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(Image: © "Live at River Plate" (2012) Photo: C. Taylor Crothers)

"Hells Bells" was the opener of the AC / DC album "Back in Black" from 1980 and the second track from the Australians in our series of the best guitar riffs in notes and tabs. This piece can be understood as an homage to the singer Bon Scott, who died immediately before, especially since the bell tones that introduce the song give the piece a certain sacred requiem heaviness. This song was also recorded at Compass Studios in the Bahamas and was even released as a single in 1980.

Hells Bells is still not only played by guitarists today, but is also used as a draft anthem in various sports disciplines, from FC St. Pauli to various other football clubs to Vitali Klitschko's entry into the boxing ring - this song can be found - reason enough for that To get to the bottom of the reef.

As far as the equipment is concerned, it is the same as with Back in Black: Marshall 100W Super Leads or 50W Marshalls - either 1987 or old JTM 45 from Angus, Marshall JTM45 / 100, a Plexi Super-Bass 1959 or JCM800-2203 amps Malcolm. The speakers are Celestions G12M or G12H30, with Malcolm often Celestion G12H-55, Celestion Blackbacks and Vintage 30. Angus uses his Gibson SG and Malcolm most likely a Gretsch model (more details can be found in "Riff of the Week - Back in Black" ).

The riff moves in Am and you can very well observe the typical AC / DC guitar wall: Angus plays high or open voicings on one side of the panning, while Malcolm plays lower chords on the other, mostly played in power chord style . This stereo image arrangement of the two different sounding guitars is the cornerstone of the classic AC / DC sound. In the tabs you can find Angus' guitar track, while Malcolm's guitar can be heard in the playback:

Here is the riff from "Hells Bells":

To get close to the sound, the following applies again: Mild Marshall distortion that sounds like an overdriven power amplifier - the same applies as in the riff of "Back in Black":

Sound setting with UAD-2 plug-in

And now have fun with Hells Bells!