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Reverse lines

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With Power Query, it is possible to reverse the order of the rows in a table.

Imagine a table with two columns ( ID and Country) as shown in the following figure.

Initial table with ID and Country columns. The ID lines contain values ​​from 1 to 7, from top to bottom. The Country lines contain, from top to bottom, United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Spain, Panama, and Columbia.

Select on the tab transform the option reverse lines out.

! [Reverse Rows Command on Transform Tab] (images / me-reverse-rows-icon.png "Reverse Rows Command on Transform Tab")

The result of this process is as follows.

Output table with reversed rows. The ID lines now contain values ​​from 7 to 1, from top to bottom. The country lines contain, from top to bottom, Columbia, Panama, Spain, China, Mexico, Canada and the USA.