How to remove 6 sided screws

Loosen stuck screws - how does it work?

Step 1: lubricate the screw

  • Let penetrating oil soak in with patience

The easiest way to loosen a stuck screw is the so-called Penetrating oil. This oil has a particularly thin consistency and "creeps" into even the smallest of gaps. It is usually available in spray cans that come with a thin tube for targeted application. If necessary, plug the tube directly onto the spray head and then apply the oil precisely. Use only small amounts of penetrating oil at a time and repeat the process if necessary. Please be patient. Because the oil can sometimes take hours to reach all turns of the screw. Once it has done so, the friction between the screw and the surrounding material is reduced.

Ideally, the stuck screws can now be loosened with the appropriate screwdriver. The 1x1 of screwdrivers will help you to find the right model for the respective screw. However, sometimes the screw is so damaged that the screwdriver