How to upscale ds games to 3ds

Can you play Nintendo DS games on the 3DS?


When buying a new Nintendo 3DS, many users fear that they will no longer be able to play their old Nintendo DS games. The concern is understandable, given that backward compatibility has not worked flawlessly with all consoles and games in the past. How about the Nintendo 3DS now?

Is the Nintendo 3DS backwards compatible?

Consumers don't have to worry about backward compatibility. The Nintendo 3DS supports all Nintendo DS games with the exception of those that use the GBA module bay.
  1. Other exceptions can be games that were purchased in a country-specific manner. An American version of a game may not work on a European Nintendo 3DS.
  2. Problems can also occur with various titles in the Nintendo DSi series. However, these are also mostly limited to one country difference.
  3. Even with existing wireless communication, the Nintendo 3DS can easily provide this for Nintendo DS games.

Nintendo DS on Nintendo 3DS - what to look out for

  1. The Nintendo 3DS offers wide compatibility for the games of the Nintendo series.
  2. When purchasing, however, make sure that you are using official Nintendo products and that the cover has at least “Nintendo DS”, otherwise compatibility cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Nintendo 3DS games can also only be used on Nintendo 3DS.
  4. Games for the Nintendo DS are playable and compatible on all Nintendo handheld consoles.

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