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be called

German [edit]

Alternative forms [edit]

Pronunciation [edit]

  • IPA(key): / ˈHaɪ̯sn̩ /, / ˈhaɪ̯sən /
  • (Austria)

Etymology 1 [edit]

From Middle High Germanheat, from Old High Germanheizzan, from Proto-Germanic* haitaną. Cognate with German Low Germanunities (Paderbornisch), Dutchheten, Old Norseheita and archaic Englishhote, hight(“To name; to be named”). Compare also with Englishhest, behest. Compare also Yiddishהייסן(Heysn).

Verb [edit]

be called (class 7 strong, third-person singular presentcalled, past tensewas called, past participlecalled, auxiliaryto have)

  1. (copulative) to have a name; to be named; to be called; but implying that one “owns” this name, not necessarily that one goes by it
    How called you?
    What is your name?
    I name is ... - I.’M called ...
    I'm called Lutz, but I am name is Ludger.
    They call me Lutz, but my name is Ludger.
  2. (intransitive or transitive) to mean; to have a meaning
    The calledthat we have little time left.
    This means that we have but little time left.
    What [or: how] called "Auto" in English?
    What is ‘Auto’ in English?
  3. (impersonal) to say, to be said; to go, run (like)
    It calledthat ... - It is said that ...; They say that ...
  4. (transitive, archaic except in fixed expressions) to call (someone something)
    He made me an idiot called.
    Hey called me an idiot.
    I name is Welcome you!
    I welcome you cordially!
    (literally, “I. call you cordially welcome! ")
  5. (transitive, archaic) to order, to direct, to call to do something
    you was called him to call after school.
    She told him to call after school
Usage notes [edit]
Conjugation [edit]
Conjugation of be called (class 7 strong, auxiliary to have)

1This form and alternative in would both found.

Composed forms of be called (class 7 strong, auxiliary to have)
Synonyms [edit]
Derived terms [edit]

Etymology 2 [edit]

Adjective [edit]

be called

  1. inflection of hot:
    1. strong genitive masculine / neutersingular
    2. weak / mixed genitive / dative all-gender singular
    3. strong / weak / mixed accusativemasculinesingular
    4. strongdativeplural
    5. weak / mixed all-case plural

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