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Poppistrong - Wholesale of pallet goods and truck loads in the fashion and textiles sector. In this category the quantities start from one pallet and more. Larger quantities of clothing on pallets are particularly suitable when the price is to fall. The price mostly depends on the purchase quantity. This saves both sides time and money, as it is much less effort to sort out everything and sell it in smaller quantities. This creates a larger and faster rotation in the warehouse. Therefore we can offer these prices for you. These fashion items are also very well intended for export, since margins are mostly only left over from a truck or container load of clothing. Here, too, we are the right contact for you when it comes to the logistics of the fashion stocklots. On request, we will take care of the entire shipment and the associated documents that are necessary for exporting clothing. Here we work with selected freight forwarders who have many years of experience with export papers, etc. You are on the safe side and can concentrate on reselling the export pallet goods consisting of textiles and shoes. You are also welcome to come by by making an appointment and have a look at the ordering process and the handling of the pallets. At the same time, the goods that are going to be exported can be examined. If you would like to order a larger quantity than indicated in the offers in our fashion wholesale online shop, please contact us. We can then discuss the further course of the textile goods and the ordering process together. You can also choose from a wide variety of categories in the online shop and put together one or more pallets of your choice. This includes the categories of women's clothing, men's fashion, children's textiles and shoes remaining stock. If you have any questions about the respective wholesale offers, please let us know. We'll be happy to help you. We can advise you which textile pallets, in our opinion, might be best for you. Please note that some offers in the fashion and shoes segment are not online as they have certain restrictions. Talk to us about this simply.

Your wholesale Poppistrong team wishes you lots of fun shopping.

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