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Tying a dirndl bow: meaning, instructions and correct side

Tying a dirndl bow: Instructions for singles and those who have been awarded

At the Oktoberfest, the dirndl bow can reveal whether the wearer is single or taken - depending on which side the dirndl bow is tied on. Here you can find out what it means about the dirndl bow on the right, left, in the middle or at the back. The question of who should be judged from the side is quickly answered: From the point of view of the person wearing the dirndl.

Tie a dirndl bow - in a nutshell

In short - this is what the position of the dirndl bow says about its wearer:

  • Right loop: The wearer is taken.
  • Left bow: The wearer is single.
  • Loop in the middle: relationship status is none of your business!
  • Back bow: widow, waitress or child

You can read the exact meaning and origin in this article.

Dirndl bow tied on the right: the woman is married or taken

If the dirndl wearer ties the bow of the apron on her right side, this means, according to tradition, that she is married, engaged or in love, in other words: forgiven. Donkey bridge for women and men: on the right is the side on which you usually wear the wedding ring. For men this means: You can assume that the lady is either actually in a relationship or simply wants to be left in peace.

Dirndl bow tied on the left: The lady is single

A woman who knots the apron bow on the left side indicates that she is still available in principle, so probably unmarried or even solo. That can mean that her chances of flirting are good - but of course the following applies to men: this is not a free ticket for unwanted advances! No is no, no matter where the loop is.

In the video, Liesl Weapon explains how to do it

Dirndl bow tied in the middle: virgin or "none of your business!"

According to tradition, a dirndl bow tied in the middle of the apron means that the wearer is a virgin, and not because of the zodiac sign. The bow in the middle is often found on very young dirndl wearers. However, there is also a newer meaning: “That's none of your business!” The lady may not want to reveal whether she is taken or single. Here it is up to the man to find out in a charming and unobtrusive way what the woman wants to say - and if at all.

Dirndl bow tied at the back: widow, waitress or child

Of course, you can tie a dirndl bow not only in the front right, left or in the middle, but also in the back. But be careful, ladies: the loops of the apron at the back only tie children, Oktoberfest attendants or widows. Tip for men: Perhaps the lady with the bow on her back simply didn't read our bow guide. That can certainly be found out tactfully.

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Important: Information on this page that has not been updated relates to Oktoberfest 2019. In 2021, as in 2020, there will be no Oktoberfest due to the corona pandemic.