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Birthday poems

Is it a dear person's birthday and you have no words? I know, annoy me and I want to change. So that in the future we can all spend less time pondering about the text for the birthday greetings and have more time wrapping gifts, I started looking for nice birthday poems.

With the help of Birthday poems the birthday greeting card is filled quickly. Combine one of the short quatrains with a few nice words of your own, fill the whole card with a nice birthday poem or make the birthday child smile with a funny poem.

And if you are looking for a poem for your mom, the birthday poems for mom are sure to help you.


Short birthday poems: quatrains for a birthday

My short wishes are
a good thing
today for the birthday child:
Live Love! Laugh!
(Friedrich Morgenroth)
For the cradle festival

Forgive ‘if I don't tell you often‘
But today on this beautiful day
I wish for your cradle festival,
that happiness never leaves you!
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)

I wish your luck
new every day,
that good deed
enjoy yourself every hour ‘!
(Friedrich Rückert)
Good advice

Time is running, don't take it hard
Just don't run after her.
Take a break
you get older on your own.
(Anita Menger)

No birthday in the world
come back again.
It is yours that counts today
therefore I wish you joy and happiness.
(Cornelia Sander)
Your birthday is
where one thinks of you firmly.
Because on this day
Heaven has given us.
(Cornelia Sander)
I wish in this world
Good luck and joy you receive,
That your health will delight you for a long time
And you continue to share a lot of love with me.
(© Monika Minder)
What is imperfect
that should be perfect;
because only to become
not for being, we are on earth.
(Friedrich Rückert)
Become what you are not yet
Stay what you already are
In this staying and this becoming
Everything beautiful lies here on earth.
(Franz Grillparzer)
Want happiness according to its purpose
give you something good,
say thanks and take it
without much concern.
(Wilhelm Busch)

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Birthday poems

Congratulations are due today

Congratulations are due today
because it's your birthday.
We bring you a lot
and like to stay as guests.

We let you live high -
it is a dear custom
and a birthday serenade
we bring that to you too.

When the festival draws to a close,
then we say goodbye -
but our best wishes,
they always stay with you.
(Anita Menger)

In the rain of congratulations

You stand in the rain of congratulations
the phone hardly stands still,
because each of your friends
want to congratulate you today.

I shouldn't be missing there either
and join me quickly.
I wish you the best,
you should be healthy and happy.
(Anita Menger)

I wish you

Happiness - when you get up in the morning
Happiness - when you go out

Happiness - when you come home
Happiness - when your day ends

Happiness - when you lie down
Happiness - when you get up again

Happiness - and forever
Health and satisfaction.
(Anita Menger)

Want happiness according to its purpose
give you something good,
say thanks and take it
without much concern.

Every gift is welcomed
but above all:
What you strive for
may you succeed.
(Wilhelm Busch)

Birthday child

Birthday girl, this is your day!
Whatever luck can do
it should give you all the best.
I will think of you very fondly today.
Because since you are here on earth
I haven't missed anything at all.
I wish you for all time
Health, strength and serenity!
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)

Birthday party in the cloud castle

Another year has passed.
You started out as a baby.
Now you are in the middle of life
gave up some dreams.
But don't zum become a funeral home now!
We're moving into a cloud castle
where you can see the world from above.
I'll sing you a birthday song!
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)

Serene as a spring morning
like a warm summer day
be your life without worries,
I wish you’s because I like you.
There's a piece for my birthday
of the longed-for happiness!
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)
You don't have to understand life
then it will be like a festival.
And let it happen to you every day
like a child walking on
from every labor
can be given many flowers.

To pick them up and save them
that does not occur to the child.
It softly loosens them out of the hair,
they loved to be trapped in
and keeps the dear young years
for new hands.
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

To Emilie

Postmen go to a trot,
You almost tear off the bell
Even packages arrive -
May it be like this all year round!

Gentlemen, ladies come in abundance,
They put on the best faces
You yourself look good-humored -
May it be like this all year round!

The fraternal quarrel rests in the house,
George, Theo mark politeness,
Gentle mood for big and small -
May it be like this all year round!

The sky is blue, the air is clear.
A pair of sparrows chirps on the ledge,
But sunshine is laughing at the window -
May it be like this all year round!
(Theodor Fontane)

Have sun in my heart
whether it's storming or snowing,
whether the sky is full of clouds,
the earth full of strife!

have sun in my heart
then come what may:
That shines full of light for you
the darkest day!

Got a song on my lips
with a happy sound,
and also does everyday life
Crowd you bang!
have a song on my lips

then come what may:
That will help you get over it
the loneliest day!

Have a word for others too
in sorrows and torments
and say what yourself
be so cheerful:

Got a song on my lips
never lose heart
have sun in my heart
and everything will be fine!
(Caesar Flaischlen)

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Funny birthday poems

The number increases every year
on your greeting cards.
Whether wisdom also increases with it,
remains to be seen.
(Cornelia Sander)

Birthday cake, bouquet,
A sack full of money, a new house.
I wish you this for a special day.
But who might pay for that?
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)

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