Nonoxynol 9 burning urethra while sitting

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Today I wanted to test my Contra-Ceptivum suppositories and I had no experience with Nonox before (so I was in good spirits). The second I inserted the suppository, it burned / stung terribly. I had to pause for a moment and a few seconds later I wanted to place the uvula correctly because it was only halfway deep and I noticed when inserting that it was also lying across. I thought maybe the stinging was because of that (although the thing isn't particularly pointed) and not because I can't stand it. No time has passed at all, nothing can react like that The suppository was then already gone (do they dissolve so quickly? ) I spent the next half hour almost completely on the toilet because my bladder was so pressure. The burning sensation diminished after a while, but urinating and sitting down was hell Incidentally, it is still like this when urinating (I inserted the suppository 4.5 hours ago). I just saw that it was bleeding a little too I had GV then, but only "lightly". So somehow I can't imagine that this is a contact bleeding, especially since I haven't had one for a long time. Could the uvula have irritated the mucous membranes in such a way that they are now bleeding? And why is it burning (when urinating)? I don't have any burning / itching in the vagina itself, so I could still understand it I "only" had slight attacks of vaginal cramps. I'm really a little worried right now, especially since it was a few hours ago

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