Brown dress, what color nails for the interview

Like you Combine brown can in summer and why it is according to the Dutch trend researcher Lidewij Edelkoort will replace the popular color black, I'll tell you today. By the way, my outfit today comes straight from Utrecht. When we took the photos, we couldn't get enough of the many beautiful photo spots.

How you can combine brown and what the color says

Brown is often considered old-fashioned, difficult to combine and actually only suitable for the autumn and winter wardrobe. But that's not the case. I fell in love with a beautiful brown midi dress in Utrecht and today I want to show you that brown can look unbeatable in summer. In order to combine the color correctly, it is best to be aware of the effect. Shades of brownare considered very natural and remember nature. In my color consultation in Munich I often explain the theory of colors (color wheel with primary, secondary and complementary colors), which helps you to find beautiful color combinations. According to color theory, brown is more of a shade of red or orange. The earth tone can be combined in many ways, for example with lighter nuances such as beige or strong tones such as pink and orange. You can also combine black or white with brown. This then becomes a classic look for the office, for example.

Trend research: Why brown will overtake the classic black

The famous Dutch trend researcher Lidewij Edelkoort has forecast it. Our universally popular classic, which is given the color black fresh competition. In the last few years you have seen more and more browns on the catwalks. The reason: 70s trends and ours increasing interest in sustainable topics give the color brown a push. For Lidewij Edelkoort, Braun is one very harmonious, soft colorthat makes other tones shine even more in combination. Black, on the other hand, is not as easy to combine as many think.

Combining brown with a dress is child's play

If you want to wear brown in summer, I recommend a dress. Combining brown is made easy here and is wonderfully airy. I bought a brown dress by the Vanilia label in Utrecht and I am very enthusiastic about how comfortable it is to wear. It consists almost 100 percent of cotton and is probably the best holiday souvenir for me;). I recommend elegant sandals and a raffia bag with the brown dress. As a little splash of color, red lipstick and red painted nails go well.

I send you best regards from Amsterdam, your Bianca