How not to immediately cook polenta versus

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Easy breaded schnitzel from the oven

Elisabeth likes schnitzel, but she is afraid of the fat splashing in the pan. So it was very nice that there was a simple variant from the oven in your children's cookbook. It then only needs to ...

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Pasta bake with ham

Here again a recipe for everyone who likes it quick and easy. The recipe comes again from Elisabeth's children's cookbook. All she needed was help taking it out of the oven. Ingredients: (4 people) 250 g penne ...

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Lobster on ribbon noodles, Heinz Winkler

Mr. Winkler would probably beat me to death with a rolling pin or a Thermomix, but I made his recipe with ready-cooked frozen lobster. It was recently at Aldi and I didn't want a live lobster in a boiling ...

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Quick vegetable and quark casserole

The nice thing about the dish is that everyone can vary it how they like it. So either just vegetarian or with diced bacon or ham. Ingredients: (2 people) 250 g quark 2 eggs 100 g ...

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Skrei on oven vegetables

There was Skrei at Deutsche See and I hit it right away. Skrei is winter cod. Since it should be uncomplicated in the home office, I decided on an oven dish. It was really delicious and very easy. ...

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Salzburg dumplings

Salzburg dumplings are a culinary trauma for me. I tried these many, many years ago. They looked perfect in the oven, and when the oven door was opened, everything collapsed. My sister did that ...

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Lamb ossobucco

If you get leg slices from the lamb, you should strike. They taste much finer, i.e. the beef variant. It doesn't take much to make this recipe. A nice baguette or a polenta. Who likes, …

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Lamb tongues with white wine spice sauce

Granted, lamb tongue is special and difficult to come by. When I picked up my whole lamb from the shepherd, he asked me if I would like tongues. You would be a delicacy. Although had no idea how to ...

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Here again a recipe from Elisabeth's children's cookbook. The Americans were super soft and fluffy. There are no limits to the design. Ingredients (10 pieces) 250 g flour 115 g sugar 125 g butter ...

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Wild garlic lemon butter

At the moment it's wild garlic time again. I love the light garlic taste of the wild garlic, which, however, works without the subsequent smell. Since I want to enjoy the wild garlic with grilled fish in summer too, I have the butter ...

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Probably not!
So why?
There are 3 reasons:
Reason 1:
You all probably know it: months after a meal together, friends call and ask for a recipe that you cooked. Ideally, you have followed the cookbook exactly; I rarely do that.
Then you can think about what you changed. The less versed then also want precise gram information. But when in doubt, I seasoned by feeling.
To prevent this from happening again, I decided to write down the dishes and collect them right away.
So the aim is to have a fund of 30 years of cooking.

Reason 2:
I have a variety of cookbooks and books. If I then want to cook something again, I often have to search forever to find out where the recipe was. This should create a folder with the essence from the cooking shelf.
Reason 3:
As soon as I announced these ideas, the joyful question about a blog came up immediately. At first I was skeptical whether anyone other than my friends would read it, but I'm excited to see how it will develop.

It was also important to provide recipes with a drink recommendation. Especially when you are cooking a new dish, it can be difficult to choose the right wine accompaniment. I have therefore often only given the grape variety.

How I got into cooking:
Rather involuntarily. When I finished high school and my sister, who was 7 years younger, was also out of the woods, my mother went back to work.
So you had to take care of lunch yourself. Very soon my sister and I were fed up with Eismann, Bofrost and the like. I then started with the whole range of bags, cans and ready mixes. But it wasn't really tasty, so grabbed the cookbook. Since you couldn't just google recipes back then, you had to try plenty of things out. My sister bravely ate her way through everything. Gradually, the finished products have disappeared completely.
When my sister moved out, the first recipe collection was created, with the recipes that are important for survival.
Over time, new flavors and techniques have been added.
Since I am a fan of kitchen utensils, I am also happy about appropriate gifts for Christmas and birthday compared to many.
Last, my husband came (completely selflessly) with a sous vide cooker.
Particularly popular in the Freundeskreis are kitchen requests for which you have to go to the Kustermann in Munich. My friend Susi (vegetarian) always talks about her counseling experiences when she bought truffle slicers, lobster tongs or filleting knives as gifts. Is an asset to any birthday party.