How to beat the sinner

Of all places, the US Country capital is precisely where Ren Schofield alias Container chose to set up camp - and not only to wallow in the lifestyle of the Southern States but to cultivate his own avant variant of misshapen techno.

In 2012 he released his debut album on Editions Mego’s sublabel Spectrum Spools with the beautifully simple title “LP”. Scabrious techno beats, wobbling mono sound, mercilessly gnarled in its favor - no question, we're down to the basics here.

Trends and fads in the club scene are anyway of little interest to containers, who is well-known outside of the electronic context as God Willing and runs the cassette label I Just Live Here.

Ren Schofield aka Container has pitched his tents in the US country capital - not only to indulge in the lifestyle of the southern states, but also to cultivate his avant version of the technoid boom.

In 2012 his debut album with the simple and beautiful title "LP" was released by the edition mega sub-label Spectrum Spools. Hearty techno beats, heavily wobbling mono sound, mercilessly piercing in his fervor - no doubt, this is about the elementary.

Trends and fashions in the club landscape are of little interest to Container, which is known outside the electronics context as Good Willing and operates the cassette label I Just Live Here, but precious little anyway.