What is Dell FGA module

    • Thanks to the flexible modular solutions with Intel® Xeon® processors, technology silos and time-consuming operations management are now a thing of the past.

      • The chassis can be configured with scalable compute, storage and network fabric modules.
      • The uniform server management software simplifies provision and administration.
      • This will reduce your total cost of ownership and maximize the lifetime value of your IT investments.
    • With modular infrastructure solutions (MI solutions) you can optimize your IT infrastructure for conventional, new and future workloads and pave the way to a modern software-defined data center. Learn how to use a modular approach to keep pace with modern business needs and workloads.

    • Build an IT infrastructure for current and future workloads.

      Lay the foundations for the future of your company: with computer, storage and network modules that are precisely tailored to your needs and can be expanded over time.

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          More information about modular infrastructure

        • The benefits of automated server provisioning

          Factory Express Automation has made it possible to increase efficiency by 75% and reduce the deployment time of PowerEdge FX servers by 96%.

        • Adaptability and flexibility on a global scale

          Tracewell Systems provides flexible infrastructure platforms for businesses, OEMs and government agencies with PowerEdge FX2 and PowerEdge R740 servers.

        • Big data. great savings potential

          PowerEdge FX2 solutions with PowerEdge FC640 server nodes can not only increase your bottom line, but also enable rapid data analysis to address today's challenges.

        • Flexible and fast IT infrastructure

          The scalable SmartFabric of the PowerEdge MX enables quick and easy scaling from 1 to 10 chassis in a single domain.

        Intel® Xeon® Platinum processor