How to print silk screen on printed circuit board

How do I change the font size for screen printing?

Before preparing your Gerber files for manufacturing, you need to ensure that the screen printed font size can be produced. This requires that you check the line width of all screen printing functions. Line thickness and font size as well as correct text placement must be checked.

The font functions are built into the design technology. With the PCB view activated, select the design technology via “Settings” - “Design Technology” or the key combination Shift + T.

Go to the “Text Styles” tab and adjust the desired “width” and “line width” of the font to suit your needs. The minimum requirements of the manufacturer must not be undercut.

Typical manufacturer requirements, as detailed at Mint Tek:

The values ​​are set by clicking on them and entering the desired values ​​as shown below:

The resulting circuit board is displayed as follows after positioning and rotating the component references. The component references should be placed in such a way that there is sufficient transparency during the assembly of the components and no pads or soldering points are covered. Most circuit board manufacturers remove such overlaps and make the text illegible.

As a final check, it can be useful to print a PDF file with a size ratio of 100% to ensure legibility and positioning.