-10) are equally popular. When choosing red flowers, you can focus on shimmering copper (6-76) or shiny bronze (5-77).

The "Gloss Sensation" line with a lamination effect. In this series, as in the previous color palette, the composition does not contain a substance such as ammonia. As a result, this collection also appears completely harmless to the health of the hair, which seems to be a disadvantage as the pigment's resistance is significantly reduced and the varnish is only kept for about 4 weeks. However, this color allows you to keep the attractive appearance of each strand.

Most popular in this collection are the juicy red colors that are shown here all at once. 7. Chestnut, as in other series, is popular and is also presented in 7 different colors. Blondes can choose from 4 options, from ashy to pearly, but for brunettes, the producers left only 2 tones.

The SalonPlex collection is the so-called restart of the basic range, which, thanks to some innovations, offers professional protection for hair when dyeing. The new range includes 25 incredibly rich colors and 3 brighteners that are used to shine blonde.

Hair dye «SalonPlex» completely paints over gray hair, giving the hair a healthy appearance and natural shine. In addition, a special formula ensures an 80 percent reduction in hair loss. A new and already popular color from the SalonPlex color palette is platinum blonde (13-5).

Syoss colors, which are cream-like in texture, are made in a new design that is barely noticeable in the shop window.

The most popular is the spray paint, which you can use to paint overgrown roots.

Instructions for use

Of course, you will receive instructions with a dye attachment, which you can use to easily update your hair color or radically transform your own image. Be sure to pay attention to the proportions, because the result depends on it. It is also important to choose the right time when the cream color needs to stay on the hair.

Experts advise protecting the ends of the hair, because, as you know, it is when you dye them that they take the most damage. To do this, you need to buy a nourishing balm or mask along with the paint.

Among the Syoss branded products, you can find all the necessary tools for hair restoration.

Stylists have developed various painting techniques that a completely inexperienced woman can handle and that will definitely give an excellent result.

  • Classic coloring. Cream paint is applied to the entire length of the hair, from the roots to the tips. Hold the tool by the strands according to the instructions. The result is a rich and deep color.
  • Ombre coloring. The essence of this technique lies in the fact that the brightener and dye of a blonde shade is applied only to the tips of the strands or to the canvas of the hair under the ears. The result is a smooth transition from a dark to a lighter shade.
  • The essence of such dyes as Shatush, lies in the fact that, as a result, it creates the appearance of strands faded in the sun. It looks very stylish and natural. However, it is quite difficult to make such a beauty yourself, since it is necessary to apply paint in a messy manner.

Mix all the ingredients according to the instructions and choose the dyeing technique you want. Apply the product evenly on the hair. Keep the cream paint on the strands for about 20-30 minutes. It is not necessary to moisten the strands beforehand, after a while the head must be rinsed well with shampoo. After that, it is desirable to condition the hair with a nourishing balm to protect it from brittleness and dryness.

In addition, before applying paint, experts advise checking the allergic reaction to it. Try to apply the composition to your elbow or wrist for about 2 hours. If this is accompanied by itching or even inflammation, the paint cannot be used. When it comes to lightening the hair and then painting it a light shade, it is best to consult a barber. Very often there are situations when the hair color after lightening does not meet the expectations of a woman.


Most of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity who had tried Syoss hair dyes no longer dared to switch to other products. Many of them have a sad story about how they turned to the help of budget options for cosmetics in their search for changes in appearance. However, the desired result was not achieved, and the "dirty" hair had to forget about reusing paint.

And once a woman decided to dye her hair again, and for this she got the favorite shade Syoss. An hour after applying the product, she didn't regret it at all. Her hair has changed noticeably, began to shine naturally, turned out to be strong not only visually, but also from the inside. Women are, of course, advised to use the brand's series that do not contain ammonia. It protects hair from excessive exposure to chemicals and gives it natural beauty.

But if you need to remove gray hair, then turn to the help of ammonia-based products to completely close these locations.

A series called "ProNature" always receives positive reviews from women. As mentioned above, colors that are as close to nature as possible are collected here. Girls especially highlight blonde and chestnut colors, thanks to which many users managed to restore the natural color of hair. The "Mixing Colors" line also arouses real interest.Here women can create their own color by mixing the contents of two tubes. Due to the difference in pitch, interesting and unusual color options can be obtained, and women who use the same color will become owners of different tones of hair.

All Syoss users say with one voice that it is very important to be careful about a possible allergic reaction. Before applying the paint, you should check your disposition to it as described above.

It often happens that those who did not follow the instructions and got the result that they did not want leave poor ratings on paint. Be careful and attentive, then you will end up with perfectly colored hair.

In the next video you will find the technology of light hair dye with color Syoss Oleo Intense.

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