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DaBaby's Christmas time scuffle at an L.A.-area hotel is coming back to haunt him nearly a year later - the guy he roughed up on camera is taking him to court over it.

The guy's name is Cristofher Pocasangre, and he just filed suit against DaBaby claiming his recorded confrontation from December 2019 amounts to assault, battery, infliction of emotional distress and a litany of other actions he now wants a judge to weigh in on.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Pocasangre says he was working at a Marriott hotel near Bev Hills when he learned DB was on site and asked him for a pic. DaBaby said no, and Pocasangre admits he snapped a selfie anyway with the rapper in the background - something DaBaby confirmed himself at the time, and offered as justification for getting physical.

Now, get this ... Pocasangre claims DaBaby told him to delete the photo, which Pocasangre says he actually did right on the spot. That apparently wasn't enough for DB, though. Pocasangre claims, in docs obtained by TMZ, DaBaby followed him in and assaulted him.

In surveillance video of the altercation, you see what appears to be DaBaby violently shoving the guy up against the wall and sitting him down as he looms over him. Again, DaBaby tried defending himself when this surfaced by saying he was protecting his daughter, whom he says was with him during this incident, and whose identity he was trying to shield.

In a since-deleted IG video of him explaining this, DaBaby also made it seem like Pocasangre did NOT comply with his demand for the pic to be deleted.

At any rate, the guy's suing to get major damages from both DB as well as his management and entertainment company.

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