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Set after the Snowmen, my ideal idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthere meeting and what not, and what I hope will happen but probably never will. Don't you just love Clara Oswin Oswald? Xxx ........ Preface ........ Watch Me Run. By ClaraOswinOswald, just call me Echo or Oswald; p "Run. Run you Clever Boy and Remember ...." The Last Words of the woman twice dead Echoed through-out the Doctor's mind, he had to find her, the madly impossible woman. But how? It was a huge universe, it appeared on no scans. "Smaller on the outside" The Doctor mumbled to himself with a small smile that he hadnt had since ....... since he had been with the Pond's. "Come on old girl, I know you have missed traveling, now is your chance, help me find her." The Doctor begged quietly. The Tardis shuddered and shook violently and then paused, shunted to a halt. ...... XD lil blurb but a BIG story. Its Bigger on the inside so why not take a look? XD omg I amaze myself with my epicosity!
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