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Fair disability insurance: Assekurata has checked

The Assekurata has now subjected a number of insurance companies for occupational disability insurance to an examination and selected fair insurers.

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[Adsenseresp] Insurers for occupational disability insurance are often considered difficult when a service is requested. An extensive performance test is the order of the day, reports are to be submitted, delays are to be expected. It is not uncommon for a benefit to be rejected, the insured person does not receive a pension against disability or has to fight for his claim through legal action. Now the Assekurata has subjected BU insurance companies to an examination and selected fair insurers. The result is impressive, because with Alte Leipziger, Cosmos Direkt and Volkswohl Bund, three insurers have subjected themselves to the independent fairness test and achieved very good results.

The investigation was carried out by the rating agency Assekurata in cooperation with the BU expert service. In the test, a transparent and competent BU performance test was attested to all companies, which was also very customer-friendly. In the test, the Assekurata also makes it clear that when choosing an insurer against occupational disability, the insurance conditions are no longer exclusively decisive, but that the benefits at the occurrence of the insured event are more and more important and that the processing of benefits is also decisive.

In the test, the technical aids in case processing were considered, discussions were held with the process owners and performance auditors, and company and process key figures such as the rejection rate and the process rate were considered. The experts paid particular attention to the control of business transactions with the existing capacities and with the competence to measure service and process times. The focus is on the speed of the examination and the customer-friendly management of the experts.

It is gratifying that with the Alte Leipziger, the Cosmos Direkt and the Volkswohl Bund three insurers were given good results, which consistently achieve very reasonable results in the independent tests for occupational disability insurance. At the same time, it can be seen that both the classic insurers with branch service and the direct insurers offer their customers fair and transparent services.

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