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Munich - What would chat messages be without emojis? In times when almost every short message on messenger services is provided with funny smiley symbols, the question arises as to their true meaning.

A funny test on the Internet shows: Many emojis that we attach to our messages to friends and acquaintances every day mean something completely different from what we assume. The best example is the red smiley, which seems to knit its eyebrows in anger and the corners of the mouth point downwards. Clearly, this smiley means trouble ... doesn't it? Not even close! According to the official definition, this emoji is supposed to represent a pouting face.

The emojis originally come from Japan. The selection of smileys was initially limited to the standard symbols of the Japanese mobile network operators. It is only logical that in this context many symbols were modeled on typical national gestures. Following the spread of WhatsApp messenger in Europe and around the world, around 20 billion WhatsApp messages are sent every day - most of them with emojis, of course. Obviously, there must be misunderstandings, after all, not every user is also an expert in Japanese symbolic language. We have summarized 20 emojis and their true meanings for you.

Pictures: That's what the emojis really mean

This is what the WhatsApp emojis really mean


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