How to find a group on kik

Find Telegram groups - this is how it works

The messenger service Telegram is enjoying increasing popularity. The free and ad-free WhatsApp alternative can do everything the competition can do - and a lot more. We introduce you to group chats and channels and show you step-by-step instructions on how to find Telegram groups.

The data-saving WhatsApp alternative Telegram is not only popular because the Facebook group is left out, but also because the Messenger has many features that are not found in competition with WhatsApp. This also includes channels and groups or super groups that provide you with various communication channels with your friends. We'll explain the difference between the functions and show you how you can find groups on Telegram.

Telegram channels: you need to know that

Telegram channels - also called channels - are more like feeds than a group chat. If you have subscribed to a channel on a topic, you are merely a passive recipient of messages. In contrast to groups, channels are aimed at a broad, public audience, whereby only the administrator of the channel has the right to intervene and write messages. Another difference to group chat is the number of participants. This is unlimited in the case of channels.


Find and create Telegram channels

If you want to join a channel, there are two ways. Either you receive an invitation from one of your contacts or you go through channel lists. You can find Telegram channel lists online via browser, but caution is advised here because some are also virus spreaders or contain pornographic content. Therefore, our recommendation is to use the official Telegram overview at or to visit the well-prepared and secure platform If you want to create a channel yourself as an administrator, then proceed as follows:


  • Android: In the chat overview, tap on the pencil symbol and select New channel out.
  • iOS: In the chat overview, select the pencil symbol in the upper right corner. Click on New channel and then Create a channel.