How to install Wilwood brake booster delete


Wilwood is an American manufacturer of brake systems and brake accessories, which was founded in 1977 and produces its products in California with more than 300 employees.

With state-of-the-art research facilities and technical, physical and high-performance tests, Wilwood can offer its customers state-of-the-art brake products.
Wilwood products are characterized by a very good price-performance ratio and high stability.

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Braking systems

Wilwood offers a wide range of sophisticated braking systems for professional competitions, show cars and high performance street use. Wilwood's braking systems cover more than 2,500 vehicles.

Wilwood brake systems give your vehicle significantly better braking performance and Wilwood brake systems also offer a lot visually. Most of these brake systems can be easily installed with the usual tools, which are also used for routine repairs. Only a few further modifications to the vehicle are necessary.

Wilwood exchange brake systems are available in all kinds of different designs. You can always choose between several different exchange parts, so that there are a total of 800 matching combination options for many areas.

Whatever you want, Wilwood braking systems are the easiest way to create a great braking system designed with over 30 years of racing experience.


Wilwood produces brake calipers with 2, 4 and 6 pistons as both mono and split blocks.

Wilwood's brake calipers cover a wide range of applications in many areas. Whether for the professional motor sports enthusiast, the weekend sports driver or the motorhome owner - Wilwood has a suitable brake caliper ready for everyone.

Wilwood brake calipers are made from a special aluminum alloy and are shaped in different ways. Many of the brake calipers are offered with different piston sizes, designs and materials. The pistons on Wilwood calipers are made from stainless steel.

Two-part brake discs

Wilwood produces over 120 different premium brake discs for racing and high performance use. Since enormous heat is generated during racing, the engineers at Wilwood have paid particular attention to improving the thermal conductivity properties of the brake discs. Wilwood brake discs have therefore been designed for maximum cooling.

The brake discs are visually something special because they have thin, straight or curved slots between the walls. On the one hand, this reduces the weight of the brake disc, which is of great importance in racing, and on the other hand, the unique shape promotes heat dissipation. Cold air is conveyed from the inside of the wheel to the outside, so that heat is carried away from the brake disc.

All of these are results that have resulted in more than 30 years of racing experience!

Brake pedals & balance beam systems

The pedal systems from Wilwood are characterized by excellent workmanship and high quality. They are available both as a standing and as a hanging version.
The pedal systems are designed for use in racing vehicles. Wilwood's pedals are mostly made of aluminum or steel and aluminum.

In addition to the pedals, there are also pedal systems with integrated balance beam systems.
These are necessary for an even finer brake force distribution in two-circuit brake systems. The brake pedal does not press directly on the master brake cylinder, but on each brake cylinder via an adjustable crossbar.

Like all Wilwood products, the balance beam system is also subject to the highest demands and these have been met through more than 30 years of experience, making them ideal for use in motorsport.

Master cylinder

Wilwood master cylinders are particularly light because they are made of aluminum.

They are available in different versions:
Either in a very compact design, which means that they can also be built in with very little space. The more compact master brake cylinders, however, offer the same capacity as a conventionally dimensioned master brake cylinder.

Wilwood also offers master brake cylinders with a particularly large volume and tandem master cylinders for two-circuit brake systems.