If you look like western life

With these 4 features on the face, you will be super popular with men

A fraction of a second decides whether you like sympathy or antipathy. A quick look in the face is enough to know: He or she interests me. What are the characteristics that make a man or a woman attractive?

Nobody can resist a smile

The lords of creation captivate with a mischievous smile. Of course, this also makes a woman appear attractive and collects plus points. But their beauty is defined even more diverse.

Well-groomed skin leaps into the face

Men, for example, jump on well-groomed skin. Their delicacy is extremely attractive.

Curl over the eyes

As well as the radiance of her eyes. Men sink into it, girls. Give him a beguiling serve, an inviting wink or a mysterious sparkle, and he is already half deprived of his senses.

Don't fall into the make-up pot

What generally repulses men is excessive makeup. This applies to the face as well as to the eyes. It is absolutely fine to emphasize your advantages with skillful make-up. However, it has an irritating effect on men and arouses their suspicion when a woman paints herself too generously.

Lips that seduce

Her lips are a real booster from an erotic point of view. It is not for nothing that singing legend Cliff Richard landed one of his greatest hits with the title "Red lips should be kissed". This musical invitation will always apply to men. However, the color of the lips plays a subordinate role. As in the case of the skin, what is most appealing is how well it is cared for.

The rule of symmetry has been in place since ancient times

Subconsciously, but automatically, both genders pay attention to the symmetry of the other person's face. Leonardo da Vinci's famous 15th-century depiction of man draws on the Roman Vitruvius, an ancient architect and engineer. That is why we speak of the Vitruvian Man. It is characterized by the so-called "golden section", the rule of proportions for beauty.

Stand out with natural beauty

As is well known, this comes from within and is natural. And at that, dear women, you should leave it as far as possible to please the men.