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Guitar effects devices

In the forum for guitar effects devices on the musician's board, sound aesthetes and musicians who want to become one meet to discuss various guitar effects. Every guitarist is looking for “his own sound”. Guitarists often use additional effects.
There are now so many different effects that the overview and differentiation of the sounds in detail is becoming increasingly difficult: Distortion, fuzz, compressor, EQ, flanger, wah or delay pedals are available from a wide variety of retailers with different specifications. Depending on the genre, the use or the combination of several devices often makes sense in order to get to known sounds from musical models. In addition to the classics, there are always new products that are discussed extensively here in the forum and compared with one another for possible ones Make purchasing decisions easier to be able to. Our large community of guitarists can count on a large one Pool of guitar effects fall back, so that no question is guaranteed to go unanswered.