How to create thumbnails in Illustrator

Despite being known for the ability to create cutting edge vector graphics, Adobe Illustrator also has some impressive Type and Text commands that designers can use to add both flair and function to an Illustrator document. Working with text can be an exciting task, especially since there are hundreds of fonts that can be sent with the software. Some of the changes that you can easily make to a text box are the addition of columns. This feature is particularly useful for creating a newspaper or magazine layout that requires multiple columns of text. manual

Open Illustrator Document. Select the type tool from the tools palette indicated by the "T." Place the cursor on the document and click and type several lines of type.

Choose "Type" from the menu, and then scroll to the "Area Type Menu." Notice the "Rows and Columns" of the Dialog box that opens.

Insert the number of columns you would like to add to your text box by clicking the arrow in the "Numbers" box. Set the width of each column by clicking in the "Width" box shown. Place the web - the width of the white space between each column -. In the "Gutter" pane

Select the "Text Flow" area to specify how you want the text to flow between columns. Click "OK" to apply your settings.