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Geeetech Prusa I3 Pro B assembly instructions?

Hello Peter, thanks for the info. I've been dealing with for over a year
3D printing in a FabLab. In the meantime, I've also thoroughly informed myself about various
Printer informed. With us, in the measure where I'm in, this printer was hastily bought here for 799 euros.
The quality was so bad from the start that I would have loved to send the whole thing back right away!
Only our naive and naive pedagogue, who screwed it up, didn't want to play along.
There wasn't even a clever installation manual for the printer, "Everything is there anyway
on the Internet! "was the statement from electronic things!
All the printed parts were printed very poorly and often did not fit exactly when assembled
and then had to be more or less adjusted. Even where the printer was set up so far,
there were constant problems with the printing itself, ok, a lot then had to be worked out. Except for one
But then we had that under control. For the purpose of wave pressure,
which we couldn't get away, no matter what we tried, the teacher then decided to use the printer
times to send back completely. After a few days and a 150-euro bill, it came back, but it was damaged!
Z-axis guide rods were crooked, a limit switch was broken, two holders for the print bed (Y-axis)
were broken, and only because you were too stupid to fix the X and Y axes before packing. So
could the axles move somehow during transport and caused the damage! The printer project was from
Start doomed!

And who I now consider how complicated, and just with how many screws, washers, mothers-to-be
and umpteen parts, this Mendel Metric is awkwardly structured, and what sources of error it brings with it and
Then a kit of 799.- Teuro was required, then a Prusa i3 B Pro can't be much worse.
And China shows you how to sell something.

Of course, there is also potential for improvement in such a printer. I would probably do it right away
consider the Z-wobble decoupler, then I would probably like better bearings and
Get guide poles, the M├Ądler company is almost around the corner from me, so I'll go there for a minute and have them
Share in a short time! I am a trained mechanic and come from mechanical engineering, which is where I hit the ground running
Gain experience. And one thing is also clear, no matter how big a machine is, the more conscientious it is and
if you work with the right tools, the better the end result!

It is better to research a little longer, that brings a lot more than just blindly buying an overpriced printer kit!

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