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Perhaps variety, temptation, fantasy and uniqueness come to mind when you think of African cuisine. African recipes have a wide variety of scents, aromas and flavors ready for you, as diverse as the continent itself.

Intoxicatingly spicy: African recipes

Fresh ingredients form the basis, the spices play an important role. Favorites include cumin, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, harissa, and many more. Spice mixtures that are offered ready-made are helpful. Depending on the region, the influence of Arab or Oriental cuisine can predominate. Let yourself be invited on a culinary safari through African recipes that you can easily recreate.

Vegetarian African recipes

Vegetarians will also get their money's worth with the recipe for eggplant with couscous. Enrich juicy aubergines with the incomparable taste of a topping made from goat gouda and couscous, which is refined with spices, tomato paste and ajvar. Baked in the oven, chopped and spicy whole grain rice. Ingredients such as carrots, beans, raisins and apples are combined with mango chutney, fresh ginger and selected spices. Serve this dish hot and fresh with a little sour cream and basil. By the way: A culinary highlight for Ajvar lovers is our hearty Ajvar soup, which is steaming on the table in just twenty minutes - you should definitely try it! You can prepare a vegan soup with tofu, ginger and sweet potatoes using our peanut soup recipe. To make your culinary safari a complete success, find the right wine for the African recipes and immerse yourself in the fascination of wine. EDEKA wishes you exquisite enjoyment!

More African recipes

The recipe for tabbouleh with beans can be a deliciously fresh starter. You need couscous, beans, cucumber, tomatoes, onions and a bunch of mint for the typical taste. Couscous is usually durum wheat semolina that is doused with hot water to swell. You can also offer tabbouleh as a salad or side dish to grilled dishes such as grilled lamb from Algeria. Season the lamb leg slices with salt and pepper. Then brush them with a mixture of olive oil, Ras el-Hanout (Moroccan spice mixture) and fennel seeds. Serve with fiery spicy harissa and couscous with sheep cheese. A truly intoxicating taste experience! Let our Moroccan recipes inspire you even more.