How to Build a Arched Footbridge

A Landing stage is expensive and difficult to build. That used to be the case. Today, such projects can be carried out simply, cheaply and quickly with floating jetties. The design relies on an anchor point on the bank and the buoyancy of specially manufactured floating bodies, the pontoons. With their help, surprisingly large weights can be placed on a jetty that is not anchored in the bottom of the water. The next paragraphs explain how you can easily plan a landing stage and even build it yourself.

Wooden footbridge ideal for anglers, as a boat dock or for swimming

A wooden walkway not only looks beautiful, it also promises quality of life. The own wooden pier can be used as a bathing and fishing platform or as a boat dock. Wood is particularly suitable as a material for the pavement. Wood looks natural and yet noble. Since wood is a renewable raw material, it is also environmentally friendly. At hot temperatures, wood does not heat up as much as metals, for example, from the sun's rays. This is a decisive advantage, especially with jetties that are also used for sunbathing.

Tip: Find out about the type of wood used. Wood types differ in terms of durability and care. In order to enable optimal care, it is best to contact a wood specialist.

Floating jetty as an alternative to the classic jetty - it couldn't be easier

So far, expensive pile dwellings have usually been used. But there is a much less expensive alternative: The Floating dock.

On the floating jetty, piles are not inserted into the ground. The floating jetty is attached to the bank and then rests on the surface of the water. In addition to the much simpler and faster construction of floating jetties, there is another advantage: fluctuations in the water level (for example during ebb and flow) no longer play a role.
Since the floating jetty is not anchored deep in the ground in several places like normal jetties, its position can also be changed later at will.

Tip: The larger the area of ​​the overall construction, the less susceptible it is to waves or point loads.

Build your own wooden walkway

With our offer, nothing stands in the way of building it yourself. We support the planning and manufacture the construction segments according to individual customer requirements.
Once the planning is complete, you can easily set up your landing stage yourself. The construction is simple and does not require the use of large construction machines because of the low weight of the individual parts and the absence of heavy piles, which also have to be laboriously screwed into the ground.
The individual parts can either be assembled in the water or on a gently sloping bank and then moved to the desired position in the water.

Tip:Douglas fir decking is ideal as a walking surface

Pontoons as floating bodies enable simple self-construction of the jetty according to your own wishes

Floating jetties rest on pontoons. Each pontoon is buoyant and has a load capacity of between 200 kg / m² and 350 kg / m². There is a choice of pontoons with a direct coupling or pontoons with an attached support structure.
Directly coupled pontoons, which are hooked and screwed together, offer the advantage that the substructure for the pavement can already be screwed onto the pontoons. In addition, this type of construction is very quick. In the case of construction with an attached support structure that permanently holds the pontoons in the desired shape, the frame structure of the pavement must be screwed onto the support structure. As a result, two frame constructions are necessary, which extend the construction time.

After the pontoons are connected and keep their shape, the substructure for the pavement can be screwed on. In addition to classic solid wood planks, modern materials in the form of plastic planks or metal overlays are also available as a pavement.

When the pavement is in place, additional elements such as railings, handrails, landing stages for boats or ladders can be added. The self-made feeder is then ready for use.

Tip: If the jetty becomes too small for you at some point, you can easily extend it by adding more pontoons and thus increasing the usable area. If an extension is already planned, ideally lay out the flooring at the beginning so that an extension does not allow any visual conclusions to be drawn about subsequent construction work.

Have a wooden walkway built (offered service)

With our floating dock, practically everyone is able to set up their own.
You can also have your wooden walkway built comfortably through our competent partners and employees.