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What-If Questions: The List for the Party Game

Sometimes you need a few ideas or topics to really get a social conversation going. A game such as "Who would rather ...", "I've never ..." or "What if ..." can help. Are you looking for what-if-questions for your party? We have put together an exciting list of the question and answer game for you and your friends.

The question and answer game

"What if ...?" How often have we not all come up with the most absurd thoughts and hypothetical questions about what would happen if a certain situation occurred? Precisely because so many scenarios exceed our imagination or we are just so firmly convinced that it will never happen, the question of “What if ...?” Is so appealing - especially in a sociable group.

But not only what-if-questions about the seemingly impossible, but especially those that are not that far removed from reality can be exciting. They not only get your imagination going, but also tell you more about your counterpart, for example. The question and answer game is also a casual opportunity to get to know each other better in a cozy atmosphere than perhaps already. You will be amazed what you can learn about the character traits of your friends and acquaintances!

The rules of the game:

  • The question and answer session can start with just 2 players.
  • A player begins and asks a teammate of his choice a question.
  • The other player answers to ask another player a new question.
  • The what-if questions can, but do not have to be asked in turn.

Note: Our what-if questions are suggestions. If you find one or the other too spicy or inappropriate given the personal situation of another player, leave them out and choose a different one. You are also not immune from faux pas - for example, if a teammate who is still rather strange to you may already have had a similar experience to the one in your question. So even if it's actually just a game, always choose your questions carefully!

78 What-if-questions

What happened if...

  1. ... you would lose your phone?
  2. ... you are not allowed to put on make-up?
  3. ... you would find a hornet's nest in your closet in the morning?
  4. ... you could beam things to you?
  5. ... you would be all alone in the world for a week?
  6. ... you could take a year off?
  7. ... you would win a million euros?
  8. ... you didn't have any more money?
  9. ... you are allowed to marry more than one partner?
  10. ... the marriage would only last for seven years?
  11. ... all drugs were legal?
  12. ... you had a doubling machine / replicator?
  13. ... you could swim through the air?
  14. ... you could get by on two hours of sleep twice a day?
  15. ... you would know all your Facebook friends personally?
  16. ... you only had a 6-hour working day?
  17. ... there would be a ladder on every fence?
  18. ... you could experience science fiction?
  19. ... you could travel back in time?
  20. ... you always had an answer for everything?
  21. ... you could change your identity every four years?
  22. ... you would go blind?
  23. ... you would lose your hearing?
  24. ... you couldn't speak anymore?
  25. ... you would suddenly be a star?
  26. ... you would find 1,000 euros in your mailbox without a sender?
  27. ... you would find out that your father is Batman?
  28. ... you would never have to work again, but could?
  29. ... you could be invisible for a day?
  30. ... you suddenly had four arms?
  31. ... there would be a zombie invasion?
  32. ... a billionaire would contact you who claims to be your father?
  33. ... you suddenly have an allergy to paper?
  34. ... you would find out that your partner is sleeping with your best friend?
  35. ... did Minions really exist?
  36. ... you could replace Trump in his office as US President?
  37. ... you would meet a clone of your own form?
  38. ... you would be trapped in the world of your favorite movie for a day?
  39. ... you have a wish?
  40. ... your mother caught you having sex?
  41. ... your father caught you having sex?
  42. ... you would accidentally become pregnant?
  43. ... you would fall in love with your friend's best friend?
  44. ... your pet could talk?
  45. ... your boss would unwittingly lose his wallet in front of you?
  46. ... you could talk to God about "God and the world"?
  47. ... Angela Merkel would ask you for advice on refugee policy?
  48. ... you could have chosen your country of birth?
  49. ... you knew that you only have three days to live?
  50. ... you could change one thing in the world?
  51. ... from tomorrow you would only do things that make sense to you?
  52. ... you could only give your child one piece of advice on the path of his or her life?
  53. ... you wake up from a fire alarm in the middle of the night because your house is on fire?
  54. ... you wake up and find out in the news that your country is at war?
  55. ... you would be expelled from your home country?
  56. ... you could only thank one person for something again?
  57. ... starting today you only listen to your intuition?
  58. ... you could be a child again?
  59. ... tomorrow the world would end and you could still visit someone today?
  60. ... you weren't afraid to make mistakes?
  61. ... you could be 18 again, but with your experience from today?

Simplified what-if game

A simplified variant of the question and answer game requires the respondent to answer the what-if question asked him only with “I would do it” or “I would not do it”. He doesn't have to describe what exactly he would do in this case. You can of course still ask what reasons he has for his chosen answer.

What happened if...

  1. ... you could always sleep well, would be wide awake and happy immediately, but would also have to sleep alone forever?
  2. ... you always have enough money, but other people are starving for it?
  3. ... your salary would increase fivefold, but you would have to work hard at a fast food chain?
  4. ... you could fulfill every wish of others, but your own wishes never come true?
  5. ... your favorite food would always be ready for you, but you would never be loved for it?
  6. ... everyone would like you right away, but you would never like yourself?
  7. ... you could control your whole life in your sleep, but nobody would notice you?
  8. ... you could read other people's thoughts and then they would know what you were doing?
  9. ... you would only have happy thoughts all the time, but others could never be happy again?
  10. ... you could change your body at will with your mind, but if you did so, others would lose their beauty?
  11. ... you could fly, but are only allowed to go backwards on earth?
  12. ... you could have a superhero power, but it would take two years of your life?
  13. ... you could travel into the future, but without a return ticket?
  14. ... you would find the perfect partner for life, but he would be bad in bed?
  15. ... you could see a loved one again but would lose all your belongings?
  16. ... you could save a loved one but would have to break the law seriously?
  17. ... you would find your great love, but you could not have children?

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Video: There's even a what-if app!

You can find out how the what-if app for Android works in the following video. You can find more party and drinking game apps here.

You asked and answered all of our what-if-questions? Playing with the question of "Who would rather ...?" Can extend the party fun in no time. If you have any further questions that we should definitely include in our list, we look forward to your contribution in the comments!

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