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We draw, we set, we layout. In short: We design - everything that is printed or flickers online over the Internet. Everything that helps you, your company, your association or your project to be successful.

PRINTED: When you want to hold something in your hand.

At Creativ Contact, we conceptualize and design communication media that you can touch. This includes the classics of corporate design such as logos, stationery, business cards, envelopes and packaging, as well as advertising for outside (signage), in magazines and newspapers with the associated media planning and advertising design. You will also receive catalogs, company and product brochures, magazines, flyers, folders, posters and much more from us. Ask for!

DIGITAL: Zeros and ones become a whole.

Of course, advertising is now also and sometimes only digital. Do you need a comprehensive website? We plan together with you and implement the concept with our programmers. You just want something small? Then you are also welcome to come to us. A slim contact page with your range of services, online advertisements or banners - Creativ Contact takes care of it.

INDIVIDUAL: The brushstroke makes the difference.

If you are looking for something special, handmade, you will find it at Creativ Contact. Owner Sonja Reichmann draws, paints and colors professionally. Graphics, landscapes, people and animals. For advertising purposes or simply as a gift in a private setting. Would you like charcoal, red chalk, ink or wax-oil-chalks on high-quality paper and as a unique specimen? Or digitized graphics - maybe even animated? You have the choice. Completely individual.


Design of all communication media, logo development, business equipment, packaging, individually designed websites, media planning, advertising design / booking, outdoor advertising

We - that is Sonja Reichmann and her network of freelancers, journalists, programmers, copywriters and graphic designers.

Sonja Reichmann is the heart and mind of Creativ Contact. With a graphic artist as a mother, she was surrounded by beautiful paper, filigree drawings, bright colors, pens and brushes as a child. “At that time I was allowed to draw animal illustrations for school books for my mother. Of course I was proud of that, ”recalls the owner with a smile. To this day she has retained her appreciation for the haptic and tangible beauty and knows how to combine it skillfully with the digital world: "I am attracted by the combination of digital and analog and so I use both."

Coming from a wholesale company, Sonja Reichmann has been the successful owner of her own advertising agency since 2007. This has been based in Neu Darchau in the greater Hamburg area since 2020. Her mother lives in Lüneburg and the brothers almost next door. “It washed me back home and directly to the Elbe. I enjoy being close to my family - just like the direct view of the water every day. I've finally arrived, ”says the delighted graphic artist who spent her youth in Lüneburg.

In 2012 Sonja Reichmann founded a small publishing house for the local magazine Der Augustdorfer and has since brought it to Augustdorf households with a reliable team every two months. Whitsun 2019, she developed another district magazine based on the same concept, entitled Our Hiddesen. The publication of both magazines now works smoothly from the southern bank of the Elbe. Sonja Reichmann: "I am still connected to my former home and regularly on site." But thanks to digitalization, close customer care is also possible from a distance.

Sonja Reichmann is a member of the Augustdorf employers' association GIKA and co-founded the first mixed Lions Club in Lippes, Detmold Cherusker, in 2008. Well networked, Sonja Reichmann supports her major customers as well as newcomers to self-employment, "who may first need a starter package with a logo, business cards and all the trimmings." was discontinued on December 31, 2019) she can also give start-ups one or two valuable tips. For example, she developed the logo for, an interim management company, in 2012 and brought further brand development on the way. She has also given the Leipzig climbing tower a new, creative look with its slogan, website and program.

Her life is now as colorful as her freehand drawings. In addition to her work as “Creativ Contact” boss and publisher, her four children, her husband and her large family fill their lives with lots of wild color. But Sonja Reichmann has the best ideas for her customers in the quiet of her Elb office - or in the lush green of nature. “The alternation between tension and relaxation and the resulting creativity of ideas are a perfect drive. It can stay that way. "

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    Heinrich von Kleist

  • Simplicity is the result of maturity.
    Friedrich Schiller

  • To be free means to be able to choose whose slave you want to be.
    Jeanne Moreau

  • You have to have chaos in you to be able to give birth to a dancing star.
    Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


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