How much does Clexan cost in Australia

How much does an Australia vacation cost?

This is probably the first question you ask yourself when you start your Australia vacation plan. W.What expenses will I have to pay? What do I have to plan and consider? Unfortunately, we can't gloss over it: Australia is very expensive! Compared to Germany that is Price level in Australia insanely high. The only exception: gasoline. In order to give you an overview, we have put together below what costs you should plan for.

Cost of the flight to Australia

For the flight you have to plan around EUR 1,000 - EUR 1,200 per person. Yes, it can also be cheaper. With China Eastern, for example. Please note, however, that you will be on the road for over 30 hours on the super cheap flights. You can find more information about what you should consider when booking your flight under our article: the flight.

Accommodation costs in Australia

The cost of the overnight stay depends on whether you are in Hotels want to stay overnight or if you are interested in the Camp decide.

In the big cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth you should plan an average of EUR 150.00 for an overnight stay in a 4-star hotel (Holiday Inn, Ibis). If a good 2-3 star hotel is enough for you, you can get there for around EUR 80.00 per night (double room). In coastal towns near the beach, of course, you pay a lot more due to the location. Here you should plan at least EUR 100.00 - EUR 120.00 for a double room. Also make sure that the hotels offer an inclusive breakfast. This is because very often this is not the case!

When camping, you can expect an average of EUR 25.00 - EUR 30.00 for a pitch with electricity.

We always book through booking and were always able to get good prices!

Cost of a vehicle in Australia

We always book our means of transport with fully comprehensive insurance with no excess and unlimited mileage.

That's how much a rental car costs in Australia

At a Rental car you can choose between different Categories choose, for example:

  • Small car = approx. EUR 33.00 per day
  • Middle class = approx. EUR 35.00 per day
  • 4WD vehicle = approx. EUR 48.00 per day

Here you can compare the prices and book the rental car!

This is how much a camper in Australia costs

When it comes to the cost of a camper in Australia, the gap is even wider.

Small campers without shower / toilet

  • Budget around EUR 76.00 per day
  • normal (= slightly newer vehicles) approx. EUR 105.00 per day (e.g. HiTop camper)

Large campers including shower / toilet

  • Budget around EUR 120.00 per day
  • normal (= somewhat newer vehicles) approx. EUR 143.00 per day (e.g. a Sprinter / mobile home)

For one 4WD camper Depending on the size, you can calculate around EUR 145.00 - EUR 240.00 per day.

For more detailed price information, take a look at our offers!


Costs for activities / tours in Australia

Since you certainly want to take a look at something or take guided tours, you should also plan a budget for "leisure activities".

Also note that many national parks charge an entrance fee. In Western Australia, for example, all national parks are chargeable. Tip from us: get a Holiday Park Pass. This costs AUD 44.00 for 4 weeks. With the pass you can then enter the parks without having to pay a separate entrance fee again. In terms of costs, it's definitely worth it, as the entrance fees start at around AUD 12.00.

WA Holiday Park Pass - Save Australia Vacation Costs

WA Holiday Park Pass for Australia

We have put together a few cost examples for you (prices apply per person):

  • Day trip Whitsunday Island: approx. EUR 130.00
  • Whale-Watching Tour Bremer Bay: approx. EUR 80.00
  • Orca whale watching tour Bremer Bay: approx. EUR 300.00
  • Entry to Australia Zoo: approx. EUR 40.00
  • Ayers Rock sightseeing flight (20 minutes): approx. EUR 85.00

Food and drink costs in Australia

No matter whether you go shopping in the supermarket or eat in a restaurant: the prices are significantly higher than in Germany! You should definitely take this into account in your budget planning.


  • Pizza around EUR 12.00 to EUR 17.00
  • Steak approx. EUR 20.00 to EUR 35.00
  • Salad around EUR 10.00

Bistro / Cafe / Pub

  • Fish 'n chips around EUR 6.00 to EUR 15.00
  • Burger around EUR 14.00 to EUR 16.00
  • Coffee around EUR 3.50 to EUR 5.50


  • Ham / sausage per kg approx. EUR 14.00 to EUR 20.00
  • Gouda / Edam cheese per kg approx. EUR 15.00 to EUR 25.00
  • Four-pack of yoghurt approx EUR 2.70
  • Mineral water around EUR 0.70 per liter
  • Six-pack beer around EUR 11.00 to EUR 20.00
  • small box of cigarettes (pack of 20) approx. EUR 13.00 to EUR 15.00

Example calculation for a three-week vacation in Australia

Sample calculation for two people and when booking a rental car:

  1. Return flight: EUR 2,200.00
  2. Rental car 4WD (for 20 days): EUR 960.00
  3. Catering with occasional restaurant visits per day: approx. EUR 70.00
  4. Hotel / overnight stay (for 20 days): approx. EUR 1,800.00
  5. Tours / activities: approx. EUR 500.00

Total costs: EUR 6,930.00 for two people

Example calculation for two people and when booking a camper:

  1. Return flight: EUR 2,200.00
  2. small camper normal: EUR 2,100.00
  3. Catering with occasional restaurant visits per day: approx. EUR 50.00
  4. Overnight stay / parking space (for 20 days): approx. EUR 560.00
  5. Tours / activities: approx. EUR 500.00

Total costs: EUR 6,360.00 for two people

Of course, it can also be cheaper: fewer tours, fewer visits to restaurants, smaller cars, budget campers. The article is only intended to give you a rough overview of what costs you can expect. So you are well prepared and you will be spared the shock of your first visit to the supermarket!

And just for the sake of completeness: there is of course still a lot of room for improvement in terms of costs!

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